Active Home: Five-Star, hotel-worthy hacks

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Active Home: Five-Star, hotel-worthy hacks

Be Guest Ready

As we come of age – a more mature age – our freedom fifty-plus plans most likely include longer times away from home. Rather than sitting empty, there are ways that your home can work for you. In this era of home sharing, people are listing their properties on home exchange sites, like and


Before your guests arrive, pare down your personal photos around the house. Remove the grandchildren’s fridge art, and pack away anything that you may be worried about. “People who are sharing your home, want to feel at home,” says Glen Peloso, designer. “The more personal things you leave in a house, the more guests feel like they are imposing on your space.”

Swap out family photos with a display of wall art. Go with a common theme or a similar colour palette to complement your decor aesthetics.


A home share guest deserves to have a comfortable bed. “Invest in a high-quality set of sheets of cotton sateen, with a 450 to 650 thread count. A combination of both down, and down alternative, pillows are great for sleeping and provide neck support,” says Peloso. “Finish the bed off with lots of pillows for a luxurious look. You want your guests to feel pampered and cared for.”


You’d expect a sparkling clean bathroom in a hotel, so this is one room that needs to be in tip-top shape. Simple updates and new additions can make a big difference, like changing out old fixtures and faucets. Include thick, white terry towels and new bathmats – all of which add a comfortable elegance.


For ease of transition, ensure that you have a simple, and seamless, check-in process. Smart home items, like connected door locks, allow visitors to access your property at the touch of a button. Accessorize with throw blankets, pillows and decorative accents. These elements provide a comfortable environment, and ensure positive ratings for repeat bookings.

If renting or exchanging your accommodation, you’ll want your guests to feel right at home, just like you’d expect if staying in their house.

Visit HomeFest at the International Centre in Mississauga from November 2nd to the 4th, and check out Glen Peloso’s attraction – Empty Nesters Take Flight – for helpful suggestions on how to make your home start working for you.


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