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Tarion names winners of 2019 Homeowners’ Choice Awards

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Tarion names winners of 2019 Homeowners’ Choice Awards

Tarion web

Tarion Warranty Corp. has named the winners of its annual Homeowners’ Choice Awards for outstanding builders who received the highest ratings from homebuyers across the province. These are the only awards that focus solely on customer service and are based on feedback from homeowners.

The recipients of the 2019 Homeowners’ Choice Awards are:

  • Brookfield Residential – Highrise Category
  • Hayhoe Homes – Large Volume Category
  • Timberland Homes – Medium Volume Category
  • Chris King and Sons Construction Ltd. – Small Volume Category

In 2017, Tarion introduced a new honour – the Ernest Assaly Award – for an Ontario builder that demonstrates a commitment to building quality and innovation, customer service and community involvement. Similar to a lifetime achievement award, a builder can receive this recognition only once.

The recipient of the 2019 Ernest Assaly Award is The Daniels Corporation.

“A new home is a place to make memories,” says Tarion President and CEO Howard Bogach, “and a builder has a big role in determining whether a homeowner’s first memories are positive ones. Thanks to their exemplary customer service, this year’s award recipients not only met – but exceeded – expectations and by so doing set an example for others to follow.”

The Homeowners’ Choice Awards are presented annually based on the results of surveys completed by new homebuyers from across the province. In 2018, Tarion polled 54,518 new-home buyers, asking them about their builder’s performance before, during and after they moved into their new home. More than 11,376 homeowners responded and their feedback determined the recipients for outstanding customer service in the four categories.

The Ernest Assaly Award recognizes the highest level of excellence in Ontario home building while honouring the legacy of Ernest Assaly, a highly respected leader in the residential building industry who was Tarion’s first Chair. Only a select number of Ontario builders met the rigorous criteria required to receive an invitation to make a submission. The recipient of the Ernest Assaly Award is determined by Tarion’s board of directors.

“A well-built home backed by excellent customer service equals a satisfied homeowner,” says Bogach. “Through Tarion’s awards program, these happy homeowners are able to recognize their builders for going the extra mile, and this helps build confidence in the new home building industry as a whole. We congratulate this year’s recipients for their success in creating a positive home-buying experience that their homeowners are happy to share.”

For the full list of Homeowners’ Choice Awards finalists, click here. For the full list of the Ernest Assaly Award finalists, click here.


Consumer Protection: The Homeowners’ Choice Awards



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Buying a new home and have some questions? Ask now, and ask often

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Buying a new home and have some questions? Ask now, and ask often


“Got questions? We have answers.” If you’re a prospective new-home buyer in the GTA, you may have noticed an advertising campaign with these and other similar messages lately.

The “we” is GTA homebuilders, and through a Building Answers public awareness campaign launched by their representative body, the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD), they aim to provide the answers.

Indeed, this six-week program that began in early April should be just beginning of ongoing communications with homebuyers.

Comprising billboard, transit and media advertising and other communications, Building Answers strives to do just that – provide answers to many of the questions GTA homeowners and prospective homebuyers have.

It’s a long list. Here are some of them:

  • Why is there so much development in the GTA?

  • Do we really need all these condominiums and other developments?

  • What makes up the cost of a new home or condominium?

  • How does transit benefit from new development?

  • How much do homebuilders make on an average project?

  • Why does the price of homes in the GTA keep rising?

And the big one, for those who have been saving to buy a home, only to watch on the sidelines as prices continue to rise:

  • Will I ever be able to afford a home in the GTA?

These are not fictitious, marketing-oriented questions. They are actual queries from would-be homebuyers who legitimately wonder when, and how, they’ll be able to buy a home here. And if they can’t, should they look, and consider moving, elsewhere?

There are countless other questions, of course, and you can view the detailed answers to all of them – and ask your own – at a dedicated website

If you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars – or beyond a million – on a home, you have every right to ask all the questions you want. And if you don’t get an answer that satisfies you, ask again. Or move along to another builder.

With Building Answers, the companies that provide these new-home buying opportunities in the GTA have demonstrated they are open to the discussion.

Even beyond the scope of this program – raise your hand and ask all the questions you need to.


