The hottest hues you can expect for 2021

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The hottest hues you can expect for 2021

We can all agree 2020 was not the start to the decade that any of us expected. With all its unpredictability, there’s been a renewed emphasis and appreciation for the power of the home. We now expect our home to do more for us than ever. They need to be schools for our children, a new workplace for parents and ultimately serve as a sanctuary, shielding us from the world outside.

At the core of it all, colour is an essential component in helping to form its metaphorical armour. It can change the way we think, impact the actions we take and significantly shift the way we feel. I can think of many moments where the colour of a specific space has lowered my heart rate and provided an extra hit of dopamine. Colour is one of the most natural and powerful ways to transform a space and temper our emotions.

The hottest hues you can expect for the new year

The desire for “spa-like” spaces has gained significant traction in the past year. At Louis Duncan-He Designs, we’ve had more and more clients ask for not just bathrooms, but also bedrooms to be designed with a focused Zen sensibility. And Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year for 2021, Agean Teal, demonstrates this trend. Our bedroom palette boards are filled with panelled and feature walls in soft teals, calming blues and subtle pastel greens. Clients want bedrooms that are designed to make it virtually impossible to carry any remnants of the day’s stressors into them, and this will surely be a trend that will transition into 2021.

As a result of more people working from home, we’ve also noticed a natural shift in common living and working spaces. Bold and energetic jewell tones have become staple choices for those striving to harness creativity and make a statement in offices, dining rooms and kitchens. Jewelled tones and yellows pair perfectly with Benjamin Moore’s 2021 palette favourites, Chestertown Buff and Potters Clay, to create the perfect mix of understated drama. They work incredibly well with natural elements such as moss, black iron and natural brick. Layering richer and more vibrant accents such as Pantone’s Marigold hue, add the perfect bohemian look, injecting life and personality. There will always be the desire to create vibrancy and depth; however, a more understated and thoughtful set of jewelled tones feed our senses and the soul.

Being housebound means bringing the outdoors in is exponentially more important, providing us with the calming effects of nature and wanderlust. A strong ode to nature has been a popular trend that the design community continues to embrace. Sherwin-Williams Colour of the year for 2021, Urbane Bronze, serves as the perfect backdrop for soft earth tones such as sand, and blues and greens, blending the timeless mix of elegance and organic. Pairing them with natural textures such as unfinished wood and touches of rattan and wicker help actualize the indoor/outdoor effect, creating spaces that are serene, meditative and grounded in the familiar.

We all eagerly await what the next 12 months will bring, and all we can do is try to fortify our homes in ways that will elicit joy, spark growth and ultimately make us feel safe. And that’s the magic of colour. It’s one of the few aspects in the world that can communicate everything we need without having to actually say anything. With a future that is currently so much in the grey, think of ways to reinvigorate your space and make sure to dream in full colour.

Designer Louis Duncan-He is Creative Director and Principal of Louis Duncan-He Designs. This notable Calgary-tand Montreal-based boutique design firm offers complete residential design services throughout Canada. With a distinct timeless perspective, they create unified authentic designs. louisdhe.com


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