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Mainstream furniture design has taken an exciting turn lately. Maybe you have noticed it, too. From sculptural lighting and Brutalist-inspired tables to Rothko-inspired designs, decor is getting artsy. More specifically, Museum of Modern Art worthy! And I must admit I am a huge fan. I think we can all agree that it’s not just about furniture’s function; we want the form to be equally appealing. With art galleries and museums closed, for now, our need to physically connect with art has really changed. Along with adorning our space with literal paintings and pictures, it’s interesting to see that furniture can play a pivotal role, too – the rooms in our homes can become mini art exhibits. We can be the curator of our own spaces, choosing unique furniture and decor pieces that reflect our style and needs, and bring us unending inspiration every time we enter the room.

1. Dexter concrete top END TABLE. $749.

2. Chromatic squares PILLOW COVER citrus by Oui. $39.

3. Asana P-3769 FLOOR LIGHT by Oiko Design Office. $2,780-$2,834.

4. Outline camel SOFA. $2,999.

5. Stacked SCULPTURE. $595.

6. Noguchi COFFEE TABLE in white ash. $2,495.

7. Fiato MIRROR. $349.

8. Shepard faux shearling ARMCHAIR. $399.


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