5 Landscaping ideas to steal from Canada

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5 Landscaping ideas to steal from Canada

Canada is a country filled with breathtaking scenery. From sweeping plains to mountains covered in snow, its diverse landscapes are a joy to behold. Homes across Canada are just as complex as the landscape. Dwellings look different from each other, depending on where you go. In Nova Scotia, you’re likely to come across timber-framed houses, while in British Columbia you’ll likely see newly-built homes. Interestingly, residential landscaping is booming right now. People just can’t wait to get outdoors and make their piece of heaven more attractive. In case you were searching for landscaping ideas for your home, you’re in luck.

Here are five landscaping ideas to steal from Canada.

1. Hardscape your yard

Chances are that you’re not familiar with the concept of hardscaping. What you need to know is that it involves the use of man-made features in the surrounding environment. Examples include, but aren’t limited to, brick patios, stone walls and wood arbors. Basically, you use hard elements to add style and functionality to the outdoor space. Even if hardscaping may sound difficult, it couldn’t be simpler. You have the same landscaping principles you’ve been accustomed to. Most importantly, you’ll get the yard that you want while maximizing space and adding modern elements.

In Toronto, it’s not uncommon to see gardens featuring brick paths, various paving materials and wooden arbors. Research pays off when it comes to adding a completely new element to the environment. Take into account the entire area before making a decision. You can’t install just about any design element. When tackling the outdoor space, it’s a good idea to get the help of professionals. They will analyze every parcel of land to understand the ins and outs of the design. Moreover, a professional landscape designer will help you transform your ideas into actionable plans.

2. Landscape with lush greenery

Take advantage of nature. Why not, after all? Plants purify the air around the home, not to mention that they have an astounding visual impact. There is something about green plants that makes them so beautiful. There’s the symmetry and the color. Consider introducing greenery to your landscape. They’re perfectly suited for Canadian homes. Make sure your house boasts views of trees and lush greenery. When decorating with greenery keep in mind the following:

  • Combine green plants that have something in common: To achieve the perfect look, add greenery that shares something in common. You can use Japanese yew, boxwood hedges, English hedges, Hosta, and, of course, perennials.
  • Mount a wire grid: Wire mesh will make your project a lot easier to handle. You can create a mini greenhouse. Some wire grids come with mountable shelves that offer many opportunities for customization.
  • Buy natives locally: Needless to say, you shouldn’t purchase just any greenery. Florists deliver hand-picked fresh flowers. Get help from a local business. Be cautious about generic plants. Maybe what you’ll be planting isn’t really indigenous. Be very picky when it comes to your purchases.

3. Opt for pretty vignettes

Garden vignettes aren’t just plants – they’re small collections of things that touch the visual senses, including pots and metal panels. Let’s not forget about glass. You can use glass anywhere in the environment. Don’t waste your time thinking of whether to vignette. Just do it. vignettes are incredibly powerful landscape elements that look so good it’s impossible not to include them in your photos. Try to create a sort of escape. This way, you’ll enjoy the outdoor space even more.

4. Install artificial grass

Have you thought about landscaping with artificial grass? If not, there’s no better time than now to try. In Toronto, for instance, more and more homeowners are turning to artificial grass. Why? Because they are sick and tired of mud and weeds. Faux grass doesn’t require any kind of maintenance. All you have to do to make it look brand new is to remove the dust, dirt and leaves. In this sense, you can use a broom or a brush. Many companies install artificial grass in Toronto. They handle the project from start to finish, so you have a guarantee that the outdoor space will look great.

Since artificial grass doesn’t require special maintenance, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions. If you didn’t know what more you could to reduce your carbon footprint, now you have the answer. Have artificial grass installed. There’s nothing better than having a true outdoor carpet. While it can be a little expensive, faux grass has a long lifespan. It doesn’t last a lifetime, but it will certainly keep you company for 25 years. Working artificial grass into your landscape isn’t hard. Since it’s so versatile, it can be placed virtually everywhere.

5. Plan for a grand entrance

An impressive entrance will welcome visitors into your abode and enhances visible parts of your property. The entrance should be designed to be easily reachable and reflect the informal nature of the home. And soften the lines of the raised foundation. Here’s an idea you should keep in mind: A groundwork of evergreen trees and shrubs. Time and space will be in contrast with the unchanging backdrop of the yard. If you head on over to Vermont, you’ll no doubt see this entry way design. The arrival experience is one of a kind.

Make sure that the evergreens are tall enough. Create a sense of harmony by using several shrubs and plants. Plant three or five on each side of the entrance. Owing to the fact that the environment depends on openness, you need to add a more enclosed space. The perfect choice would be an arbor or a gate. What you want is an entrance that offers a neat contrast with the plant color. Using planting pots can really make a difference.


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