From the archives: Copper Eavestroughing

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From the archives: Copper Eavestroughing

This item is one of twelve products featured in “The Durable Dozen,” a feature written by Martin Zibauer for our June/July 2016 Great Outdoors issue.

As building materials go, there isn’t much that beats copper for durability. It’s been used on roofs since ancient times, wherever long-lasting protection was needed. These days, it’s rare to find a client who can afford a full copper roof, but copper eavestroughs are a much more affordable touch of distinction on many projects. They require no maintenance, other than removing leaf litter, and copper naturally suppresses moss, lichen, and mould growth, a benefit in wet climates. In a climate with extremes of hot and cold, the metal’s low expansion and contraction means you won’t be dealing with cracking or buckling problems. In most cases, copper eavestroughs are a one-time investment; their expected service life is 100 years or more. And unlike other eavestrough materials, they only get better looking with the patina of age; clients are unlikely to want to replace them early for cosmetic reasons. A century of service with little maintenance and no replacement costs? If you’re trying to upgrade a client to copper eavestroughs, just do the math.


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