9 DIY home decor crafts to help you stay creative in self isolation

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9 DIY home decor crafts to help you stay creative in self isolation

Life has pretty much come to a standstill with the coronavirus pandemic. Because of this outbreak, people have stopped going to their daily 9 to 5 jobs, kids aren’t going to school and we’re barely going out to buy groceries. This is why the general populace has no alternative but to maintain social distancing for the time being.


However, this time might also afford an opportunity for you to deepen your connection with your home. Now you can finally give your dated, cracked up walls the fresh coat of paint that you wanted to provide them with for so long, upgrade your closet doors, fix that doorknob, or make a set of new curtains. This article lists a range of home craft decor ideas to give your house the makeover it needs, while saving up on hiring professional home renovators.

Creative DIY home decor ideas

Reupholster a chair

It might surprise you to know that it is actually quite easy to redo your outdated chair seat.

Items you’ll need

  • Scissors
  • Chair with removable seat
  • Staple gun
  • Screwdriver
  • Thin fabric for a dust cover
  • Upholstery weight fabric

You’ll be able to get a new comfortable seat cover by following this carefully laid out guide from House Beautiful.

Candle crafts

These adorable cube lanterns have a charming aesthetic to them that makes them great for use both indoors and outdoors. All you need is, of course, some candles, large washers, glue, some spray paint, square dowel rods and something to cut them too. You can follow this guide that will show you how you can make it.

You can also put these candles in a branch candle holder made from driftwood or fallen branches. This holder can be customized in several ways, depending on the type of branch you wish to use, the shape, size, and other types of details. The process is actually quite simple. All you need to do is take a branch, have it sand down, tidy it up, and then begin drilling the holes for the candles. You can either choose to have the branch painted, or give it a lacquered finish.

Nautical vase

If you’re fascinated by sea voyages and beach life, then you’ll definitely love this idea. This fascinating statement vase was crafted simply out of jute rope. Just hot glue some jute rope around a vessel and put some decorative flowers and start turning some heads.

Chic cabinet tray

It seems cabinet doors are more than just a gateway to access dishes and cutlery items. Just a couple of drawer pulls, and some paint can turn these cabinet doors into an improvised TV dinner tray or a cheese door. to make one, fill in some holes on the board and then let it dry. After that, sand the surface and then paint it later, before drilling some holes into it and screwing the handles. You’ll soon realize that this is one of the most clever DIY home decor crafts that you’ve ever tried.

Customizing your lamp

If you’ve gotten used to the lamp that’s been on your desk or side table for quite some time, then maybe it’s time to switch up its looks just a bit. One of the ways in which this can be accomplished is by customizing the lampshade. The only thing you need to do is cover it with a fabric. Choose the fabric that you like, spray adhesive on it and you have yourself a spiffy looking lamp shade.

Another fine example is a mason jar desk lamp, which is relatively easier to put together than people realize. If you prefer more of a challenge, then perhaps a brass chandelier that you can makeshift from pipes and fittings, would be more fitting of your DIY skills. The best part about this is that you can give it whatever shape you like and play with the pieces In a variety of ways.

If you’re looking for some DIY ideas, have a look at a couple of properties at Paradise Developments.

Wooden bathtub caddy

Turn your bathtub into your own personal Spa starting with a makeshift caddy that you can piece together from several wooden pieces. and since several stores are on lockdown, we’re pretty certain you’ll find some pieces lying around in your garage. After all, the more aged and imperfect the wood looks, the better the caddy will look. This guide from Jenna Sue Design Co. will show you how you can home craft this project to life.

Blanket ladder

Making friends with furniture like your wooden ladder is one way to take our mind off of this pandemic, right? Not feeling it? Then perhaps a little cuteness factor would certainly brighten things up. You can dress up a plain blanket by knitting extra large pom poms and tassels and knot them to the end in a similar manner as Joanna Gaines did. Lastly, just hang the blanket over the ladder so it looks more fashionable.

Floating bookshelves

The thing about having so many books in the house is that there are probably so little shelves to go around to keep them. That’s why instead of buying regular shelves, we recommend installing some neat invisible shelves instead. Not only is it a great way to organize all of your important reads in one place, but it creates a stunning illusion that makes it look like your books are floating in thin air.

It goes without saying that this is one of the most ingenious home craft ideas that teenagers, teachers and other book-lovers can take advantage of. Everything you need to make this a reality is in the instructions laid out by Lorrie Havell at DIY & Crafts.

Get a cooler door knob

In only 10 minutes, with a screwdriver at hand, you can easily swap out that rusty, clunky and boring old doorknob with something more gorgeous. Fortunately, Hadley Keller from House Beautiful is here to show you how it’s done.


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