Attention Snowbirds, It’s time to head south

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Attention Snowbirds, It’s time to head south

While you may still possess that adventurous spirit, there are certain things that help to make travelling a little less stressful, and far more enjoyable – and DeNure Tours knows exactly what they are. Celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2020, this historically reliable, age-relatable, tried and true travel company continues with their popular southern excursions.

In 1960 Fred and Dorothy DeNure started organizing bus trips to Florida. The yearly excursions became so popular that in 1974 they launched the Sunshine Express. Today, DeNure Tours is run by their son, Ray DeNure, and they use a 45- foot luxury coach, with two drivers. There’s a locked bunk in the back of the bus, and the drivers rest and take turns driving to ensure a restful trip for all concerned. Passengers can watch movies with headsets, read or sleep on this quiet, overnight trip. “Once you arrive,” says Mary Kay McGuinness, manager for Sunshine Vacations. “Your vacation truly begins.”

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For the 2020 season, DeNure has partnered with three unique properties in Daytona Beach, St. Pete Beach and Myrtle Beach. “There’s no average senior anymore,” says McGuinness. “But, one thing that we’ve noticed, is that people like to make connections.”

For this reason, she points out, many clients like to return to the same property, at the same time each year, to meet up with people who they have come to know. In addition, they become familiar with the local representatives, attractions and restaurants in the area.

What’s Included

Sunshine Vacation packages include accommodation, as well as transportation on the luxury motor coach, shuttle transportation, an on-site DeNure representative, social events, activities and their Connections program. This program includes subsidized taxi service from your door to the closest pick-up point for a pre-booked tour. If you make your own way, then DeNure will cover accommodation for one night (at select properties), so that you can be well-rested and ready for your excursion.

With their Flex Stay program, you can also choose to fly and make other arrangements that might better suit you. However, once you’ve arrived you can take advantage of Happy Hour, wine and cheese events and planned get togethers. Do as much, or as little, as you want to do.

Depending upon the property, different accommodation configurations are available. You may prefer an efficiency unit, a suite with a separate bedroom area, and in Myrtle Beach, they also have condo units.

No Worries

Recently, many tourists were left stranded with the collapse of the Thomas Cook travel company. In this day of do-it-yourselfers and online promotions, many people are booking, and planning, their own holidays. Often there are unknowns, especially when it comes to reserving an Airbnb, and little recourse if something goes wrong.

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When you book through a reputable travel agent, you not only save lots of time, but as specialists in their field, they can usually match, or get you a better price, due to their partnership associations. In addition, you’re protected by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO), which is an organization mandated by the Ontario government to administer the Ontario travel industry. By booking your travel services through a TICO registered travel agency ensures that you are protected against things like company closures and bankruptcy.

When you go away on a holiday, it should be stress-free. Not only does DeNure Tours have 60 years of experience, but they’ve evolved, along with their client base, to offer exactly what their customers are looking for. Avoid slippery sidewalks, and take a stroll on a sandy beach every morning, while watching the sunrise. After your walk – it’s entirely up to you.

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