Condo living for the dogs

Condo living for the dogs

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Condo living for the dogs

by Emily Ward

Condo living may come with smaller square footage and less outdoor space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the perfect home for a four-legged family member to enjoy their days. Here are a few tips on how to keep your petite space dog friendly from interior designer and dog owner Alicia Sass of Harrison Fae and Ally Fodero of the downtown Toronto dog walking, boarding and daycare facility Soulmutts.

Durable home fabrics: Make wise choices when it comes to your pillows and sofa in case your fury friend likes to climb on the furniture. Tonic Living, for instance, has great outdoor fabrics that are suitable for indoors and still offer that cozy comfort for unwinding after a long day.

Storage: Cut down on doggy clutter with a dedicated built-in cabinet which can store doggy kibble and treats as well as have a pullout tray for food and water, which will help monitor your pet’s intake and can easily be tucked away when done. Grandin Road’s pet feeder station is a favourite. Soulmutts’ Fodero suggests that a unit from Ikea or Canadian Tire can be easily retrofitted to keep everything organized and out of the way.

Dog walker/daycare: Not everyone’s schedules allow for long walks with your pup or daytime outdoor breaks and some dogs need more socialization and exercise than others. Dog walkers or dog daycare can be the solution. Ensure you are covering all your bases when interviewing pup support by ensuring the vehicles they are transporting the dogs in are secure and safe, leash-walkers aren’t taking on too many dogs on a single walk, and the dog parks are not overcrowded or under supervised. Facilities, such as Soulmutts offer pick-up and drop-off for regular dog daycare clients, as well, making the process seamless.

Multi-purpose dog crates: Many dogs are crate trained and feel safe and secure knowing they have a dedicated space unto their own. Today, there are great furniture design companies who have truly embraced the needs of dogs in small spaces, such as DenHaus, which has designed crates that double as side tables and nightstands in a variety of decor styles to maximize small spaces.

Dogs on vacation: Planned vacations don’t need to be a stressful when it comes to owning a dog. A trip out of town can be a great excuse to indulge your pup as well by sending them to a great dog ranch or boarding facility. Soulmutts, for instance, features a 6,000-square-foot outdoor barnyard space and 5,000-square-foot of indoor “family style” space for boarding. Dogs love socializing with other furry friends and have a change of scenery while their owners are away getting a much needed change of pace as well.

Emily Ward is co-founder of Shine PR.


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