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  • Design: From The Ground Up

    As small space dwellers, the reality is that sometimes our renovation options may differ a little because we live in a condo. Although condo living can come with its own set of design challenges, there should be no reason that these restrictions should hold us back from creating a magazine-worthy look in our home.

  • Design: Colourful Kitchens!

    Kitchens are moving away from simple whites and stainless appliances to a world made of colour, personality and statement-making designs.

  • Design: Sinks, Faucets And Countertops ... The Choices Are Endless

    Kitchens are one of my favourite rooms to design and with the abundance of options available to us today, kitchens are more exciting than ever! From a multitude of colourful options and wonderfully organic finishes for our faucets, to virtually indestructible materials for our sinks and counters, the choices we have are enough to make…

  • Home Finds: Trend Watch: Back To The Future

    Today's kitchen combines future-forward convenience, stylish customization and a nod to the classic touches that warm up and make this hard-working space, the most inviting in the home.

  • Trend Watch: Wabi Meets Sabi

    The quest to perfection is taking a much-needed break in the design world. The big trend for 2018 is simplicity and embracing the not-so-perfect, which means a more lax approach to decorating.

  • Easy Ways To Make Your Rental Space Your Own

    It can be hard finding ways to make your rental space feel like your own, here are four options to consider.

  • Design: Kitchen Life

    The kitchen is the heart of any home, and the trends that we see emerging are making this an exciting time to add new life and personality to your kitchen space.

  • Design: Transforming Your Space With Light

    Lighting is an essential part of any interior space, and achieving good lighting in your space can elevate and transform your design aesthetic.

  • Trend Watch: Purple's Promise

    What the world needs now, according to Pantone, is Ultra Violet—a blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level.

  • Home Finds: Trend Watch: Make Room For Style

    The style tips of small-space decorating aren't all about practicing restraint. The trick is to know when to go big and inject major style in tight quarters.

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