5 fall decor updates

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5 fall decor updates

Accent colour

Photo: Laura Miller

“Introducing pops of colour brings in unexpected personality and energy into a room, especially in a backdrop of monochromatic warm tones. It energizes the home as we used here. Lively and more memorable moments come from adding in touches of colour within a more neutral background” – Designer Kate Davidson, Kate + Co Design Inc.

Curved Furniture

Photo: West of Main

“Curved furniture is making its statement in interiors once again. These rounded and amorphous silhouettes were popular in the 1970s and ’80s and are being embraced in new ways, particularly in upholstered fabrics including Sherpa, bouclé and velvet. These trending pieces are like artwork and add a sense of geometry which can be incorporated to inject just the right amount of edge and intrigue.” – Designer Sascha Lafleur, West of Main

Furniture: West of Main

Tropical Plants

Photo: by West of Main

“Creating a space that feels relaxed and inviting means bringing nature indoors. Plants bring a sense of tranquility, texture, and a pop of colour while still working with any decor. Lush green tropicals with dark leaves or pale, silver olive tree leaves can balance your space. Don’t have a green thumb? There are incredible faux plants that can add that natural element and complement your decor.” – Designer Sascha Lafleur, West of Main

Furniture: West of Main Shoppe

Mixed Patterns

Photo: Mike Chajecki

“Adding in a variety of different patterns bring loads of personality and life to a space that cannot be achieved with just working with solids. In this situation we knew we were opting for a bold vintage rug, so that was our first focus. From there, we decided which colours we would like to pull from the rug and repeated them in different areas. Mixing patterns is all about various scales, textures, embroidery and ultimately making sure it is harmonious.” – Designer Korina Khamis, Hibou Design & Co.

Pendants: Rejuvination | Stools: CB2 | Table: Vintage find | Armchairs: Article | Console: Bernhardt | Rug: Vintage | Cushions/ accessories/Artwork: Hibou Home | Sofas: Ikea and custom covers

Bold Wallpaper

“I love using a graphic wallpaper to add drama to a room. I typically keep the rest of the room neutral in terms of pattern to let the wallpaper be the star of the show. I like to pull colours from the wallpaper and repeat that in pillows, furniture and accessories.” – Designer Amanda Evans, Amanda Evans Interiors

Millwork: Soma Millwork |Wallpaper: AE Interiors |Bedding: West Elm



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