6 simple steps to replacing your home windows

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6 simple steps to replacing your home windows

Some homeowners compare selecting windows for the entire house at once, with choosing their wardrobe for the next 10 years in a random day in September, except that the first process is more stressful. Why? Because windows are used for more than 10 years. Most of the homeowners keep them forever.

It’s overwhelming to choose windows and doors because they can become a source of energy loss. In Canada’s climate, you can lose even 35 per cent energy through windows and doors, and this leads to high energy bills. Canadian homeowners should choose high-efficient models because they can boost a house’s energy efficiency and save on energy bills. Energy-efficient windows are 40 per cent more efficient than traditional models.

Here are a few guidelines that make home windows replacement simple.

Decide what window style suits your home’s style

Windows do more than saving energy, they influence the aesthetics of a home. Carefully select the appearance of the windows because they must blend with the style of the property.

The architecture of the building usually influences the style of the windows and doors. If you match the style of the windows with the one of the house, they will complement its design no matter its age.

Colonial buildings often feature double-hung windows. Most homeowners prefer them because they open and close with two operating sashes. Double-hung windows are easy to clean and suit various architectures, so they’re a safe option for a homeowner who doesn’t like to experiment.

Speciality shaped windows from window manufacturers like Panes work great for modern buildings. Homeowners who want to add extra character to their buildings choose geometric or speciality shaped windows.

You can upgrade all models with decorations to add them a touch of uniqueness.

Select the material of the frame

The material of the frame determines the type of maintenance the windows need over time, so you need to decide which one you prefer before choosing the style of the windows.

If you want high-quality windows that require little maintenance, opt for vinyl windows. They’re the best option for a homeowner who is afraid that termites will damage the windows. Vinyl windows don’t rot, peel or warp, so they are durable and could last a lifetime.

The best part about window frames is that you can customizxe them as you want because they come in a great range of colours that can match any interior and exterior.

Wood windows are another option for a newly-built house. Buy they require high upkeep, so you’ll spend a lot of time maintaining and cleaning them.

Clad windows are a combination of a wood frame and another material. Often, manufacturers apply a cladding of fibreglass, vinyl or aluminium to the exterior frame to boost its durability. Some window providers sell fibreglass windows because they are less prone to expanding and contracting than clad windows. The drawback is that the homeowner has to protect the frames with hard finish paint.

Choose the glass package

The glass package directly impacts the amount of energy you save. Don’t try to save money by picking low-cost windows because they’re usually low quality and don’t have the needed tech to keep your energy bills low.

For a glass package to be efficient, it has to include some essential components.

  • Low-E glazing. Low-E is an invisible coating applied on the outside or inside of a window. The manufacturer decides where they want to apply it according to the model of windows they produce. Low-E reduces heat transfer in the building. During summer, it reflects the sunlight outside to maintain the house’s interior cool, and during winter, it allows the light to enter the house to boost warmth.
  • Argon gas. Manufacturers place an invisible and odourless gas, denser than the air between the panes of the windows to improve their thermal efficiency.
  • Dual and triple pane glass. You can find on the market dual and triple pane windows. The dual-pane windows are the traditional choice. The triple-pane glass adds an extra layer of glass to increase energy efficiency and sound-blocking features.
  • Krypton gas. Window producers fill the space between panes with invisible, odourless gas, denser than the air and argon gas to obtain high-efficient windows.

The perfect window is the result of the combination of the above components. Don’t install windows without these technologies because they’ll fail to insulate your house and lower energy bills.

If you want something special customize the windows

You build the house of your dreams, so you probably have a clear image of how you want it to look. If the windows you find on the market, don’t match the ones you pictured in your mind, collaborate with a manufacturer that encourages clients to customize windows.

For some people, buying windows from big box stores sounds convenient because they usually get better offers for standard products. But if this isn’t an option for you, work with a professional willing to personalize them. Reliable window companies engineer their products one at a time, and this guarantees that the product you receive has a precise fit inside the walls of the house.

Work only with expert contractors because the smallest mismeasurement can lead to high energy loss. This is something common for pre-made windows. The best way to prevent the problem is to choose custom windows.

Hire a reputable window company

It’s overwhelming to choose the window provider because there are countless companies you can work with. Hire an established company because you trust your house’s efficiency with them. Ask family and friends for recommendations, check online reviews, and make a list with reputable companies that operate in your region. The Internet is the best resource to find out the quality of services local window companies provide. You can find reviews on social media pages like Facebook, and even contact former clients to find out how satisfied they were with the products they received.

Hire a company that aims to improve the lives of the homeowners with energy-efficient products because they strive to provide high-quality windows.


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