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Renovation Contractor is a trusted trade publication written by and for Canada’s small to medium-sized home renovators. Our nationwide audience consists of the best in the residential construction industry and is trusted by thousands of elite builders and renovators across the country, including custom homebuilders, carpenters, roofers, plumbers, drywallers, contractors and HVAC professionals. Renovation Contractor Magazine and Renovation Contractor Online feature reliable reviews of the latest tools and building techniques, advice on expanding and improving a small-business, and tackles the issues that concern building tradespeople the most. This is why our publication is seen as a powerful tool for the building industry.

Jim Caruk



Why he decided to launch Renovation Contractor

After 37 years in the business, I wondered and asked myself the question, “Why wasn’t there a Canadian publication dedicated solely to the renovator that was actually written and published by the people, like me, who actually DO this stuff, every day?” With no disrespect to the fine media companies we have in Canada, general knowledge writers and editors can’t produce what we to produce. This magazine is coming from the trades, for the trades with no-holdsbarred credibility. This publication eliminates the BS and speaks the truth.

Allan Britnell

Managing Editor

647-367-0073 Ext. 104

Managing editor, Allan Britnell, brings more than 15 years’ experience as a writer and editor to Renovation Contractor. In that time, he’s written extensively about home renovations, tools, and building technology for a diverse range of publications, including Canadian Home Workshop, Cottage Life, and Harrowsmith Country Life. And not only can he talk the talk, he’s walked the walk: Throughout high school and university he worked summers building decks and installing windows and doors. Recently, he’s done everything from tiling backsplash to building a deck at his own home.

Darrell Leighton

Art Director


Art director Darrell Leighton joined the Renovation Contractor team in July 2013 after working in the publishing industry for eight years. Previously, he was the associate art director Robert Kennedy Publishing. Darrell and his fiance are new homeowners who keep busy DIY renovation projects.

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The Homes Publishing Group (HPG) is an innovative content leader, reaching diverse audiences through their trade publishing, television development, production and distribution divisions. Renovation Contractor magazine, and www.renocontractor.ca are wholly owned and published by HPG, headquartered in Stouffville, Ontario.