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In Conversation With Vince Santino, Senior Vice-President, Development Aoyuan Canada

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In Conversation With Vince Santino, Senior Vice-President, Development Aoyuan Canada

Condos are king in Toronto and, increasingly, elsewhere in the GTA, and one shining example is M2M, an 8.6-acre master-planned community from Aoyuan at Yonge and Finch in North York. When complete, M2M will be a fully-integrated, live-workplay neighbourhood with 1,650 residences, a community centre, daycare, 180,000 sq. ft. of retail and office space and a new public park.

Developer Aoyuan International set out with a master plan and smartly designed suite layouts to provide a variety of living options for families at different stages of life.

Vince Santino

We spoke with Vince Santino, senior vice-president of development for Aoyuan Canada, for an update on this signature project, and what might lie ahead for the company.

Condo Life: How are things coming along at M2M?

Vince Santino: Sales of our first phase began in June 2018 with a very successful launch, selling out the north tower. We released the south tower in February 2019, and the response was the same. We’re very pleased with the results to date. People want to be in North York.

We’re on track to begin construction in late Q2 of this year, or early Q3, and we’re looking forward to receiving our first homeowners for our first phase, which includes both towers and our lower suites, in late Q2 of 2022.

CL: What is it about North York that is so appealing?

VS: For one, it’s still within the 416, and when buyers are looking for a condo, they’re looking for convenience and being close to amenities. North York offers it all. Where we are situated, it’s very close to transit, the TTC and GO Transit, but also very accessible to all the major highways.

CL: Who are the typical buyers for this project?

VS: We’ve seen a lot of end users. They’ve been the majority of our buyers, whether they’re young couples, young families or downsizers… many of them have grown up and raised families in the area. They love it and don’t want to leave.

CL: What have you learned about development – delivering on your customers’ needs and wants – since launching this project?

VS: People want convenience. Even though they’ve made the decision to move into a condominium space, they want amenities that they don’t need to necessarily get into a car to get to. And they want choice, in the type of suites, with efficient design where space isn’t wasted, and to maximize utility at a price they’re willing to pay. They’re happy to pay for a bigger suite… our larger suites, our two-bedrooms plus den or three-bedrooms… we’ve designed them very efficiently. So, for a younger family, or someone who’s downsizing, they don’t feel like they’re sacrificing by getting into a condo.

CL: At M2M, you’re not just building a condo, you’re building an entire community, all with easy access to transit, which is increasingly key these days. How import ant are all of these inclusions in appealing to family living in condos?

VS: We’ve got more than 100,000 sq. ft. of office space planned, 8 0,000 sq. ft. of retail… that gives any family all the necessities, literally at their doorstep. Our site is complemented by really good restaurants, shopping, proximity to schools, universities, and we’ve got a future daycare conveniently located within the development that gives the younger families a key service that helps reduce the stress of the day-to-day commute and a busy family life.

The community centre, along with the public park that we’re going to construct as part of the development, provides families with options for better quality of life year-round, just footsteps from you. And because you’re in the 416, you’re close to transit, reducing your commute time, all of that time can be spent enjoying these amenities, spending that time with your family. It isn’t always so conveniently accessible in other developments, so this is really a one-of-a-kind opportunity, because of the sheer size and the amenities we’re providing.

CL: How do you foresee the condo market in that area performing in the next three to five years?

VS: We’re feeling very, very bullish. If you look at what’s been happening in the midtown area, Yonge and Eglinton, and up to Yonge and Sheppard, this is just a natural progression. We’ve seen a lot more launches in North York in the last year, and more coming into the market this year, and the area is starting to undergo a renascence, and over time people are going to continue to choose to be in North York. It tells us that buyers still want to be within the 416, but they have no problem not necessarily being in the downtown core, as long as they can get to it and the rest of the GTA conveniently.

CL: Affordability is a key concern for homebuyers in Toronto. How is Aoyuan addressing that issue, in how it plans and delivers its communities?

VS: The reality is, in the last little while, traditional lowrise homes have become more unaffordable and more out of reach for families. For us, providing well sized, even of the smaller units, are designed with the utility and growing families in mind. It provides people with an alternative. As for M2M itself, delivering those things, all in a masterplanned community, and not just a couple of towers in the middle of nowhere, it’s a great example… we’re trying to give people everything they need, moving into a space that isn’t perhaps traditional for younger families.