GTA builders launch public awareness campaign

Development in the GTA

New single-family home sales in the GTA jump in February



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Builder of the Year – Large Volume, Tribute Communities

DRHBA confers 2019 Awards of Excellence

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DRHBA confers 2019 Awards of Excellence

DRHBA Tribute
Builder of the Year – Large Volume, Tribute Communities

The Durham Region Home Builders’ Association (DRHBA) has announced the winners of its 2019 Awards of Excellence.

Tribute Communities was named Builder of the Year – Large Volume, and City Homes took home the top honours as Builder of the Year – Small Volume. Minto Communities’ Ivy Ridge was recognized as Community of the Year.

These prestigious awards celebrate excellence in new homes, home renovations, innovative technology and construction, outstanding presentation and marketing of projects within Durham Region.

“Our Awards of Excellence celebrate the best in the business,” says Jennifer Hurd, DRHBA awards chairperson. “It’s an evening where members of the industry get together to honour our incredible builders, suppliers, manufacturers and professionals in the residential building industry of Durham Region.”

DRHBA City Homes
Builder of the Year – Small Volume, City Homes

This year’s gala event was hosted by Ambrose Price, a Canadian designer and television personality, who hosts the HGTV show The Decorating Adventures of Ambrose Price.

DRHBA Regional Chair John Henry presented the Hall of Fame Award to Peter Abramczuk, of Valiant Property Rentals and City Homes, who was heavily involved with association for many years. Bob Annaert, retired from D.G. Biddle & Associates was given the Hall of Fame Award by DRHBA president Emidio DiPalo, for all of his contributions over the years. MPP Lindsey Park welcomed Ron Robinson, retired from Rob Robinson Construction, into the Hall of Fame, recognizing his achievements in the industry and with the association.

Jennifer Hurd, DRHBA awards chairperson, centre, with the HOMES Publishing team
Jennifer Hurd, DRHBA awards chairperson, centre, with the HOMES Publishing team

This year’s winners include:

Corporate Citizenship

Minto Communities


Community of the Year

Minto Communities, Ivy Ridge


Green Builder of the Year

Steve Snider Construction


Builder of the Year – Small Volume

City Homes


Builder of the Year – Large Volume

Tribute Communities


Excellence in Print Ad/Direct Mail Piece

Esquire Homes


Excellence in Logo Design

Holland Homes


Excellence in Digital Marketing

Tribute Communities


Excellence in Production Built Home (under 1,600 sq. ft.)

Minto Communities, Ivy Ridge, Victoria End


Excellence in Production Built Home (1,600-2,400 sq. ft.)

Holland Homes, 12 Glenview Road


Excellence in Production Built Home (2,401-3,400 sq. ft.)

Minto Communities, Ivy Ridge, Welton


Excellence in Production Built Home (3,401-4,400 sq. ft.)

Marshall Homes, Flexhouz


Excellence in Production Built Kitchen Design

Holland Homes, 85 Townline Road Kitchen


Excellence in Production Built Bathroom Design

Trademark Homes, The Queens Ensuite


Excellence in Custom Built Home (under 2,500 sq. ft.)

Construct and Conserve Building, Hircock Residence


Excellence in Custom Built Home (2,501-3,500 sq. ft.)

Marshall Homes, Modern Cottage in the City


Excellence in Custom Built Home (3,501-4,400 sq. ft.)

Holland Homes, 12 Elgin Lane


Excellence in Custom Built Home (4,401 sq. ft. and over)

Construct and Conserve Building, Uxbridge Estate


Excellence in Custom Built Kitchen Design

DeSousa Homes, Meadow


Excellence in Custom Built Bathroom Design

Trademark Homes, The Coppinwood Ensuite


Excellence in Interior Decorating – Model Home/Suite

Holland Homes, 85 Townline Road


Excellence in New Homes Sales Office – Small Volume

WP Developments, Valleyview Project in Bowmanville


Salesperson of the Year

Eileen Brennan, PMA Brethour


Outstanding Trade

The Fireside Group


Outstanding Supplier or Manufacturer

Rocpal Custom Cabinets


Online Excellence

Tribute Communities


Excellence in Training and Development

Cassidy & Co. Architectural Technologists


Excellence in Social Media

Accubuilt Construction


Excellence in Home Renovation/Addition (under $100,000)

Accubuilt Construction, McCrimmon


Excellence in Home Renovation/Addition ($100,001-$150,000)

The Reno Twins, Barbados Main Floor


Excellence in Home Renovation/Addition ($150,001 and up)

