How can you reduce condo insurance rates?

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How can you reduce condo insurance rates?

Buying a condo is a major investment. Just like how you want to feel safe within the comforts of your new home, it’s also ideal to assure the value of your asset. And a way to achieve that is through insurance.

Condo insurance can save you from costs that you did not expect. Usually, condominium establishments offer that but only for the unit itself and the common spaces. Separate entities such as condo insurance companies in Toronto can cover other assets like self-initiated improvements and personal possessions, among many other things. If you’re keen on getting a condo unit within your area, you may see it here.

However, condo insurance rates constitute a big part of an owner’s budget. Finding ways to minimize that can guarantee big savings. Thus, here are some tips to reduce your condo insurance rates.

  • Reporting renovation and improvements

Condo corporations usually retouch or upgrade some parts of the building. For instance, they decide to boost the security by installing additional cameras or even just adding guard patrol. If they do this, you can potentially get credit for it when you cross-check with your insurer.

  • Reducing disaster risks

An aspect covered by insurance is loss management from disasters, such as earthquakes. If the area is safe from seismic activity, you may decide on eliminating this portion of your contract. Check with your city’s seismic map if there are potential sources of quakes such as nearby fault lines.

If there are recent developments about disaster mitigation within the vicinity, you will benefit from that as well. An example would be a new fire station or hydrant nearby. If you can also improve your condo’s disaster response by yourself, it may pose a possible decrease in your rates. For instance, you can put up smoke detectors if your condo unit has none.

  • Improving your lifestyle

Your lifestyle can also affect your insurance rates. Avoiding smoking can reduce your dues since this lowers the risk of fire in your unit. If you’re part of a special group, such as a student or senior citizen, you may ask if you can avail of discounts. Being part of an exclusive association such as Ivy League school alumni associations or professional clubs may also earn you benefit from some insurers.

  • Maintaining competent paying activity

Another related aspect of your lifestyle is your purchasing and credit activity. At times, insurance companies offer better rates if you have a great credit score. So, make sure you pay your dues on time and avoid overspending. In relation to paying off bills, some insurers provide discounted rates to customers who have paid off their mortgages. You may consider accelerating your payments to clear your mortgages faster.

  • Building relationship with insurer

Maintaining a good working relationship with your insurer may reap some good things too. Staying with an insurance company for a long time can garner you a loyal discount. Paying in bigger amounts, such as annual contributions, will lessen the work for your insurers as well. This will encourage them to transfer the savings they made along the process to you.

  • Checking the market regularly

Though being loyal to an insurance company may provide you benefits, it is still wise to check other insurers periodically. Before renewing a contract, make sure you’re getting the most optimal rate available in the market.


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