We’re taking the opportunity to intensify in an area of the 416 in North York where people want to live because of all of the existing amenities, and all those other elements. It gives our customers a lifestyle that offers it all, really – easy access to schools, transit, universities… people don’t feel like they’re giving up a lot, but the value they get by living in this area makes the affordability challenge a little easier to bear, especially for a young couple or young family moving into their first home.

CL: For some, affordability is a key reason for choosing a condo, but what are some of the other reasons families might consider a condo in the city, versus a lowrise home in the suburbs?

VS: A condo in the city helps with the cost of transportation, as it’s a significant expense for any household, so with the option of public transit, it means families may not need to purchase a vehicle, or a second vehicle. You’re reducing the commute time, and for families working in the city, it allows them more time to spend with their children, parents or grandparents. The city provides families with a lot of choice – where they shop, work and play – and there’s everything around, especially where we are in our setting.

CL: What have you learned – be it about development in Toronto or family-centric condos – from M2M, that you will use in future projects?

VS: Listen to the needs of your buyers. It’s refreshing to try things that maybe haven’t been at the forefront of condo development in the past. There’s a significant segment that wants living in the sky to provide the options, flexibility, amenities and opportunities that in the past attracted families to traditional lowrise homes, and the more we’re able to build those amenities in the sky, it becomes more and more attractive.

CL: What’s next for Aoyuan in the GTA?

VS: The future is bright for us here. We’re not limiting ourselves to condos only, and it speaks to our mantra of building a healthy lifestyle in trying to build complete communities. We’re looking at all kinds of other opportunities across the GTA.

Certainly, we’ve got Phase 2 at M2M coming, and we’re going to continue to build on what we’ve seen has been very successful for Phase 1, but we’re not limiting ourselves to one building form or type. We’re looking at a lot of opportunities, in and around the 416 and the 905 as well. Stay tuned.


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Lighten Your Laundry Load

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Lighten Your Laundry Load

As a productivity coach, my mission is to help people have more fun while getting things done, and laundry is no exception. In my holistic model for sustainable performance, Productivity CPR™, the R stands for Ritual. Why ritual? Because I think the word ritual can give a sense of honour to what can often be perceived as mundane.

Laundry never stops, so if we’re going to have to take care of it, I like to encourage ways to make it a lot less onerous. Read on to find ways you might even find yourself enjoying it!

Shift your mindset

Whether it be processing receipts or doing laundry, a task that one finds tedious can be elevated with careful thought. Think of your clothing as a tool to help you do what you want to do and to help you make the impression you want to make in the world. Doing laundry then becomes taking care of the clothes that take care of you. This shift in perspective can elevate laundry from a mundane task to an act of love and honour.

Fit laundry in virtually anywhere

If space is tight, in a spot only 24” wide, you can install the ventless, Smart All-In-One Washer and Dryer from Whirlpool, which as it sounds includes both the washer and the dryer in one machine! Not only does it save space, you don’t have to worry about switching clothes from the washer to the dryer. It also saves you time with its high-capacity dispenser, which holds up to 20 loads worth of laundry detergent. With the new Whirlpool app you can turn it on from anywhere. This allows you to start a load while waiting for your daughter to hit the ice at hockey practice and track progress while away.

Simplifying the process

Whenever you go into the laundry room typically your hands are full. What better way to make the laundry process even more seamless than to have a touchless light switch? Just walk into the room and the light switches on for you. It’s simple things like this that can help ease the chore of this everyday task. The Home Depot Canada has several options to choose from.

Keep collection easy

Make sure you have an easy way to gather laundry anywhere it collects. Bedrooms or a shared bathroom are ideal spots and there are a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any space. A corner unit is fun in a kid’s room if you want to make tossing laundry in the hamper a fun way to get kids involved in the process. Hampers now come in a wide range of finishes as well so you can find something to blend in with your decor. The handles on the hamper shown here make it easier to carry. I love the wide variety of options at Neatfreak.

Hang darks and delicates to dry

A foldable, yet very sturdy rack in narrower than usual dimensions means you can tuck drying laundry into a smaller space, and possible even out of sight. This rack from Canadian Tire is strong enough to hold not only clothes on the bars themselves as you would expect, but clothes on hangers along the edges as well increasing drying capacity.

Give yourself a treat

If you’re like me, in the winter months, your skin is dry. Add water, laundry and cleaning to the list and you have a recipe for dry, cracked skin. Why not have a luxurious salve on hand to use while doing the laundry, especially after any hand-washing, to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth? Made in Canada, from 80 per cent organic ingredients, toxin-free DermaCare Skin Salve from eScential Wellness will make you feel like you’re loving yourself a little bit and there’s nothing like given yourself a little love after some hard work.