Steve Snider Construction, Lakeview Farm


Excellence in Room Renovation

Trademark Homes, The Hampton Family Room Renovation


Excellence in Kitchen Renovation

Paradisaic Building Group, Project Croxall


Excellence in Bathroom Renovation

Paradisaic Building Group, Whitby Retreat


For more information, visit


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BILD billboard

GTA builders launch public awareness campaign

Latest News

GTA builders launch public awareness campaign

BILD billboard

Motorists driving along Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway – east- and westbound – may notice something very different during their commute on April 2. The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) is launching a six-week public awareness campaign, and a “billboard takeover” along this popular stretch of highway is among the first and most noticeable elements of the program.

Called Building Answers, the campaign is designed to answer key questions GTA residents have about housing and development and will include other outdoor advertising, print placements and social media messaging.

“With 115,000 new people calling the GTA their home every year and the population expected to grow by 40 per cent to 9.7 million by 2041, development and housing construction is highly visible throughout the region,” says David Wilkes, president and CEO of BILD. “It’s natural for residents to have questions and want to understand the changes they are seeing in and around their communities. As the industry that builds the places where people live, work and play, we are committed to facilitating an informed discussion.”

IPSOS conducted a public opinion poll and gathered the top 24 questions from resident-participants, and BILD enlisted a panel of industry professionals to answer them. The website will engage members of the public and provide them with an opportunity to submit their own questions. BILD has committed to answer individual questions within two business days. The most common questions will be answered on the site.



Q: Why is there so much development in the GTA?

A: The GTA is a great place to live – as evidenced by ranking seventhon the 2018 Economist Intelligence Unit’s list of the world’s most livable cities. But the fact is, we already have a housing shortage and the region is continuing to grow quickly.

People want to move to the GTA. It’s one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in North America with 115,000 people choosing to move here every year. That kind of growth requires approximately 50,000 new homes per year. As it stands, we’ve been able to build approximately 40,000 homes per year since 2016. The gap between what is being built and what is needed is increasing each and every year.

And this growth is not going to slow down any time soon. In fact, it’s expected that our population will grow 40 per cent by 2041, to 9.7 million. That means there’s going to be ongoing demand for housing and employment lands above and beyond the shortfall we already have.

The development and new housing efforts – often represented by construction activity and cranes and graders – are evidence of how we’re working hard every day to help build a livable GTA.

Q: What makes up the cost of a new home or condominium?

A: The cost of a new home or condominium depends on three main drivers:

Price of land: Land values in the GTA for single-family homes have increased by more than 300 per cent since 2006.

Cost of building:This includes labour, materials and design.

Government fees and taxes:In the GTA, 22 per cent of the cost of a single-family home comprises government fees and taxes from all three levels of government. For condominiums, this jumps to 24 per cent.

The cost of a new home or condominium is also affected by factors such as location, size and type of building.


“BILD receives many inquiries on a regular basis from members of the public about housing and development in their communities,” adds Wilkes. “The Building Answers campaign will allow the industry to engage as many people as possible and answer as many questions as possible. When you allow people to be part of the discussion and share information, you allow them to be part of the solution.”

The advertising and communications campaign will also feature a live CP24 call-in segment and high impact print placements in major Toronto publications. Residents can also expect to see and hear messaging on TV, radio, print, digital and social media, transit shelters and billboards across the region. BILD worked with empathy marketing agency Republic to develop and execute the campaign.

“Now is the time for an open and factual discussion on development in the GTA given the generational challenge of housing supply and affordability,” says Wilkes. “This campaign will allow everyone to participate in the dialogue about what our region will look like.”

With 1,500 member companies, BILD is the voice of the homebuilding, land development and professional renovation industry in the GTA. The industry provides $33 billion in investment value and employs 271,000 people in the region. BILD is affiliated with the Ontario Home Builders’ Association and Canadian Home Builders’ Associations.

GTA residents are encouraged to visit to see responses to the top questions, as well as to ask the industry their own questions.


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Single-family homes web

New single-family home sales in the GTA jump in February

Latest News

New single-family home sales in the GTA jump in February

Single-family homes web

The GTA new home market in February saw the highest number of single-family homes sold since April 2017, according to the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD).

