BaseLynx neatly keeps all your devices charged

BaseLynx neatly keeps all your devices charged

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BaseLynx neatly keeps all your devices charged

As we embrace technology and acquire more gadgetry, our charging needs grow, but so does our collection of power bars and messes of cluttered cables. So it’s nice to know there are simple yet elegant solutions, such as the BaseLynx Modular Charging System from Scosche.

The real beauty of the BaseLynx is in its minimalist design centred around four charging modules, three of which can operate independently or be powered individually. And when hinged together, they operate as a single unit all powered by one single AC cord.

The Vert Charging Station module can accept up to three devices, such as smartphones or tablets, neatly organized on their edges to save valuable desk space. The module’s sturdy fin-like rubberized compartments separate the devices. Even a 13-in. MacBook Air can safely sit on its edge.

At the rear of the Vert you’ll find three charging ports: An 18-watt newer-styled USB-C port surrounded by two standard 12-watt USB-A ports. The USB-C port is designed to charge up to three times faster than a standard charger. It’s also smart enough to prevent accidental overcharging. Even higher-powered devices like the newer MacBook Air will charge, albeit at a slower rate.

The 10-watt Qi-certified charging pad wirelessly juices up devices such as an iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy 9, and even accessories like Apple AirPods (in their charging case) by simply laying them flat on the padded surface in line with the charging coil.

A soft white light reminds you the device is charging. If it’s red, your device hasn’t been placed correctly (or it’s a non-compliant device).

The BaseLynx watch module is a magnetic charger designed for your Apple Watch. Simply lay your watch flat on it. The magnetic connector can also be propped up to change your watch into a bedside clock.

All modules come with a non-powered EndCap, meaning no ports or hinges are exposed. However, you can add an extra 18-watt USB-C and 12-watt USB-A port without adding additional bulk.

This is where the fourth module, the Dual Port Charging EndCap with adaptive power, comes in handy. It has its own power source and simply connects to the end of any of the other modules.

While components can be purchased individually, it’s more practical and economical to start with a basic bundle such as the BaseLynx Kit. It comes with the Vert, Watch and Qi pad modules, a five-ft. AC power cord and non-powered endcap all in one box. The BaseLynx Pro Kit offers the same three modules, plus the Dual EndCap charger and one-foot USB-A and USB-C cables.

Overall, the BaseLynx just makes sense. With its simple and minimalist design, it has no more bells and whistles than absolutely necessary. It has a smart and aesthetically pleasing look, while being solidly built. And unlike many other chargers, it doesn’t need to be shoved into a corner or kept on the floor.

It would have been handy to have a second USB-C port as they have become more commonplace. What’s not that commonplace are one-ft. cables, although you can get them on Amazon. Perhaps they could be included with the basic kit.

The BaseLynx warrants fairly high marks. It also makes for a great gift.

The Scosche BaseLynx White is available exclusively at Apple retail and online stores. In Canada, the kit retails for $199.95, the Pro Kit sells for $259.95, with individual modules starting at $54.95. You can also purchase BaseLynx Black Kit from and other modules directly from Scosche.

Greg Gazin is a syndicated tech columnist, blogger, podcaster, and contributes to, Troy Media and Active Life magazine.


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