Curtain Rods 101 — Which Ones to Pick for Your Home

Curtain Rods 101 — Which Ones to Pick for Your Home

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Curtain Rods 101 — Which Ones to Pick for Your Home

by Zana Dodig

When designing a dream interior, people often overlook curtain rods and their matching curtains and drapes.

Decorative curtain rods can transform a home and elevate your space.

Curtain Rod Beginner’s Tips

Whether you’re considering wood or metal curtain rods, have a look at these tips and tricks before you pick curtain rods for your home.

Hanging full length curtains on a rod just a few inches above a window can fool the eye into thinking your space has higher ceilings than in reality. Floor-to-ceiling curtains are just one example of how curtain and rod placement can change an entire space.

Or, perhaps you’re in a rental apartment or home that already comes equipped with rods. Knowing which types of curtain rods can fit different curtain styles and materials is an easy way to make your rental space your own.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your own home’s style or customize a rental to suit your aesthetic needs, the following curtain rod information will help you pick the right ones for your lifestyle.

Types of Curtain Rods

Choosing which curtain rod can be difficult. There are many materials and styles, ranging from wood to metal and beyond. There are completely different benefits associated with each type.

Metal Curtain Rods:

The metal used in metal curtain rods is usually iron, chrome, brass, nickel or stainless steel. They are hollow on the inside, so they are designed to hold sheer curtains at a normal weight. They are mainly ideal for normal-sized, smaller windows. Metal curtain rods can create an antique or contemporary style, depending on which metal finish you choose. Finial shapes can be added to the rod ends to add extra design touches.

Extendable Curtain Rods:

Extendable curtain rods are ideal for when you need to extend the rod to fit windows that are larger than average. Due to their adjustable nature, extendable curtain rods are usually made of metal.

Wood Curtain Rods:

The wood used in wood curtain rods can range from light to dark woods, with staining available to match specific design needs. Unlike hollow metal rods, wood curtain rods are capable of holding heavier curtains such as insulated drapes or blackout drapes. Due to their organic nature, they also create a cozy or natural style, depending on which wood you use.

Factors When Buying Curtain Rods

Before you pick your curtain rods, there are many elements to consider beyond whether to go with metal or wood. Thinking about the curtains that will eventually accompany the rods is important, as is the location of the window and the style of the room.

Curtain Weight:

Curtains can actually be quite heavy, depending on the type of fabric the curtain is made of. If you’re looking for a sheer curtain that will let in a lot of light and create that soft glow, then metal curtain rods would work just fine. However, if you’re dreaming of heavier drapes like insulated or blackout draperies, wood curtain rods are key. They aren’t hollow like metal rods, so they can better support the curtain’s weight.

Window Dimensions:

It is very important to measure the window dimensions before you pick curtain rods for your home. Rods can be placed a few inches above a window frame in order to make it seem like the window is larger. This is a great way to create the illusion of high ceilings. Likewise, getting extendable curtain rods could widen the appearance of your windows, making it seem like your casements are actually quite larger than they are.

Window Location:

Consider the location of each window when choosing which drapery, curtains and rods you will use. Natural light in the kitchen is a sought-after feature and using sheer curtains with the appropriate metal rods would be the perfect fit. Meanwhile, in television rooms or bedrooms, heavier blackout curtains would require wood rods.


Of course, style is an essential part of any home redecorating project. Once you’ve narrowed down which type of curtain rods you need, the fun part begins: choosing the style. Metal finishes can be made to look older for an antique aesthetic. Metal can also be highly polished and sleek for contemporary lines and modern accenting. Meanwhile, wood rods come in a full array of colors, but tend to add rustic charm or natural warmth to a space depending on the color palette. Each rod can be further customized with decorative finials added to the rod ends.

Curtain Rod Extras

Curtain rods and curtains don’t need to be static pieces, either. They are excellent pieces to customize as the seasons change or as trendy textiles come up on the market that you’d like to implement in your own home in some way.

To lighten up a room, whether for an impromptu celebration or seasonal holiday, use your casement decorations to create a window wonderland. Decorative curtain rods are excellent places to string lights or hang lightweight wreaths in order to bring the festive mood to life.

You can also give your bathroom spaces a fun update by using a shower curtain in bold geometric prints or currently trending colors. A quick bathroom update is a perfect, easy way to modernize your space.

Whether you’re looking to update a few windows or an entire living space, don’t forget the beauty and transformative power of curtains and their rods. If you have any further questions or concerns, we’d love to speak with you.

Zana Dodig loves interiors and everything related which includes decorating, organizing and remodelling. Her favourite part of interiors for the last 20 years are draperies, curtains and rods. She works as a window treatments consultant at DraperyCurtainRods.


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