Ciot announces the launch of Geoluxe’s reflection collection

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Ciot announces the launch of Geoluxe’s reflection collection

Inspired by the wisdom of Suiseki, (水石) the Japanese art of stone appreciation, the new Geoluxe Reflection Collection from will take you on a journey of exotic art that is sure to liven your space and heighten your senses.

Geoluxe, a pyrolithic stone material, is the latest addition to the world of ultra-compact surfaces. Geoluxe is manufactured with 100-per-cent mineral-based materials using a revolutionary process known as geomimicry. This technology is the foundation that gives Geoluxe it’s one of a kind, true through body veining. Taking inspiration from nature, studying the 500-million-year long process from which marble is made, the alchemy of minerals and forces of heat and pressure. Geoluxe has spent the past decade accelerating nature’s research and development and has developed a process to recreate and condense the natural stone making process into a space of minutes, assembling millions of years in a matter of moments. Minerals are liquified, poured into a mould and fused together with fire to create pyrolithic stone.

The result is a high-performance kitchen surface highly resistant to stains, scratches, UV, fire and acid. It is so much like natural stone, it could be said that Geoluxe is the closest a manufactured material can be to natural stone. Designed for cooking and entertainment, with veins running throughout, the stone and polished to an everlasting, luxurious finish. Revealing its beauty from all angles, Geoluxe pyrolithic stone surfaces capture the spirit of marble, with none of its flaws.

The first two colours of the Reflection Collection, Wool and Greige, are now available exclusively at Ciot.


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