Productivity Catalyst Clare Kumar inspires and guides busy people to live more organized, productive, healthy and fulfilling lives. As a Certified Executive Coach, productivity expert, experienced professional organizer, and mom of teens, she is excited to help others achieve sustainable performance and reach their potential.


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Majestic murals, a glimpse into the wallpaper styles

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Majestic murals, a glimpse into the wallpaper styles

Photography By Kayla Rocca

A glimpse into the wallpaper styles that dress the walls of a regal estate overlooking the Niagara Escarpment

A 200-acre countryside estate that sits at the top of the Niagara Escarpment is one of the latest projects Westgrove design agency has undertaken. This premier luxury rental called The Escarpment House was built in classic Georgian architecture and is surrounded by lush rolling hills with panoramic views of the Toronto cityscape.

While creating the design for 14,000 square feet of living space can be a daunting task, Westgrove was eager to bring contemporary luxury to this extravagant estate. Our vision was to maintain the elegance and grandeur of the property while modernizing furniture and lighting to create the ultimate guest experience. Inspired by modern boutique hotels with an eclectic mixture of finishes and textures, we relied on unique wallpaper prints to give several rooms a unique experience.

Inspired by the rooms of the Escarpment House, here are the four types of wallpaper you should be incorporating into your home design:

A Touch of Pastel

We took advantage of the property’s eight ensuite bathrooms, and truly gave a distinct feel to each one. We chose a pale pink watercolour palm print from Newwall to create a soft and contemporary feeling. While we chose to incorporate pink, any pastel against white trim and gold fixtures can emulate this look.

The Statement Wall

We knew for this main floor suite, complete with a wood-burning fireplace and two ensuite bathrooms, we had to make a statement. We chose an organic mural wallcovering by Emma Hayes, hung to look like falling petals, echoing the romantic undertone of the entire bedroom.

Signature Colour

While many people shy away from a single bold signature colour, we think when done thoughtfully, the end result can be striking. We continued the green palette from this second-floor bedroom into the ensuite. Inspired by the existing marble countertop, we chose a distinct palm leaf print for the walls accented by pheasant-feathered lamp shades and matching live foliage.

Off-White Delight

Utilizing shades of white and off-white on the walls can be a simple way to establish elegance in a design. To elevate from elegant to luxurious, we recommend opting for wallpaper rather than paint. This can be seen above, in the way we incorporated this subtle, marbled off-white wallpaper to easily enhance the overall look and feel of the room.

Located on 200 acres at the top of the Niagara Escarpment in Caledon, the Escarpment House is an exclusive 14,000 square foot countryside estate event venue and rental space. To learn more about the property, including rental availability, visit the website:

Keri MacLellan and Andrea Pierre are designers and co-owners of boutique design agency Westgrove. They created and brought to life the concept and design of the Escarpment House.


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Who are we as construction managers?

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Who are we as construction managers?

Getting to know the Corrente Construction difference


The Corrente management team will listen and accurately interpret the wishes of our clients – a skill that is essential in ensuring that your goals are attained.


Whether it is a renovation, addition or a brand-new build, a well planned design is a crucial component to assuring that your design wish list and expectations are met. In the planning process, Corrente Construction management ensures that all municipal and provincial building codes are satisfied. “Why is a construction management team important for your project?”


The checklist

  • Using a professional construction management team who listen better and plans better
  • Utilizing our own professional sub-trades who show up on time and on schedule
  • Ensuring that all work is inspected and approved during each phase of the project
  • Partnering with lead manufacturers in residential construction products and services
  • Ensuring materials and services are being held to the highest standards in the industry


Corrente Construction management Inc. has the experience necessary to oversee your project professionally, allowing you to continue your regular daily schedule without undue added stress.

We have explored several options with competitors and customers to operate the best building standard for our clients. Our cost plus contract method means you pay only for the services you need, budgets are planned and satisfied correctly while guaranteeing the correct allocation of company services are provided to get your construction project completed on time.

We Listen Better, We Plan Better and We Build Better!



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How the new government initiative could help condo buyers

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How the new government initiative could help condo buyers

The federal government wants to help you buy your first home. In the 2019 budget, the government unveiled brand new plans that, it says, will help young buyers who have been shut out of the real estate market.

