It's all there at the Fall Home Show 2018

It’s all there at the Fall Home Show 2018

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It’s all there at the Fall Home Show 2018

Modern Families Cause Designers to Look Beyond Modern Design

It’s not like it was in the olden days; kids are returning home from college and staying indefinitely, and parents and grandparents either looking to downsize or who require some extra medical attention are moving in with their kids as well. Families now come in all shapes and sizes, and the way we design our homes needs to reflect this with sophisticated, intelligent and functional design.

When architects and interior designers look to design living spaces in 2018, clean, modern and open concepts aren’t the only factors to be kept top-of-mind with multiple generations living under one roof, creating a functional space requires thoughtful consideration for everyone’s needs. Thankfully, the 2018 Toronto Fall Home Show has many functional design solutions that can help with three main issues in multi-generational houses: organization for personal items, ways to maximize living space and creating privacy where you thought impossible.

Organization for personal items

1. Some people hide their belongings under the mattress, but why not maximize the space under the bed in general? Furniture stores like Leon’s offer platform bedframes with drawers underneath to provide more storage and space in a bedroom—while still looking sleek.

2. Look for slick and modern shelving units and headboards that will come in handy for all those accessories you never know where to put. If you’re really stuck for floorspace though, you can always hide your room in the walls. Hidden Bed Factory creates custom murphy beds, desks and even fridges that can be tucked up to conserve space.

3. With the right furniture, you can really get a sense of privacy while keeping the look of your home sleek and modern. Dividing up an open room with a piece of furniture is all you need, like a room divider, book case, or a chair or couch to sit in when you just want your own space.

For a trick that seems so silly it just might work: with strategic furnishings, even a comfy chair or couch with higher arm rests can give you the feeling you’re alone.

4. Keep private items out-of-sight from guests with hidden storage compartments and multi-purpose furniture. Ottoman storage is an easy way to save space, but multi-purpose coffee tables are getting more creative. Try a playable—yes, you heard that right—multi-function, old-school Atari Pong Coffee Table that has USB chargers, a digital clock and hidden controls controls.

Maximize living space

5. Take a look beyond furniture to see if spaces are well-assigned—maybe some bedroom swaps are needed? Utilize basement and main floor rooms that fit their inhabitants: grandparents will most likely not want to have to walk up and down stairs to get to their room. And your kids just returning home from college don’t necessarily want to be on the same floor as their parents anymore. Try connecting with GTA General Contractors to see how your space can be used more efficiently.

This year’s Toronto Fall Home Show will bring you everything from the things you absolutely need, desperately want, and everything in between. With solutions ranging from functionality, décor and big home projects like that reno you haven’t gotten around to.


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