6 outstanding options for exterior siding

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6 outstanding options for exterior siding

If you’re planning to give your house a makeover, or you’re building one, exterior siding plays a key role in appearance. Choose the right material for exterior siding that not only complements your home’s architecture style but also durable, weather-proof and low maintenance. With so many choices available these days, here are six outstanding options for exterior siding to give your home a perfect outer look and boost up the curb appeal.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is a very prominent item widely used in the U.S. and Canada, such as those from Nanaimo siding, because it is relatively inexpensive and requires less maintenance. Made from PVC, this durable siding is a great option to enhance your exterior home’s exterior look without the need for paint renew every year. Unlike other siding materials, vinyl siding installation is simple and easy. It won’t fade with time, the vinyl siding withstands all kinds of weather and offer great resistance to insects and algae.

Available in a wide range of colors, textures, and styles, you can choose what suits your house best. With the advancement in technology, vinyl sidings also come with an insulated polystyrene foam layer and don’t look like plastic anymore. This appealing and lightweight siding option also mimics natural wood, wood-grain, and stone for a traditional and modern look.

Wood siding

Mostly used for cottage, bungalow and lodge exteriors, wood siding provides rich, rustic, and natural appearance. Although installation is easy and economical, it requires maintenance every nine months, including staining, painting and chalking to cope with the weather damage. Moreover, it is also at risk of rodents, mites, mold and mildew. However, with proper pest-control and annual maintenance, the wood siding can last more than 100 years. You have the choice to choose from a range of wood siding made from clapboard, spruce, shingles, redwood and cedar. The most durable and attractive are the redwood and cedar wood sidings.

Fiber cement siding

If you want wood, stone or stucco exterior look at a low-cost, then fibre cement siding will do the job. These tough exterior sidings made from cement, wood pulp and silica sand are engineered to be insect-proof, fire-proof and weather-resistant. Embossed with various wood-grain patterns, colors and texture, fibre cement siding has a natural wood look that could fool your neighbours. Earlier fibre cement sidings contained asbestos. It caused problems so it was replaced by wood pulp which results in cracking. That is why beautiful fibre cement siding with a reasonable price is a very popular choice for almost every homeowner requiring the least maintenance.

Brick siding

Brick siding is an excellent option for the ones who want their house with a classic exterior look. Made from original clay brick and laid using mortar, a veneer has been created that look just like traditional bricks. As there’s a chance of water to go through the brick veneer, they fit a special protective coating between house frame and veneer. Built to last for many decades with harsh weather exposure, brick siding requires very little maintenance if properly installed. This labor-intensive siding option is a bit expensive due to material costs and installation.

Stone siding

Who doesn’t love the masonry facade? The stone siding is flame-resistant, it’s impervious to water, and there’s no maintenance needed. Stone siding will look beautiful for the years to come. Since natural stone siding is expensive, the lightweight stone veneer made of iron-oxide pigments. Also, the cement has become a popular option among homeowners as it offers the same look and durability. With many styles and colors available, you can decide upon the best stone look.


Stucco is a fairly reasonable siding option for your home that allows you to create customized rock or stone facade. Made from sand, gypsum/lime, cement, and water, the stucco siding not only beautifies the exterior of the home but also protects it. Stucco is one of the most ensuring, versatile, and weather-resistant exterior wall sidings. With its variety of textures and colors, it is a very popular exterior wall system. You can easily apply it over standard wood-frame walls in a three-coat process. Whereas, masonry and concrete walls require a two-coat application.

With different types of exterior sidings available, you can add or change the home facade the way you want. It’s time to give your house an attractive exterior appearance!


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