6 bright trends in outdoor lighting

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6 bright trends in outdoor lighting

When the weather cooperates, our backyards become the go-to spot to relax, entertain, and enjoy some much needed time in the sun. With so many new and stylish options, adding modern outdoor lighting to your backyard means you can extend your outdoor time past when the sun sets. If you’re looking for new ways to illuminate your space, try these bright trends in outdoor lighting.

1. Statement lighting

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No longer just for inside the house, statement lighting looks great above an outdoor dining set. Add a little drama to your backyard by incorporating a show-stopping chandelier. Or, go for something more natural, like wicker orbs wrapped in fairy lights. Adding statement lighting that you would normally see inside the home helps to make your backyard seem like even more of an extension of the indoors. Adding a little indoor glamour to your outdoor lighting is easy. Connect with a pro who can help install your desired fixture to add the right amount of statement lighting to your backyard.

2. Floor lamps

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Another trend being borrowed from indoors is adding floor lamps to backyard design. A practical idea if your ideal night is doing some light reading outside, the addition of a floor lamp creates soft adjustable lighting perfect for small tasks. Due to their portability, you can easily move them around for their best use. A floor lamp helps to also create a cosy room atmosphere which can sometimes be lost when you head outside. If you need additional outlets or cables run to accommodate your new outdoor lighting plans, be sure to get an electrician’s help. Electrical jobs can be dangerous, so be smart and leave this job to the pros.

3. Stair lighting

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Practical and beautiful, adding lights to your stairs can help you see where you’re going at night so you don’t trip and fall when trying to go back inside. There are many options these days, from stairs with lights built right into them, to getting a little crafty and adding your own rope lights to your stairs. Your guest will certainly appreciate being able to see where they’re stepping at night, especially after enjoying a beverage or two in your beautiful backyard. To better illuminate your stairs, connect with an outdoor lighting specialist who can install lights on your stairs.

4. Pathway lighting

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Another way to help guide your guests through your backyard is to install pathway lighting. This can be done in a number of ways. When you think of pathway lighting you probably think of those little lights stuck in the ground along the way. While this is still a great option, we’re now seeing homeowners getting creative with their path lights. Try incorporating different trends like orbs or lanterns to guide the way. Another bright idea is to use solar lights so that you don’t even have to think about turning the lights on. Simply wait for it to become dark and your little lights will shine bright and safely guide your path.

5. String lights

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String lights are a trend that’s taken over the internet the past few years, and your backyard is no exception. The great thing about string lights is that they can be used anywhere, are relatively inexpensive, and add instant sparkle. You can string them above to create a canopy of little lights, wrap them around your stair railings, put them in trees, or anywhere else you can think of! An electrician can properly wire your backyard if you want to add as many string lights as possible.

6. Lanterns

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From paper to Moroccan inspired, lanterns are steadily gaining momentum in outdoor lighting design. Use them to light your pathways, hang them from trees, group them together on a tabletop, or randomly disperse lanterns throughout your garden. They help add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to any landscape. As they continue to grow in popularity, you’ll see there are lots of options these days. From solar powered, to candlelight, to LED bulbs, there’s a lantern for every backyard out there.

Adding additional lighting to your backyard is the perfect way to keep enjoying the outdoors well after the sun has set. When you’re ready to light up your backyard, be sure to speak to a specialist who can help design and execute your vision.

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