There were 639 new single-family homes sold in February, including detached, linked and semi-detached houses and townhouses, according to Altus Group, BILD’s official source for new home market intelligence. This was up 147 per cent from last February, though still 50 per cent below the 10-year average. Sales of new condominium apartments in low-, medium- and highrise buildings, stacked townhouses and loft units, with 772 units sold, were down 58 per cent from February 2018 and down 51 per cent from the 10-year average.

“Softer new condominium apartment sales in February can, at least in part, be attributed to the rapid increase in prices in the past two years, which has priced many would-be buyers out of the market,” says Patricia Arsenault, Altus Group’s executive vice-president, Data Solutions. “The good news is that, although still relatively low in historical terms, there is now more inventory available to purchase and this is curbing the upward pressure on prices.”

ALSO READ: Budget 2019 comes up short

Remaining inventory in February included 11,269 condominium units and 5,233 single-family lots. Remaining inventory includes units in preconstruction projects, in projects currently under construction and in completed buildings.

Benchmark prices of both single-family homes and condominium apartments moderated slightly compared to the previous month. The benchmark price of new single-family homes was $1.12 million, down eight per cent over the last 12 months, while the benchmark price of new condominium apartments was $792,709, up 8.6 per cent over the last 12 months.

“We are hopeful that the measures introduced last week in the federal budget will enable more first-time homebuyers to enter the market and purchase the type of home they want,” says BILD President and CEO David Wilkes. “However, these measures are only the first step, and BILD will continue to advocate for a review of the mortgage stress test so more first-time homebuyers can realize the dream of homeownership.”

Wilkes adds that the GTA is still grappling with challenges around supply. “BILD is continuing to call on the provincial government and municipal governments to take the steps necessary to facilitate additional housing supply to meet the growing need across the GTA.”

February New Home Sales by Municipality

Condominium units Single-family Total
Region 2019 2018 2017 2019 2018 2017 2019 2018 2017
Durham 22 4 113 54 50 302 76 54 415
Halton 39 46 96 269 113 457 308 159 553
Peel 120 104 384 189 34 201 309 138 585
Toronto 533 1,065 1,822 4 6 42 537 1,071 1,864
York 58 641 345 123 56 447 181 697 792
GTA 772 1,860 2,760 639 259 1,449 1,411 2,119 4,209

Source: Altus Group


Budget 2019 comes up short

GTA new home sales begin 2019 on a positive note

2018 GTA new home sales drop to lowest mark in nearly 20 years





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GTA Condos web

BILD names finalists for 39th annual BILD Awards

Latest News

BILD names finalists for 39th annual BILD Awards

GTA Condos web

The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) has named the finalists for the 39th annual BILD Awards.

“We had a remarkable response from builders, developers, architects, sales and marketing professionals,” the organization says.

With more than 950 submissions, home builders have shown just how important winning a BILD Award is for their industry. “This is a true testament to the fact that the industry continues to strive for excellence in all fields related to creating outstanding communities.”

This year’s submissions were extremely competitive, BILD says, with many innovative and quality projects that began changing the streets and skyline of the GTA in 2018.

This year’s BILD Awards program includes several new and revised categories, and has expanded the depth and breadth of its judges.

Voting for the annual People’s Choice Award is also open. This is the only BILD Award category decided by members of the public, who can vote for their favourite project in the GTA at

For a full list of finalists.

Winners will be announced at the BILD Awards on Friday, May 3 at the Universal Event Venue.


See who won BILD Awards last year.



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GTA waterfront homes

Budget 2019 comes up short

Latest News

Budget 2019 comes up short

GTA waterfront homes

The federal government released the much-anticipated Budget 2019 this week, with homebuyers, builders and others awaiting measures to address housing issues.

And in short, it comes up, well… a little short.

First-time homebuyer help

Much of the housing focus in Budget 2019 was on addressing the needs of first-timers, namely with a new First-Time Home Buyer Incentive.

