Parallax Development Corp.

“Parallax” describes the apparent movement of an object when viewed from different angles. Astronomers use parallax to measure the distance between stars, hunters use the process to identify a target.

We use it to build value. With over 35 years developing across a range of asset classes in multiple jurisdictions, Parallax is a flexible and value driven company unconstrained by market niches or geographies. By drawing upon our breadth of experience, Parallax looks at each opportunity from multiple angles, thereby conceptualizing and executing to maximize value.

Founded in 1981 with an original focus on developing retail shopping plazas, Parallax has since built and repositioned such diverse assets as street front retail, high-rise and mid-rise residential condominiums, office buildings, mixed use facilities and public-private partnerships.

Parallax has completed over 75 projects throughout its history and boasts over $200-million of projects currently under development.

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98 Queen St. E.

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