A “Bright” Idea for Your Backyard

A “Bright” Idea for Your Backyard

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A “Bright” Idea for Your Backyard

When it comes to enjoying your outdoor living space after the sun goes down, lighting is key.

One of the hottest trends – literally – for 2018 is the incorporation of warming features into outdoor spaces. From fire pits to decorative wall sconces, products that lend physical and ambient warmth are one of the most popular additions to any outdoor living area.

By incorporating a few different outdoor lighting accessories, you can create a perfectly curated – and adjustable – atmosphere for any setting or gathering. Simply choose which outdoor elements to highlight, and it’s easy to completely change the look of your outdoor living space without moving a single piece of furniture. Here are five easy and affordable outdoor lighting options to match the style of any backyard retreat.

Decorative Candles

Candles provide effortless décor to create a distinctive mood. Pair different shapes and sizes to create a soft glow. Swap out new colors and styles for a seasonal or holiday theme, or just to switch it up. Flower-shaped candles floating in a bowl can serve as an elegant centerpiece for an outdoor party.

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting takes sophistication and subtlety to a whole new level, illuminating your space at night and seamlessly blending into your deck during the day. For an easy DIY option, Trex Deck Lighting can be installed in a new or existing deck. It’s also energy efficient, dimmable and cool to the touch, making the fixtures safe for children and pets.

Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are a festive way to light up your outdoor space. Line them along the perimeter of your backyard or pathways to transform your space into a tropical paradise. To prevent the tiki torches from falling over, quick-set cement them into terra cotta planters or aluminum buckets. This also will make them easier to move and store.

Twinkle Lights

Not just for weddings and the holidays anymore, twinkle lights add charm and a lot of fun. All styles offer the flexibility of year round use and pair gorgeously with any outdoor décor. Twinkle lights can be hung in several creative spots, including under a patio umbrella, around a tree or strung around the perimeter of a gazebo or pergola.

Landscape Lighting

Perfect for showing off your favorite flowers, shrubs or architectural features or lighting up walkways – landscape lighting can take your outdoor space from invisible to inviting. Steer clear of the dreaded, garish corner spotlight, and instead install a mix of lighting features, such as path lights to brighten walkways, well lights to illuminate foliage and small structures or multifunction lights that cast a wide glow to add warmth to your garden or trees.


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