This includes the new First-Time Home Buyer Incentive and the expanding of the ‘Home Buyers’ Plan. Both can be used to buy a condo unit. Here is what you need to know.

Criteria to qualify

The new First-Time Homebuyer Incentive will allow eligible first-time homebuyers to apply to finance a portion of their home purchase through a shared equity mortgage with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC). Eligibility means you have to have the minimum down payment for an insured mortgage. That is five per cent for a resale home and 10 per cent for a new home. Your household annual income cannot exceed $120,000. Lastly, the insured mortgage cannot be greater than four times the participants’ annual household income. Meaning the mortgage cannot exceed $480,000.

Pay back rules not clear

It’s not clear how much has to be paid back; is it an equal equity share or money borrowed plus interest? Those terms and conditions are expected to be released by CMHC. But the government clearly states that no ongoing payment will be required while you own your first home or still have a mortgage payment on it.

How it claims to help

The thinking is this will lower your overall monthly payments, effectively making your home more affordable to live in then if you had to carry a larger mortgage. Here is an example the federal budget detailed:

If a borrower purchases a new $400,000 home with a five percent down payment and a 10-per-cent CMHC shared equity mortgage ($40,000), the borrower’s total mortgage size would be reduced from $380,000 to $340,000, reducing the borrower’s monthly mortgage costs by as much as $228 per month.

Old program limit increased

Along with this new initiative, the government proposes to increase the Home Buyers’ Plan withdrawal limit from $25,000 to $35,000. First-time homebuyers who have money saved in their RRSP can withdraw that amount without penalty to use towards the down payment on their first home. That money has to be paid back into the RRSP over 15 years. If you borrow the maximum amount you would need to deposit $2,333 a year back into your RRSP. Bear in mind that is on top of all the regular mortgage payments you would be making.

Little to help affordability

Critics say this will do little to help young people in Canada’s most expensive markets such as Toronto and Vancouver, as average home prices are in the seven figures. But these schemes could be advantageous for anyone looking to buy their first condo unit. According to the latest figures from the Toronto Real Estate Board, the average price of a condominium apartment was $558,728 at the end of 2018.

Before the new initiatives were announced in the federal budget, Jason Mercer, TREB’s director of market analysis, said, “The condominium apartment segment continued to be a key entry point into the GTA homeownership market in 2018. Higher mortgage qualification standards meant that many first-time buyers were looking for more affordable housing options.”

If you’re a first-time homebuyer shopping for a condo in that price range, you could be in luck. But for most others, these plans will do little to help Canadians afford to live in the most expensive cities.

Rubina Ahmed-Haq is a journalist and personal finance expert. She is HPG’s Finance Editor. She regularly appears on CBC Radio and TV. She is a contributor on CTV Your Morning and Global Toronto. She has a BA from York University, received her post graduate journalism diploma from Humber College and has completed the CSC. Follow her on Twitter @alwayssavemoney.


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How to Determine Your Furniture Style

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How to Determine Your Furniture Style

When it comes to picking furniture for your space, you need to have a basic idea of what your style is. After all, if you don’t know what style you want to go with, you could find that your home will be a mix of different styles, and this could make it clunky or unattractive. While some people know exactly what type of furniture style they have, others need some serious help. If you fall into the latter category, then use these tips to help you determine your furniture style before making your next purchase.

Visit a furniture store

One of the best ways to determine your furniture style is to visit a furniture store. These stores are packed with different styles and you can spend some time perusing the furniture options to determine which one you like more than others. According to a furniture store in the New York City area, “It’s not uncommon for customers to visit a store multiple times before making their final decision. Taking a walk around a local furniture store will help customers find the style that suits their needs and comfort levels.”

Explore different websites

There are plenty of websites out there today dedicated to home furnishing, home style, finding furniture on a budget, and general look and feel. Take some time to explore all these websites and see if there’s a certain furniture style that you like more than others. Be sure to save pictures of the items you really like or bookmark the websites that feature the look you like most. Doing this before you visit a local furniture store can help you have a better idea of what you want to specifically look for.

Take notes while you’re out

Have you ever been at a friend or relatives house and really liked a piece of furniture? If so, talk to them about where they got it or take note of what type of style it is. This will help you hone in on what your specific taste may be, and it can help you find the items that best match this specific style. Plus, you may just find out where exactly they got the piece from, so you can easily snag that piece for yourself.

