8 expert organizing tips to make your move easier

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8 expert organizing tips to make your move easier

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For most people, moving can be described as painfully stressful and difficult. At the same time, others may find it the most interesting part of the moving process.

Even though each type denies the existence of the other type, one thing is certain – both need to know how to organize their items for a faster and more efficient move.

The professionals at Laval Movers say that, even though they do their best to fit your furniture and boxes in the truck, it is up to you to make sure that everything inside those items is well organized. If not, you may need more than one truck – and this means more to pay.

Start early

We really can’t get more expert than this, to be fully honest. If you start early, you have enough time to go through all your possessions and put them in the right place.

In fact, early prepping allows you to even make a list of everything you have, for better organization.


You don’t have to move literally everything you own into your new house. Keep everything that you love, use or want to keep as a memory, but throw every piece of clutter away.

Make sure to consider donating what you don’t need.

Room by room

Don’t start packing randomly. Come up with a plan before you find yourself in the basement, and then in the bedroom, and then back in the basement.

In short, don’t leave a room until you’re fully done with it or else you risk losing some items as well.

The power of labels

People that have a lot of tiny items – for example, arts and crafts enthusiasts – shouldn’t underestimate the power of labels. Moving out is also the best reason for you to persuade your significant other to buy a label machine.

Labeled boxes make everything so much easier – from storing certain clothing to storing documents and so on.

Organization goals

When packing things in your current home, think about the way things will be organized in your new home as well. Why?

Well, if you want a tidy bathroom with neatly folded towels, then you may not want to bring all your 20 towels with you. What we mean is that you should determine which items are important or not and which items you won’t be able to live without in your new home.

Don’t rush the unpacking

Even though you have a proper plan in your head regarding the unpacking, it is advised to never rush it, even by professional movers such as West Island Moving Company. They might be in a rush, but they will never hurry your items off the truck.

As such, don’t just unpack your things in the middle of the house. Instead, take things room by room and organize as you unpack.

Organizing plan

We also recommend you come up with an organizing plan before you actually start unpacking. The last thing you want is to run through the entire house at once, trying to find the best spot for a certain item.

Determine where your items, clothing, and such will find their home before you reach your new home!

All hands on deck

Given that entire teams of movers show up when you call them, it goes without saying that you could really use all the possible hands when it comes to packing and moving.

If you have friends or family that want to lend a hand, don’t say no! Invite them over, buy some pizzas and soda, explain to them the packing strategy, and you’re set.

The bottom line

If you want an easy, stress-free move, follow these tips. However, if you’re the other type of mover, these tips will make moving more exciting, so be sure to check at least some of them!


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