DESIGN: Breathing Life into Your Windows and Walls

Breathing new life into your windows and walls

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Breathing new life into your windows and walls

by Linda Mazur

Today’s windows and walls seem to have a new lease on life. With fabrics and wall coverings exploding with colours and patterns, it’s easy to garner a bit of “design inspo” and take your windows and walls from a simple blank canvas to an inspiration of creativity and style.

From impactful geometrics to bold vintage floral, beautiful opulent metallic finishes to leathers and cork, the world of fabric and wall coverings has a new direction and a new excitement! The patterns are endless, the colours are beautiful, the textures are rich. What more could we want to inspire us?

Fabrics and wallpapers are not the only mediums to have a new and bold look. Tile, wood, concrete and wall panelling also have a new direction that sparks our interest.

Tile, for example, has gone the direction of fabric and wallpaper with a new look and texture; there are bold colours and patterns and fantastic 3-D effects that simple no longer belong just in the bathrooms or on small backsplashes. They can be incorporated into creative wall finishes in every space from a living room fireplace wall, to an entry way, to an impactful wall in your dining room. If you’re looking to the more traditional uses of tile, such as your kitchen backsplash, then why not select a statement tile and use it on the entire wall, eliminating your upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving? Or perhaps use a great patterned tile to create a feature wall in a tiny powder room; it will make more of a statement on your wall than on the tiny floor space.

Both fabrics and wall finishes can make a huge impact in any space. A few rolls of wallpaper can transform and define a space in dramatic and luxurious ways. far beyond that of just paint. Whether your room is large or small, creating attention to your walls can instantly set a style, make a bold statement or add character and personality to an otherwise basic design. They can change a vastly spacious room by making it feel more intimate and cozy, just the same way a bold and busy pattern can transform a small room in your home to a charming and dynamic space.

Wall coverings can address a blank wall in your home. However, many condo-dwellers today have a greater amount of windows than walls – the view and light is fantastic but it can also be challenging. With the volume of windows some of my clients have in their condos, window treatments can become a costly venture. When looking to add some type of window coverings to your home why not consider a combination of blinds and sheers? Motorized blinds are an easy option for condo-dwellers, providing privacy and sun control. However, blinds alone can sometimes seem unfinished in a room — with the addition of sheers this can become an attractive option. Much like wallpaper, sheers fabrics have come a long way in recent years! These are not the sheers you may remember from your childhood. Instead, the sheer fabric options available today are exciting, colourful, incredibly patterned and textured; just the perfect thing to frame out your vista.

Inspiring windows and walls will be on-trend moving forward, so take advantage of the bold patterns, great colours and fantastic product options available and add some character and personality to your home.

Linda Mazur is an award-winning, nationally publicized designer and Principal of Linda Mazur Design Group.

With almost two decades of experience this in demand multi-disciplinary design firm is known for creating relaxed stylish spaces and full-scale design builds within Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.



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