Design: Use Neutrals to Add Life to Your Home

Design: Use Neutrals to Add Life to Your Home

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Design: Use Neutrals to Add Life to Your Home

by Linda Mazur

Working in a neutral palette is far from boring these days.

With all the wonderful textures and patterns we have to play with, staying neutral can, in fact, be a very wise design choice that allows you to create a timeless living space while still injecting great interest and personality.

When working in neutrals, texture is an important element to consider; it is a wonderful addition to any space, and a great little design secret. Texture has the ability to add both powerful and subtle dimension to any space. Today we have so much more to choose from, especially in the world of fabrics. Think lush velvets, rich silks, and beautifully coarsely woven linens in shades of soft cream with a light wash of pale gold for added dimension. Pair this with an abundance of wonderful patterns, whether geometric or floral, vintage or modern. One great fabric supplier I like to consistently work with is Alendel Fabrics. They offer a wide range of fantastic fabrics to select from when working in neutrals. But maintaining a neutral palette in design is not just about fabrics. To continue working with neutral, as well as texture and pattern, look to incorporate great naturals woods, marbles or perhaps some richly antiqued metals, all very “en pointe” for 2017 and a great way to add personality to your rooms.

Neutral palettes are applicable to so many different design styles, whether modern, classically traditional, cottage or rustic, just to name a few. Today, with the addition of great pattern play and a multitude of rich textures, our once “boring” neutral rooms take on a new look that is full of life.

Beige isn’t boring after all

As a designer I enjoy working with neutrals when designing for my clients. Creating spaces that are timeless offers my clients the flexibility to change up their look with ease.Think of a neutral palette as a stepping stone to an abundant amount of design possibilities. Whether designing a main living space, bathroom or kitchen, staying in a neutral palette opens up a world of options that are far from uninteresting. So look to layer up your patterns and blend in some great textures to watch your space come alive. Just remember, pattern play and texture affect all aspects of your living spaces, not just your furniture or drapery. Include your flooring and walls when thinking pattern and texture, whether it’s just a simple area rug or new herringbone patterned flooring for a bit of a vintage inspiration. To incorporate your walls into the mix the choices you have today are endless. From wallpaper and barn-board clad walls, to custom paint finishes mimicking aged metals, your walls are a feature that should not be forgotten.

A neutral palette can create a calm, warm and inviting space for you. It’s a classic and timeless approach to design that can be far more dramatic than dull. So, when planning your next project, consider the charm of a neutral palette. With the addition of some inspiring textures and patterns, it might be just what you’re looking for.

Linda Mazur is a nationally publicized designer and Principal of Linda Mazur Design Group.

With almost two decades of experience this in demand multi-disciplinary design firm is known for creating relaxed stylish spaces and full-scale design builds within Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.



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