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Building the great outdooors

Last time around I was griping about how long this past winter was and how slow it seemed for Spring to roll around. Now, a month later, not much has changed! It was only in the last couple of weeks that the last of the snow melted in the shaded parts of people’s backyards in Toronto, and north of the city there’s still ice on some of the lakes. That said, as I write this home and cottage owners across many parts of the country are dealing with severe flooding from a mix of heavy spring rains and plenty of melting snow.

With all that in mind, is it any wonder why Canadians try to spend as much time outside during the warmer months? That’s why the Renovation Contractor team is busy pulling together material for our annual Great Outdoors issue. That issue will include a feature on landscaping options by first-time contributor Alex Newman, an overview of some exterior finishing trends and products by long-time contributor Frank Condron, guest columnist Carson Arthur writes about urban heat islands, and a whole lot more.

Watch for the June/July issue to arrive in mailboxes – and launch online – early next month.


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