Publication: Technology

  • Simply Tech: Is Your Home Safe?

    It lurks in your home, but it's invisible. You can't see or smell it, but it may just be putting your life at risk. It's not carbon dioxide – it's radon gas.

  • Simply Tech: Safe & Secure

    Designed to provide peace-of-mind, the Maximus Smart Light, by Jiawei Technology, is an outdoor, waterproof, lantern-style light.

  • Simply Tech: Preserve Family Memories

    It’s so easy to capture, and preserve, special moments on video these days. But what about all of those precious moments that are stored away on old videotapes?

  • Simply Tech : Audio Enhancement For Your Videos

    Travelling can be cumbersome at the best of times, but with extra add-on costs for luggage, etc., it’s no wonder people want to travel lighter and are leaving their bulky video cameras at home.

  • Simply Tech: Online Shopping

    Without using credit card numbers. You can shop anywhere, for just about anything, online or with your smartphone – even for groceries. It’s convenient. For some, it’s part of their daily routine. While others might prefer physical shopping, there are those who are hesitant, or even fearful, as it relates to their vulnerabilty when entering…

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