DESIGN: The Kitchens of 2019

The Kitchens of 2019: From vintage vibes to modern drama

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The Kitchens of 2019: From vintage vibes to modern drama

Each year sees the introduction of new colours, finishes and trends. Some are easy to blend into our existing decor and others far more costly or complex. Kitchens are one of my favourite rooms to design, and this year we are seeing kitchens continue on their pared-back journey, giving us a well-loved, well-used aesthetic that is not only comfortable but invites you to stay, relax and entertain.

Wood plays a large part in the kitchens of 2019. Natural wood and white kitchen combinations are making a large impact in kitchen design. The two-tone kitchen looks warm up the plain white-on-white kitchens of late and, paired with open shelving and well-curated accessories, your kitchen will be sure to be a statement maker. As much as white maintains its coarse this year, black is boldly settling in as a stable force in kitchen design. Whether it’s black faucets, hardware, accessories or cabinetry, we just can’t get enough of it. Matte black cabinetry is a current favourite of mine; to say that it is striking seems to be an understatement. As in fashion, black goes with everything! Whether your style is classic, modern, industrial or rustic, adding black to your kitchen will definitely create drama.

Texture is a big influencer in kitchens this year as well. Our fondness for barnboard continues to be apparent as its worn look creates a calm yet welcoming environment that is both versatile and timeless. Iron, steel and other raw metals are also making appearances this year. Their raw finish adds a beautiful patina and accents the pared-down look we are seeing in kitchens. Also popular are countertops which have taken on an industrial vibe resembling concrete, iron and amazing textural finishes as seen here with this countertop by Dekton from Cosentino.

While on the topic of metals, mixing metals is a hot topic not just in kitchens but in design for 2019. When it comes to hardware, lighting or accessories, pewter, copper, black and gunmetal are the new favourites and mix well with the continuing popularity of aged brass. The blending of different metals and finishes adds to the trend towards a vintage vibe in our kitchens. Mixed wood tones, rattans, vintage inspired lighting, hand-made tiles and worn-look accessories all create a beautiful retro inspired aesthetic that exudes comfort.

When it comes to our millwork, 2019 sees us continuing with the movement towards creatively concealed storage, seamlessly integrated vents that artfully charm our kitchens; and lots and lots of open shelving. Removing the upper cabinetry and installing opening shelving lets us display well-appointed collections of worn pottery, aged silver pieces or an array of vintage stemware. This creates a relaxed, edgy yet sophisticated look to our spaces.

Colour has and will be a big show-stopper when it comes to cabinetry. While white is always classic, and matte black cabinetry is the hot new kitchen craze, we also have amazing earthy greens and blues making their appearance, and rich deep greys continue to be a favourite. Accent these fabulous colours with geometric tiles – everything from hexagons to triangles, or a simple square tile in a beautiful hand-made finish.

Whatever inspires you this year in the world of kitchen design you are sure to find that the choices are abundant, the combinations are endless and they all encourage us to create livable spaces that are still luxurious but with a personality that exudes an inviting, “laid-back” charm!

Linda Mazur is an award-winning, nationally publicized designer and Principal of Linda Mazur Design Group.

With almost two decades of experience this in demand multi-disciplinary design firm is known for creating relaxed stylish spaces and full-scale design builds within Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.



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