Think about what you like

In addition to all the tips above, you should also think about what you like in general. For instance, do you like a farmhouse style, or do you prefer something a little more contemporary? Knowing what you like will help you determine what furniture style you like the most. Once you have this figured out, you can hone in more on that style to determine which pieces actually make sense for your space and your style.

Think about the layout

The layout of your room will play a role in the style of the furniture, so be sure to keep this in mind. For instance, if you have a smaller space, you may want to stray away from furniture that is very large and cumbersome. Instead, you’ll want to pick a skinnier style that helps to accentuate the space and give you more room to enjoy.

Choose based on the rest of the home

Your home should follow an overall style, so be sure that you think of your style based on the other areas of the home too. For instance, if you have a farmhouse style in all the areas of your home, you should keep that style in the other room you need to furnish. If you have too many different styles happening throughout your home, it will make it feel clunky and disorganized. By following the same style throughout your home, you’ll create a more consistent look and make it easier to choose an overall style.

Let your goals be the guide

If you’re still struggling to determine your style, you should let your goals be the guide. Think about places you want to visit or things you want to do, and then let that be the inspiration needed to determine your overall furniture style. For instance, if you enjoy traveling to the south, then choosing southern-style furniture could be the best choice.

Choosing furniture can be stressful, but finding your style doesn’t need to be. If you’re trying to figure out what type of style matches you, then use these tips to help you narrow down exactly what makes sense. Once you have a basic understanding of what you like, you’ll find that your furniture style falls into place.

*Article courtesy of EiEiHome


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Renovation Contractor – Apr/May2019

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Renovation Contractor – Apr/May2019

Renovation Contractor is a trusted trade publication written by and for Canada’s small to medium-sized home renovators.


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Yes, you do need a home inspection

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Yes, you do need a home inspection

With the surge in home prices in Ontario over the last few years, buyers have often opted to forego the inspection part of the process in order to make their offer more appealing to the seller. Once all the papers are squared away, though, the home will be yours to take care of – including all the good and bad.

Having an inspection will ensure that there are no unseen damages that will end up costing you in repairs in the future. When buying an older home, it’s easy for a standard renovation to turn into a costly one when you find out what’s behind your walls is no longer up to code. This will also make sure your family is living in a safe home that is up to current standards right when you move in.

An inspection will also include checking the roof and the foundation for any leaks or repairs that need to be made. This includes the attic and any exterior damage that you may not notice for years. Electrical, heating and cooling will be checked for efficiency as well, so you know what you might need to change in order to lower annual costs.

You can then make an informed decision on your purchase, and whether you decide to go with it. This knowledge could then allow you to lower the offer and save money for future renovations, if needed.

Vahid Azari is the founder of All Season Inspection, a full-service property inspection and energy auditing service organization.


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Development in the GTA

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Development in the GTA

Informed discussion and debate at all levels key to shaping our region

Recently I completed 16 months as the President and CEO of the Building Industry and Land Development Association of the Greater Toronto Area (BILD). With 1,500 member companies, BILD GTA is amongst the largest local home building associations in Canada, and with the level of residential and commercial construction occurring across the region, the time has flown by. A consistent occurrence during this period, however, has been the number of questions I get from members of the public about development and homebuilding in the region.

Residential and commercial construction is highly visible, cranes dot the skyline from Mississauga to Pickering, and so it’s only natural that residents want to know what’s happening in their communities and why change is occurring. They have questions, such as “Is all this development necessary?” (Yes, we have a housing shortage in the GTA), “Who decides what gets built where?,” “Why in my neighbourhood?,” and perennially “Why is new development so dense?”

BILD GTA answers every inquiry that comes in to the best of our ability.

After all, that is a primary role of an industry association, to act as conduit between media, the public and the industry. Invariably, two things come out of these interactions.

The first is that we get a better understanding and appreciation of the perspectives, concerns and questions of the nearly seven million residents of the region. We use this to inform our communications, columns, and interviews, as chances are the perspectives and questions are more broadly shared. In fact, we often reflect these perspectives in our interactions with municipal and provincial governments.

The second is, in our responses we are able to provide answers and information. The development and construction process is complex, lengthy and highly regulated, and more often than not these inquiries are informed by perceptions and information people have gathered through the “grapevine.” Following our interactions, BILD GTA frequently receives a follow-up thanking us for the response, indicating we provided information that was not previously known. While the interaction may not change the concerns that gave rise to the inquiry in the first place, it always leads to a more informed discussion and debate.

