5 Beautiful Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

5 Beautiful Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

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5 Beautiful Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

Today, it makes sense to invest in a dental office that is beautiful, functional and comfortable for your patients and staff. With a proper dental office interior design, you can reach your highest potential by providing quality patient care in a conducive environment. Your staff will also enjoy a clinical environment where the practice can achieve its full income potential. As you spend majority of your day offering quality patient care, you need to ensure areas such as the treatment rooms are properly designed. Below, we’ll look at 5 stunning dental office designs that you can borrow ideas from.

White Minimalistic Look

If every dental office you visit was as stunning as Dental Bliss (located in Bangkok, Thailand), we’d all look forward to dental appointments. We love the unique flair in this dental office created by Integrated Field Co. Ltd. It’s a very simplistic look with clean lines and mirrors have been used to open up the space giving an illusion of a much larger room. The design is fun and inviting which is what we all need from a dental clinic. This particular interior design can work best in a family dentistry office especially the reception area if you don’t want to incorporate too many colors in order to achieve the classic, white appeal. White often works well in dental office renovation because it evokes a feeling of relaxation and peace of mind. We love how the cubes can be moved around to create custom seating. This is such a practical idea for any modern healthcare office. The color scheme used in this interior design is very warm and inviting.

Photo credit Integrated Field Co. Ltd.
Photo credit: Integrated Field Co. Ltd.

Chic And Modern Dental Office

For those looking for that wow factor in dental office design, there’s a lot that you can borrow from this dental clinic in Porto, Portugal. We love how Paulo Merlini has used the pendant lighting to illuminate the area and add some drama and character in the reception area. This is a great example of how lighting, if used wisely, can add glamour and life to a boring space. The walls have been painted a darker color, which is somewhat unusual for medical renovation but still the lighting doesn’t create any dark spots in the room. Get inspired by the use of white in the staircase, a section of the ceiling and reception desk with finishes that perfectly complement each other creating a cohesive look. The use of glass on the stairs opens up the area giving it a dramatic feel. This chic cosmetic dental office is perfect for a new practice or a renovation that gives your clients striking features to admire.

Photo credit Joao Morgado - Architecture Photography
Photo credit: Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography

Unconventional Dental Office Design

This unique dental office, best described as a modern practice with innovative interior design, was developed and implemented by Pedra Silva Architects in Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia. We love how this particular dental office takes the modern approach in commercial office renovation. From comfortable seating to a stunning ceiling, this dental office certainly has character. How beautiful are these wooden paned walls and ceiling? In fact, the use of wood in this clinic is what gives it an inviting and warm look. The cozy seating tends to make the waiting area feel like that chic restaurant where you’d get your favorite coffee every evening. The walls and ceiling create fine architectural lines which convert the entire dental office into a modern and simplistic space that adds a special drama without going over-the-top in the design. The operating rooms have a somewhat different design with great use of shades of white and open space. Lighting fixtures are installed in the treatment rooms to take the style of this dental clinic a notch higher.

Photo credit: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
Photo credit: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Elegant And Sleek Dental Clinic

As you design your dental office, you want a space where you can work efficiently and effectively while showcasing your uniqueness in a stunning design. This dental clinic in Las Palmas, Spain addresses all these concerns. Not only do they use updated technology to provide the best patient care but also a convenient floor plan that works for their staff and patients. The interior designed by Padilla Nicás Arquitectos has bold and comfortable seating that adds character to the room. Those chairs are absolutely exquisite, and they look like they’ve been taken from a classy apartment. We are totally falling for the pendant lights used in this dental office design. It is known that lighting is especially important in areas like the treatment rooms because it helps to prevent eye strain and fatigue. Here the lighting also contributes to a warm and inviting ambience in the reception area and through the hallways. This clean and modern dental office design has a striking appeal that is achieved by using the perfect finishes. We have seen how things as simple as a comfy and colorful seating area can transform what would otherwise appear to be a dull and cold reception area. The reception area has a really nice and playful look and the ambience is enjoyable and casual, which is important to achieve if you have younger patients visiting your dental office regularly.

Photo credit: José Hevia
Photo credit: José Hevia

Simple And Modern Dental Office Design

And this one is our favorite, we’ve kept it for your as a desert. Ready? This dental clinic design by OOS AG Architects (Lucerne, Switzerland) incorporates fun and colorful finishes in the reception and social areas and then uses white in the treatment rooms. It is a perfect combination of colors to create a clear distinction between the environments. The treatment rooms look white and bright to make them look serene and hygienic. We love how the layout and accessories complement each other and point in the right direction. The reception area certainly feels peaceful and relaxing. The colors used in this design are pretty much basic, but they still create that inviting feeling that you’d want in a dental practice. You don’t have to invest in an interior that is too busy or filled with lots of accessories, different accents and finishes in order to create a more attractive dental office. This design uses simplicity to achieve an enjoyable and attractive look. Each zone has its unique color palette and we think it’s an interesting strategy to make the rooms appear distinct but maintain a style that complements each other. No more words, just check out the photos!

Photo credit: Claudia Luperto & Dimitri Semko
Photo credit: Claudia Luperto & Dimitri Semko

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