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  • In The Garden: Head For Cover

    While we were worshiping to the sun gods back in February, some of us may now be getting fed up with the heat. With high temperatures come increased UV rays, so it makes sense to seek out shady spots that provide some reprieve.

  • In The Garden: Ground-hugging Plants

    If I could come back to earth as a plant, I would be a ground cover – a useful one, of course. I love rich, organic soil, so by being a ground-hugging plant I could feel the rhythms of the earth, as well as the movement of the lifegiving earthworms beneath my roots.

  • Active Home: Leisurely Living

    Condo living is no longer for city dwellers, only. More and more developers are shifting their focus to rural and suburban communities throughout Ontario.

  • Active Home: The Dirt On Mudrooms

    It’s time that we came up with a better word for this hardworking space. Although its basic function is to receive all the grungy outdoor elements before they’re tracked into the rest of the house, the mudroom is now so much more.

  • In The Garden: Garden Tourism

    It’s been said that there are two types of people in the world – those who love to garden and those who love to look at gardens. If this is the case, then introducing Garden Tourism into our lexicon, is long overdue.

  • Things To See At The Ids2018 Show

    Caesarstone's project with New York-based collaborative practice Snarkitecture for their 2018 Designer Program will focus on the icon of the modern home: the kitchen island.

  • Active Home: Suspended Brilliance

    A CHANDELIER IS QUITE SIMPLE – an ornamental hanging light with branches and holders for several candles or bulbs.

  • Model Home Feature: Amuse By The Lake In Fort Erie

    A short walk to the waterfront, Amuse by the Lake is the epitome of luxury living. Tastefully designed by Silvergate Homes, each lake-view residence is situated as such, so that there aren't any neighbouring homes visible from the rear of the house.

  • Active Home: Faux Fire Technology And Artistry Unite

    ...When I was looking for a new home to purchase, I knew that I wanted a den with a fireplace. Nothing compares to a real fireplace on a cold day – right?

  • Active Home: A Designer's Guide To Bed-making

    I admit it – I’m a bed maker. There may be some of you who tend to leave it as is or toss the comforter over the lumpy sheets and pillows. And why not?

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