  • The Incentive would allow eligible first-time homebuyers who have the minimum down payment for an insured mortgage to apply to finance a portion of their home purchase through a shared equity mortgage with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC).
  • About 100,000 first-time buyers would benefit from the Incentive over the next three years.
  • Since no ongoing payments would be required with the Incentive, Canadian families would have lower monthly mortgage payments. For example, if a borrower purchases a new $400,000 home with a five-per-cent down payment and a 10-per-cent CMHC shared equity mortgage ($40,000), the borrower’s total mortgage size would be reduced from $380,000 to $340,000, reducing the borrower’s monthly mortgage costs by as much as $228 per month.
  • CMHC to offer qualified first-time homebuyers a 10-per-cent shared equity mortgage for a newly constructed home or a five-per-cent shared equity mortgage for an existing home. This larger shared equity mortgage for newly constructed homes could help encourage the home construction needed to address some of the housing supply shortages in Canada, particularly in the largest cities.
  • The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive would include eligibility criteria to ensure that the program helps those with legitimate needs, while ensuring that participants are able to afford the homes they purchase. The Incentive would be available to first-time buyers with household incomes of less than $120,000 per year.
  • Budget 2019 also proposes to increase the Home Buyers’ Plan withdrawal limit from $25,000 to $35,000, providing first-time buyers with greater access to their Registered Retirement Savings Plan savings to buy a home.

Noticeably absent from the housing measures was any adjustment to the stress test, which a number of experts say is necessary.

Industry reaction

“The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) agrees with (Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s) comments that there aren’t enough homes for people to buy or apartments for people to rent,” says Dave Wilkes, president and CEO.

“BILD feels the policies presented in (the) budget are a step in the right direction to help first-time homebuyers. We will continue to advocate for a review of the stress test so that first-time homebuyers can realize the dream of homeownership. Supply challenges still exist and are at the centre of the current unbalanced market, and we call for action on these by the provincial and municipal government.”

Supply challenges in the Greater Golden Horseshoe are serious, and Budget 19 fails to address them.

“This was a re-election budget that didn’t move the dial for new-home buyers in the GTA,” Richard Lyall, president of the Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) told HOMES Publishing. “While increasing RRSP borrowing for first-time homebuyers is helpful, creating The First-Time Homebuyer Incentive at a maximum of $500,000 doesn’t help many Torontonians or GTA residents.”

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) had been recommending a shared appreciation mortgage approach for some time, as a tool to help those who can’t get into homeownership but have the means to pay rent.

The modification to the RRSP Home Buyers’ Plan will help get Canadians into their first home, but will also act as a burden because the loan has to be repaid within 15 years, including a minimum of 1/15th per year.

“This means that, in the years following their home purchase, a homeowner has the additional financial responsibility of repaying their RRSP,” says James Laird, co-founder of Ratehub Inc. and president of CanWise Financial.

Important details of the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive program have yet to be released. For example, says Laird, it remains unclear whether the government would take an equity position in homes, or whether the assistance would act as an interest-free loan.

“This is an important distinction because if the government is taking an equity stake in a home, the amount the homeowner would have to pay back would grow as the value of the home increases,” he says.

The very launch of the program is surprising, Laird says, given that the BC Government implemented a similar measure a couple years ago, with unsuccessful results, and it was terminated in 2018. First-time home buyers found it difficult to understand and unappealing to have the government co-own their home.

Let’s do the math

Under existing qualifying criteria, including the stress test, homebuyers can qualify for a house that is 4.5 to 4.7 times their household income.

Under the new First-Time Home Buyer Incentive, however, the government has set a purchase limit of four times household income for the mortgage, plus the amount provided by the government, according to Ratehub.

By participating in this program, first-time homebuyers effectively reduce the amount they can qualify for by about 15 per cent, and their monthly mortgage payment naturally decreases in lockstep.

A household with $100,000 of income, putting a minimum down payment of five per cent, can currently qualify for a home valued at $479,888 with a $2,265.75 monthly mortgage payment.

Affordability calculations

The maximum purchase price for the same household, if they participate in the first-time homebuyer incentive, drops to $404,858.29 with a five-per-cent minimum down payment. The total mortgage amount would then be $400,000 (or four times their household income).

Mortgage payment calculations

If the household took a five-per-cent incentive from the government (for resales), their mortgage amount goes to $378,947.37, and monthly payment is now $1,810.90.

If the household took a 10-per-cent incentive, (for new homes) their mortgage amount goes to $357,894.73, and  monthly payment is now $1,710.29.

Stress test modifications

The CHBA is among the industry groups that is pushing for modifications to the existing mortgage stress test, which has served to lock out too many well-qualified Canadians due to the market and interest rate changes of the past year.

