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  • Green Living Show

    From fitness and fashion, to food and travel, the Green Living Show offer inspiration and activities for the green-at-heart. READ MORE

  • Garden Expert: Get Planting

    A new gardening season is ahead of us: a fresh chapter in the book of life with nature. I recommend that we make the best of it and plant some trees. It is important to plant the right tree in the right place. Here are some considerations when planting trees and my top recommendations

  • National Home Show, Canada Blooms Inspires Everyone

    The two shows — co-located again this year — exhibit the best in home building, decorating, outdoor living, gardening and renovation.

  • How To Make The Most Of A Small Outdoor Space

    Whether you live in a beautiful new condo or find yourself in a semi-detached home in Toronto, you may be finding yourself wondering how to make the most your small outdoor space.

  • Garden Expert: Birding 101

    One in four Canadians buy bird food and/or consume ‘ birding’ products. The average amount spent is $1,000 per year. If that sounds crazy, count me as one of the crazy ones. With 14 feeding stations on my property, I spend a lot of time and money providing sustenance to my local bird population.

  • Canada Blooms Invites You To The Movies

    Canada’s largest horticultural festival returns to the Enercare Centre March 9-18 with a movie theme.

  • Garden Expert: Come One, Come All

    I made several insect hotels in my wood working shop for some of my gardening friends. They were received graciously but, at the same time, with a common query: “What IS it? What does an insect hotel do? What kind of insects will it attract? Are they all good for my garden?”

  • Garden Expert: In The Food Garden

    Every time I go out into my 10-acre garden, I am reminded that the food I grew with such pride through the summer is melting away into pockets of rot. But I am here to tell you there is an encore happening in your garden

  • Garden Expert: A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Mark singles out some of his preferred garden performers. It's late summer and the autumn planting season is on our threshold.

  • Reno Expert: Picture-perfect Patio

    With summer upon us, most of us are keen to spend as much time as possible outdoors. But is your own backyard an inviting oasis, or an overgrown disaster? If the ongoing real estate boom has taught us one thing, it's that land is very valuable. As homeowners we should take advantage of every square…

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