Can you still buy a home during the coronavirus lockdown?

Can you still buy a home during the coronavirus

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Can you still buy a home during the coronavirus


Even though the sun is high in the sky, we’re still in self-isolation and cannot fully enjoy it – unless we have a decent-sized balcony or a fancy garden. If we don’t have the latter, then we may also think of moving into a new house for a change.

Those who think of doing so now think about one thing only – namely, can one still buy a house during the coronavirus lockdown? While it may be easy to search for North Shore movers online, for example, the whole process of buying and moving into a new house during these times became a bit more complex.

Let’s now answer this question and make everything clear for you.

The short answer

Naturally, you are still able to buy a house at the moment – especially given that the restrictions imposed by many governments are not that harsh, and that one can still protect themselves from the coronavirus.

However, there are a couple of things that have to be done differently. For example:

  • You can no longer browse houses on your own – or visit them either. In such times, it is more than recommended to work with an experienced agent, as they’ll be able to do more for you in a safe environment than you will.
  • The agents we mentioned have available entire databases full of properties that they can send you to look at. You won’t have to put yourself at risk and visit the house yourself.
  • Sellers, on the other hand, are not able to hold an open house anymore. This thing alone may make many property owners temporarily withdraw from the market.
  • Moreover, due to the fear of coronavirus, sellers may not even invite you to visit the house. Again, in this case, an agent may have an easier time getting into the house.

Virtual showings

If you still want to be involved in the process of looking for and buying a new house, then you can rely on something called virtual showings.

Your agent will most likely visit the house that you want to buy and, via a camera, show you around while also allowing you to ask questions and even move to areas that you need to see.

Moving into a new house

Naturally, the hardest part is the actual move. Since gatherings of multiple people are not allowed, you won’t be able to ask friends to help you pack and then move your things to the new house.

In this case, a simple Google search for Montreal movers will get you in touch with not only a team of professional movers but also with a business that will adhere to the current safety and health measures – thus almost completely reducing the risk of anything unfortunate happening.

The bottom line

While you can still buy a new house during the coronavirus lockdown, you will have to follow a lot of additional steps to ensure the safety of your agent, the seller of the house, yourself, and of the moving professionals that will be helping you.

Everything will have to be disinfected – before and after the move -, not to mention that you may want to perform a full clean of your new house before unpacking.

In short, almost everything is possible as long as you engage in social distancing and adhere to all the regulations that are in place to avoid the spread of the coronavirus!


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