Creative ideas for DIY bookshelves

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Creative ideas for DIY bookshelves

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Welcome fellow bookworms! If you’re looking for a DIY bookshelf project, look no more because here are some creative ideas that will catch your attention.

A bookshelf is a staple in the house of an avid reader (one who prefers real books with pages and covers). But you may not want to adorn your home with a traditional bookshelf; you want something special. The good news is that bookshelves come in countless sizes and shapes. And if you build it yourself, it costs little or nothing at all. There’s no reason to buy an expensive furniture item because chances are you have plenty of materials to create one.

If you’re a beginner crafter, glue together crates or hang a set of wall mount shelves above your desk. But if you’re a pro, you can create something truly extraordinary like the dreamy bookshelf you’ve read about in your books.

Come here little bookworm, let’s discover some creative ideas together.


Your bed frame can serve as a bookshelf

What is your favourite reading spot? If you’re like many of us, you prefer the comfort of your bed when you dive into a plot in the Seelie Court. So why not creating a bookshelf close to the bed to keep your treasures at hand? To fill an awkward space between the bed and a wall, build a bookshelf from honeycomb crates into the bed frame. It gives the room an aesthetic boost and provides you with easy access to before-bed reading material.

If you don’t like hexagonal boxes, you can build a classical shelf.

Bright coloured crate bookshelf

Do you know why people use crates to build everything from bed frames to shelves? They’re cheap and look stylish when you assemble them into furniture items. For the bookshelf fuse wood crates in different sizes together to make a standing item you can place in any room. Before building the bookshelf, measure the spot where you want to install it to ensure it fits. After you fuse the wood crates together (with glue or nails) spray they with a bright coloured paint to make the items stand out from the rest of decorations. If you want to paint each box in a different colour, do it before fusing them to prevent the product from spilling on neighbouring elements.

Hexagon shelves

If you have an empty wall, you want to convert into a bookshelf you can play with honeycomb shelves. You can purchase prebuilt ones from the local store. Stores such as Ikea sell these items at affordable prices so you can buy multiple ones to cover the entire walls in hexagons. If you have wood pieces you no longer use, build the hexagon boxes at home. This way you can diversify the sizes and play with the models. For a white room choose bright coloured honeycomb boxes to cheer up the space. Fill a couple of them with decorations and succulents to give the room a cosy feeling.

One interesting idea to give the shelves a funny twist is to use sugru mouldable glue to attach jars on the combs’ bottom. You can transform them into tiny terrariums filled with succulents. Your bookshelf will look as extracted from an elfland where plants take over buildings and make them part of nature.

Built-in shelves

Most times, people don’t give their living room walls a purpose, they limit their use to placing the TV on one of the walls, and maybe some works of art on others. But this is not the case for a book worm’s house because they can convert any free space into an intricate system to store their books.

Roll up your sleeves because we’re going to tell you how to build a bookshelf around your TV set. Gather all wood materials you no longer use and start building cabinets because you have plenty of space to fill. You don’t need to experiment too much with the form because even traditional bookshelves painted in different colours can do the trick. Use chalk paint to give them a vintage look.

Tree bookshelf

If you plan to build a bookshelf you’ve probably browsed through Pinterest ideas a couple of times lately. And if we know Pinterest, it definitely suggested building a tree bookshelf. Now, there are various ways to create this type of furniture item, and it depends on the materials you want to use and the skills you possess. The simplest way to construct a tree-shaped shelf is to paint the three on the wall and insert some wooden plants in the spots where you draw the branches.

But if you prefer a more intricate model, then you may want to build the entire tree from wooden planks. And this task requires skills because you need to cut, fit, and fuse the branches together to make a shelf sturdy enough to hold your books. After you paint the tree hang it on the designed wall and use reinforcements to secure it.

Triangle shelves

This model serves both as bookshelf and decoration. Depending on its size, it can look like a dollhouse or mountain. If you opt for a larger shelf, create an intricate pattern of triangles inside to make it look more interesting and provide multiple functions. You need only some wood planks and a couple of nails to fuse the pieces for this project. Start with the frame, and add one small triangle at a time. Besides books, use plants, jars, and other accessories to decorate the shelf. If you want to make it look more like a mountain, add some green plants on its sides.

Coffee table bookshelf

If your living room lacks a coffee table, and your book collection is still young, a coffee table that features storage space is perfect for exposing your jewelry. You can build the coffee table from wood planks and shape it in a form that complements the surroundings. This bookshelf is ideal for keeping the books you’re currently reading at hand, and grab them every time you relax on the couch.

Do you have other creative ideas on how to build a bookshelf? Please share it with us!


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