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  • In Conversation With : Gina Di Lorenzo-burry & Samuel Wong

    Diamate Development Corporation is well known for building innovatively designed condominiums with more than a touch of luxury. It’s part of the focus of the founding partners, Julie Di Lorenzo and Paolo Palamara. The Diamante hallmark has always been superior building quality, unique living spaces and extraordinary value.

  • In Conversation With: Darren Steedman

    Don’t let the affable manner and big smile fool you; Darren Steedman takes his role as chair of the board of directors at the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) very seriously.

  • In Conversation With: Fred Losani

    The CEO of Losani Homes has a passion for making the world a better place. By the time Fred Losani had finished talking about his life’s passions, there was very little time to discuss the latest projects in his company’s portfolio.

  • In Conversation With: Michael Dipasquale

    For more than 30 years, Dunpar has been building high-end townhomes that are characterized by quality engineering, craftsmanship and timeless design.

  • In Conversation With: Barbara Lawlor

    Don’t let Barbara Lawlor’s calm exterior fool you; she thrives on the competitive nature of selling real estate, especially in the GTA’s hyper-driven market.

  • In Conversation With : Moninder Khudal

    The founder of Shyamora Luxury Homes and Diam Developments started his life in Canada delivering pizza.

  • In Conversation With - Shakir Rehmatullah

    Flato Developments’ president has perfected the art of the condo. Everybody has a story to tell — some are pretty interesting — and Shakir Rehmatullah has one that spans three countries and two continents, and all before he was 20.

  • In Conversation With... Larry Blankenstein

    It’s full circle as the president of the Lash Group redevelops an area where his father built rental stock in the 1950s. Larry Blankenstein is a trendsetter who walks where others fear to tread.

  • In Conversation With: Patrick O'hanlon

    I had the pleasure of meeting the indomitable Patrick O’Hanlon for the first time over lunch at Auberge du Pommier, a sophisticated restaurant that specializes in fine French cuisine. He ordered the “grilled cheese sandwich.” It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  • In Conversation With - Bob Finnigan

    Bob Finnigan is one of those rare people — well spoken, well dressed, hard working and with a heart as big as a barn; in a word, a gentleman.

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