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Battikha Security Inc.

Battikha Security Inc. is a centrally located, home-grown business which was established in the year 2000 and, over the last 18 years, has successfully climbed to the top of the ladder in the security industry. Battikha Security is hailed as the No. 1 authorized dealer Canada wide year after year, receiving awards for excellent customer service, customer satisfaction, customer retention, resolution strategies, installations, volume and overall top-producing alarm dealer.  As well, Battikha has received several awards from various organizations for being a contributor to the community. Battikha Security is also BBB accredited with an A+ rating.

Battikha Security mastered the art of amalgamating good old-fashioned values and services with technological advancement. As a result, Battikha Security is one of a few companies that still provides live representatives to speak with their clients. It has removed the hassle and frustration of going through an automated system, which eventually leads to a call centre located outside of Canada. Battikha Security prides itself in its contribution to the Canadian employment rate as it does not outsource jobs. All services are provided from Canadian-based locations.


At Battikha Security, clients are looked after with genuine care, concern, understanding and interest. They are sure they have a listening ear at their beckoning call. Clients know who they’re dealing with and know that they won’t get passed around from one grumpy nameless call centre representative to another. Clients have the option to request a particular representative, or speak with any one of Battikha’s highly-trained, dedicated, resourceful representatives. They know whatever they choose, they are guaranteed satisfaction and excellent service. Battikha takes the additional worry out of their everyday life.

Customized Customer Service

The people at Battikha Security are aware that people’s lives run on different schedules. The customer care team will make the necessary arrangements with clients to ensure matters are being addressed at the client’s convenience. You can depend on Battikha Security to work with your schedule. Stick with the company where “everybody knows your name.” Battikha knows your name and you will get to know ours.

Rigorous Training

Battikha Security’s customer care team consists of rigorously trained, knowledgeable, dependable and vibrant representatives with amazing problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. These skills provides representatives with the ability to listen, assess and understand clients’ security needs, which enables them to ensure each client gets what they require. Representatives are keen on product knowledge, features and functions and, therefore, clients’ questions and concerns can be addressed in one simple phone call with a live representative.

Installation & Technicians

Battikha’s technicians are bonded, insured and WSIB covered. They are all knowledgeable, licensed and certified. The technicians provide, professional, accurate and on point installation of your Smart Security System with care, precision and customization, with client safety and satisfaction in the forefront of their minds. They start with a walk around of your home in order to assess and acquaint you with devices locations. Each individual device is installed with care, precision, stability, accuracy and pride.

Devices are leveled and blended in to compliment the esthetics of the home while providing maximum safety and protection. Devices and panels are installed in the most strategic points of each home to ensure proper functionality and accuracy in detection. Zones/devices are tested individually to further ensure safety and maximum protection. Customized programming of each Smart Security System ensures your system works specifically for you, your family your home, your needs and lifestyle.

Simple and completely user friendly, one-on-one training will familiarize you with your Smart Security System, the benefits you will receive and how it can work specifically for you, your family, your home, your needs and lifestyle. Finally, a second walk around with you in your home, to confirm your approval, a job well done to your standards, your liking and your satisfaction.

Battikha’s technicians take great pride in what they do and how they do it, with your safety and protection being their number one goal.

Client Base

Battikha Security’ s 75,000-plus client base consists of repeat clientele and new clients alike; the main reason is based on Battikha being the catalyst in the alarm industry with an unblemished reputation, exceptional customer service skills, as well as our ability to stay abreast of technological advancements which we download to our clients.

Service Areas

Battikha Security serves a vast expanse of areas from the GTA and its surrounding areas to as far north as Keswick, east of Trenton and west of Niagara Falls,  also servicing British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Winnipeg and Edmonton. Customized exceptions can be made for services in areas not listed as Battikha continues to expand its service areas.

Head Office: 168 Shorting Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1S 3S7

West Location: 550 Fennell Avenue East, Unit 207, Hamilton, Ontario, L8V 1S9



Battikha Security is pleased to announce its Smart Automation Home System give away.



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