“The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive, if coupled with immediate adjustments to the stress test, has the potential for getting the housing continuum functioning again,” says CHBA CEO Kevin Lee. “It is essential that these changes come quickly, though. Current restrictions on mortgage access mean that many millennials and new Canadians are seeing homeownership slipping away, and in many markets the economic impacts are substantial.”

Looking ahead to the 2019 federal election, CHBA will be encouraging all federal parties to address housing affordability in very meaningful ways in their respective platform documents.

Budget 2019 housing measures

Budget 2019




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Velux skylight featured

Win a skylight makeover and in-home design consultation!

Latest News

Win a skylight makeover and in-home design consultation!

Velux skylight

Ever dream of adding a beautiful skylight to your home? Or how about having an in-home design consultation with an award-winning designer?

Well, now you can! Enter for your chance to win a $5,800 skylight makeover from VELUX, and an in-home design consultation with award-winning interior designer Linda Mazur!

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Losani HHHBA Hall of Fame

Losani Homes principals inducted into HHHBA Hall of Fame

Latest News

Losani Homes principals inducted into HHHBA Hall of Fame


Losani HHHBA Hall of Fame
Fred (left) and Lino Losani (right) celebrate their HHHBA Hall of Fame induction with parents Giovanni and Maria Losani. Photo: HHHBA

Losani Homes’ CEO Fred Losani and President Lino Losani have been inducted to the Hamilton-Halton Home Builders Association (HHHBA) Hall of Fame, joining their Father Giovanni Losani, who was inducted in 2006. These awards recognize HHHBA members who have made outstanding and lasting contributions to the organization and to the home building industry.

Lino Losani

Lino Losani immigrated to Canada in 1960 with his parents, Giovanni and Maria and six-month-old sister Elena. The family settled in the north end of Hamilton, where Fred and Julie were born.  In 1972, Lino joined his father and together they navigated the waters of residential construction.  Losani Homes was established in 1976.

Lino’s two sons, John-Anthony and Justin, inherited their father’s work ethic and areactively involved in the business. John-Anthonycurrently holds an executive seat on the HHHBA Board of Directors while Justin, like his father, works in the field.  Lino’s youngest sister Julie Losani is responsible for new home closings where she also welcomes each new owner with the keys to their new home.

Fred Losani

Fred Losani became a company partner in 1985, and over the years has received on behalf of the company, many awards.  He served as HHHBA president in 1994, received HHHBA’s President’s Award of Meritand most recently, the Governor General of Canada’s Meritorious Service Medalfor Community Service.

In the 1980s, while Giovanni and Lino focused on residential homebuilding and Elena overseeing the company’s administration, Fred focused on land development and founded F. Losani Developments, a subsidiary of Losani Homes. The company rapidly grew to become one of southern Ontario’s largest builders and land developers.

With Giovanni’s retirement in 1998, Lino and Fred established Losani Homes Inc. – the homebuilding company that solidifies more than 40 years of homebuilding excellence, quality and craftsmanship.

Together, the company has received more than 120 sales, marketing and design awards, five Community of the Year awards, five humanitarian awards and three environmental awards, locally, nationally and internationally. Although homebuilding is their primary concentration, their desire to give back to the community is paramount. Through charitable events such as the annual Toy and Turkey Drive, the Losani Family Foundation has helped raise millions of dollars for local charities alongside its many partners and associates, many of whom have been associated with the company since inception.

In recent years, the Losani Family Foundation partnered with WE (formally Free the Children) to create tangible change both locally and abroad.  As well as becoming a major sponsor of the WE Global Learning Centre, the company has brought clean water, education, schools, and a sustainable income model to Western Kenya and India. While the village of Los Rios tucked away deep in the Amazon basin was the beneficiary of several BILDnew classrooms as well as a state-of-the-art medical facility, named after Maria and Giovanni Losani.

The charitable work of Losani Homes and the Losani Family Foundation has also received the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Golden Horseshoe Philanthropic Company of the Year, the Gold Award for Building Community Spiritfrom the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and BILD’s Stephen Dupuis Humanitarian of the Year.

The Losani family acknowledges its employee and trades workers, integral to the company’s success. Says Fred, “Our dad, even in his well-deserved retirement, still visits our various new-home sites with thermos’ of espresso and homemade treats made by our mom, to hand out to the team, because it is all about family.”


