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  • Reno Expert: Septic Smarts

    If you have a cottage or live in a rural area, chances are you use a septic system to deal with your sewage. But how well do you know how it works? And, more importantly, do you know how to prolong its life?

  • Design/build Expert: Who's On First?

    Unless you are a confident DIYer with lots of spare time, a home improvement project is usually born when someone puts pen to paper to retain the services of a professional. But who do you hire and in what order? Well, it's neither an easy nor a one-size-fits-all answer.

  • Decor Expert: Suitcase Splurges

    Souvenir shopping & packing tips during your summer travels

  • Design 101: Made-to-measure

    It’s (now) safe to say that there’s no place like home for our newlywed clients, whose 1950s bungalow was in desperate need of updates in both style and function. What was once a “well-loved” piece of Toronto real estate is now a fresh, functional home, bursting with colour and personality on the inside.

  • Get Out Of Town!

    But before slipping on the sandals and slapping on the sunscreen, we’ve outlined some key checklist items to ensure your serene summer hideaway is primed and ready for relaxation.

  • Fix It Friday: Remove Stains From Flooring And Upholstery

    If you are adamant about maintaining a spotless home … or at least paying a housekeeper to maintain it for you, there’s one thing that you should be aware of. Stains happen.

  • Less Really Is More: Tips For Decorating On A Dime

    When it comes to a luxurious-looking home, budget is only part of the picture. The rest is about maximizing those dollars using colour, creativity and these tricks of the trade.

  • Collect, Sort And Store Household Items

    Do you ever have the feeling that your house is just one big storage facility? And items that should be together are stored in multiple places? Like that time your daughter asked you for a paint mixing pallete. You were pretty certain one existed but couldn’t find it...

  • Seven Tips For Moving New University Students

    Organization and smart planning are the keys to moving to a university/college residence or off campus home. READ MORE

  • Make Deck Building Safety Priority #1

    The temperature is warming (ever so slightly) and the sky is beautifully blue once again … spring is on the way. That means it’s time to get serious about planning backyard projects. For many Canadians, adding or repairing a deck is a top priority, with the age-old question being, should you hire a professional deck…

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