5 ways homebuilders and renovators can also profit from real estate CRM

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5 ways homebuilders and renovators can also profit from real estate CRM


Often interchangeably used by the public, homebuilders, renovators and realtors are, indeed, different professions. They sound like they are doing the same thing, and the nature of the work – construction and sale of a residence – can generally be similar, but their duties are different. Homebuilders’ work can be identical to that of real estate agents, and both can take of a great gadget – a real estate CRM – which provides the following benefits:

Maintain contacts

Just as keeping important contacts is essential to a realtor, builders and renovators can also be on top of their connections. Connections are critical to every business. For home renovators, contacts mean everything. With a CRM system, clients and potential customers can be kept in one place. Doing this will allow you to access them to proceed with a job or make new contracts easily.

Just like that, following up with existing clients will be necessary. And having a full list in front of you each day will only make things more productive and well-organized. Also, these contacts can be synced into the CRM to be accessed by any tech device to channel information from anywhere at any time.

Organize jobs

An excellent performing real estate CRM from sites such as IXACT Contact can provide efficient keep up to everyday tasks. It will be able to offer you information that you may otherwise forget on a daily basis. House renovating or building jobs will have unique details that can be forgotten if not noted and have set reminders for. So, a CRM can come in handy for providing information for every job and aid efficiency by showing detail on delivery and timelines.

Fast response system

There are thousands of home renovators or builders out there, so better organization using a good CRM can help them stand out from the crowd. These companies need to give reasons for clients to contact them and contract their services. One of the things that customers look for is a stronghold in responding to their piqued inquiries. With CRM, companies can contact their clients from anywhere, even when they’re not online, through an automated response system. But make sure to personalize the electronic response messages to reassure clients that you will reply to them soon.

Find potential clients

Builders and renovators usually have websites or social media accounts to help connect with leads. But not all of them will be interested in contracting services. Some may just have inquiries, while some will be exploring different options. So, with the help of a CRM software, companies can attain information on all their leads by pushing the right buttons and knowing which clients are serious and worth spending time on. This way, companies can get more done in less time, while automating their operations.


When companies get useful information by checking up on clients with a CRM, they can personalize their communications. As people usually have emotional attachments to their homes, personal touches go a long way when it comes to renovating, building or buying. Companies can search for the right potential clients and send them messages that touch on their interests, and how you can meet their needs. This will help build deeper connections and understanding with clients.


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