Losani Homes one of Canada’s best-managed companies

In Conversation With: Fred Losani






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EQ Awards group photo

EnerQuality announces 2018 EQ Award winners

Latest News

EnerQuality announces 2018 EQ Award winners

EQ Awards group photo

Ontario’s most Green home builders and suppliers were honoured Feb. 28 at the 2018 EQ Awards. More than 250 guests, including Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, celebrated 20 years of EnerQuality along with the accomplishments of its leaders with the official announcement of the award winners.

“It speaks volumes to see how the longevity of EnerQuality and our certifications like Energy Star have continued to remain relevant and grow in impact over the years,” say Corey McBurney, president of EnerQuality. “The 2018 EQ Awards allowed the industry to celebrate where we have come from and spotlight the pioneers who are joining forces to carve a new path for the future with programs such as our Energy Star Multifamily Highrise certification.”

“The People’s Choice Award was an amazing new addition to the Awards, allowing us to involve the greater community in both recognizing and selecting the winner,” adds Shannon Bertuzzi, vice-president of market development at EnerQuality. “Our certifications are voluntary investments by our builders. EnerQuality is committed to ensuring the greater public is aware of the investment these builders are making for the sustainability of these communities.”

2018 Hall of Fame: Sean Mason, President, Sean Mason Homes

Sean Mason has been a dedicated proponent of Energy Star for New Homes since the very first days. From 2002 to 2013, he encouraged Green building and land initiatives at Mason Homes, when it was among the first three builders in Canada to participate in and certify with the then-new Energy Star program, and the first in Canada to make Energy Star its standard. Since Sean.castarted in 2013, the company has won numerous awards, including BILD’s Green Builder of the Year in 2015, and EnerQuality’s started Builder (Small Volume) in 2018. He has also been a finalist in BILD’s Places to Grow Project of the Year and People’s Choice Project of the Year, and BILD’s Best Lowrise Project (Built Category). At, started is a standard offering, certifying 100 per cent of its homes. Mason’s stamp has been on more than 1,000 started homes in the last decade.

“ is about building modern, healthier and more affordable Green homes in a sustainable community, allowing residents to connect with their neighbours in a meaningful way,” Mason says. “The platform EnerQuality has provided with started has allowed us to prove our commitment to our homeowners through a trusted third-party certifications.”

Impact Award 2018: Tamarack Homes

Tamarack Homes received the EnerQuality 2019 Impact Award for making significant long-term voluntary progress in reducing carbon emissions and showing outstanding achievements through energy efficiency and sustainable practices. From its beginnings more than 70 years ago, Tamarack Homes has strived for the highest quality in construction and customer service by pursuing materials and technology that would become industry standards. Thirteen years ago, with the launch of a brand-new Ottawa community called Jackson Trails, Tamarack certified its first Energy Star home. Impressed with the results, Tamarack Homes committed the entire community to the new standard, a first for the entire region. Today, every home Tamarack builds carries the started certification.

“We are pleased to be recognized for our dedication to sustainability in the home-building industry,” says Chris Taggert, vice-president of Tamarack Homes. “The EnerQuality Impact Award symbolizes the commitment we make every day to prioritizing families, communities, and the environment.”


Builder Achievement
Jacqueline Collier, Tamarack Homes

Building Innovation, Lowrise
RND Construction

Building Innovation, Mid/Highrise
Times Group

Energy Advisor
Mark Rosen, Building Energy Inc.

Energy Star for New Homes Builder (Small Volume)
Lucchetta Homes

Energy Star for New Homes Builder (Mid Volume)
Doug Tarry Custom Homes

Energy Star for New Homes Builder (Large Volume)
Minto Communities

Energy Star Champion
JoAnn DiCarlo, Remington Group

Green Marketing Campaign (Print)
Sifton Properties

Green Marketing Campaign (Other)
Great Gulf

Leader of the Year
Roya Khaleeli, Minto Communities

Net Zero Builder
Reid’s Heritage Homes

Ontario Green Builder
Sifton Properties

Product Innovation

Industry Partner Award
Enbridge Gas Distribution Owens Corning
Union Gas

People’s Choice Award
Acorn Developments


Enbridge Affordable Housing Award
Toronto Community Housing

Enbridge Savings by Design Award (Residential)
Briarwood Development Group

Enbridge Savings by Design Award (Commercial)
Times Group

Union Gas Optimum Home Award
Hilden Homes


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