5 ideas for a perfect at home office or study environment

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5 ideas for a perfect at home office or study environment

1. Manage the clutter

Working or studying from home means that your workspace may be open to other rooms or spaces, so it’s critical to ensure there is room for all the items you bring to the table. Add a filing cabinet to organize yourself properly, include shelves with baskets and bins that allow you to sort and manage all your office supplies. If you’re designing a custom built-in unit, my favourite recommendation is incorporating a hidden compartment for your printer and any other oversized electronics.

2. Lighting

Nobody wants to be left in the dark. Ensuring that your workspace is illuminated will guarantee that you feel alert and focused. If you’re designing a room from scratch, be sure to include ample ceiling lights, such as recessed pot lights or track lights. Add LED strip lights to the underside of shelves or upper cabinets, so your tabletop is perfectly illuminated. Lastly, a good old-fashioned table lamp not only looks stylish, but helps shine a ton of extra light.

3. Comfort

A workspace, first and foremost, must be a comfortable setting. If you’re spending hours at your desk with the wrong chair, make sure you toss it out and invest in a chair that has ergonomic qualities. Your health and well-being should come above all. Comfort at the table also means having all of your tools and supplies at arm’s reach, making sure you’ve got your pencils in a pretty cup or a handy drawer. Ensure there is ample space for your monitor and keyboard. And last but not least, comfort also means a setting that feels lush and warm; add lavender blooms to help relieve some of your work tensions, and invest in a plush rug to help make your office setting that much more comfortable.

4. Make use of horizontal and vertical surfaces

A home office is often more than just a desk and chair. It means housing a lot of books, office equipment and stationery. Making use of your walls is key. Use the height to add shelves, storage cabinets, an inspiration board and even a variety of wall-mounted racks and organizers. When it comes to choosing or designing a custom desk, make full use of all your horizontal surfaces. Go end to end for that custom look, or find a ready to buy a table that works with the scale of your room to maximize your office functions.

5. Add a splash of something

Organizing an office doesn’t mean it has to feel sterile and minimal. Have fun with it, find baskets and bins that are colourful, add a splash of drama with artwork, books or decorative object. If you’re opting for a custom built-in unit, find a colour that inspires you, and go for it. It will be a room that you’ll look forward retreating to, and work won’t really feel like work anymore!

Dvira Ovadia is Principal Designer of Dvira Interiors, an award-winning full service, Toronto-based interior design firm. She is known for her clever design work on a vast number of successful projects. dvira.com


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