The reality is that while the pace of development will ebb and flow year to year with economic cycles and other factors, the long-term trajectory will be for more residential and commercial development across the region. With the population of the GTA expected to grow 40 per cent by 2041 or approximately 115,000 new residents every year, providing places for all these new residents to live, work and play will require a concerted and prolonged development effort. This will require unprecedented levels of co-ordination and partnership between all levels of government, the industry and residents, and key to that is informed discussion and debate.

The past 16 months have gone by in the blink of an eye, and I look forward to continuing to work with this dynamic industry for many years to come. Please keep asking us your questions and we will continue to answer them to the best of our ability. Together, we can have constructive dialogue that ultimately helps to inform and shape our region as it assumes its rightful place as a world class city.

Dave Wilkes is president and CEO of BILD (Building Industry and Land Development Association), and can be found on: and BILD’s official online blog:


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Odyssey – your journey leads here to Grimsby

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Odyssey – your journey leads here to Grimsby

Journey through a day of living at Odyssey – begin the morning with a cup of coffee on your balcony watching the sun rise over the escarpment. Around 9 a.m., you stroll along the waterfront with your dog, taking in the peace and serenity of Lake Ontario. Before bringing the dog back to your suite for a nap, you make a pitstop at the pet spa on the main level to wash up. Next is lunch at one of the many great restaurants in downtown Grimsby, followed by shopping at one of countless quaint boutiques on Livingston Avenue. End your day hosting friends and family at the rooftop entertainment lounge, which offers direct access to the Lakeview Terrace.

This paints a pretty picture of experiencing life at Odyssey, yet it still doesn’t match the unrivaled experience of actually living in this idyllic community in the heart of Grimsby. Designed by Kirkor Architects, Odyssey is the first of its kind on the Grimsby waterfront. A brilliant 20-storey condominium residence, Odyssey by Rosehaven Homes brings an innovative vision to life.

Odyssey is set to be an icon of modern style, featuring a beautiful glass façade full of light and life. As one of the tallest condominium buildings in Grimsby, it will be highlighted by a circle of townhomes, retail shops and patios. Patton Design Studio, the interior designers for this project, used the nautical inspiration of the waterfront to create grand, dynamic spaces that bring into harmony the lake and Odyssey’s interiors.

Glitz, glamour and dreamy views are truly the epitome of Odyssey. Whether you are in the impressive lobby, the fully-equipped fitness and yoga room or the rooftop entertainment lounge, the atmosphere is larger than life. Your new favourite spot will surely be the stunning Lakeview Terrace or Sunset Boulevard – two rooftop terraces where you can take in the surrounding scenery while enjoying a barbeque and al fresco dining.

In addition, every suite at Odyssey has a spectacular view. Each south-facing condo within the building reveals an extraordinary display of the Niagara Escarpment. You will never tire of watching the sunset and sunrise over the striking landscape.

The Ripple suite in particular is a standout, offering views of both the water and the escarpment. This suite is 982 sq. ft. with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as two separate balconies facing different directions for ultimate scenic sights. The entire space is highlighted by the open floorplan with windows spanning the main living area, bringing in plenty of natural light.

The rest of the building is just as remarkable. With a dedicated bicycle parking area, Wi-Fi enabled amenity areas, surveillance cameras throughout various spaces and the virtual concierge for added security, every aspect of your living experience has been thought out and implemented for ultimate convenience.

Odyssey is located steps from the shores of Lake Ontario, on Windward Drive. Enjoy the natural spaces Grimsby has to offer with a walk, bicycle ride or run along the waterfront. Explore the Bruce Trail, stunning caves and lookout areas across the Niagara Escarpment. Grimsby, located just East of Stoney Creek, and minutes from world-class golf courses is the gateway to Ontario’s prestigious wine country.

Grimsby is home to many unique shops, as well as an abundance of big-box stores, providing an unparalleled shopping experience only moments from your doorstep. Several restaurants with mouthwatering menus within walking distance of Odyssey, with many more only requiring a quick drive. For the urban urge you may be looking for, the future Grimsby GO Station will bring you to downtown Toronto in just over an hour.

Odyssey is fresh, modern and convenient. Your journey has led you to the right place.

For more information about Odyssey, visit
or visit the sales centre at
10 Windward Dr., Grimsby, Ont.
T. 289-235-7430
Monday to Thursday noon to 7 p.m.
Fridays closed
Saturday, Sunday and holidays noon to 6:00 p.m. |

For more information about Rosehaven Homes, visit or stay connected at:




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