4 reasons serviced apartment providers are perfect for business owners

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4 reasons serviced apartment providers are perfect for business owners

Whether you’re regularly in a city for business, want to immerse yourself in a new market, or have just relocated from another city or country, serviced apartments can be a great way to feel right at home from the minute you land. Serviced apartments have all the benefits of a nice hotel without the inconvenience and lack of privacy. But more importantly, they are tailormade for corporate travellers. Here are some of the reasons why serviced apartments are so great for business owners and their teams.

Independence and control

The beauty of serviced apartments is that they allow you to keep an eye on the members of your team, but also allow them the privacy necessary when they need to work alone. You’ll have no problem regrouping everybody, having flash meetings, or work as unit when needed.

Serviced apartments are also much bigger on average when compared to their hotel room equivalent. As a matter of fact, you can expect to get 30 per cent more space with a serviced apartment. And you’ll get most of the same perks you’ll get at a hotel, such as a private gym, housekeeping, and round the clock access to staff and service.

They look more professional

Serviced apartments are way more professional for meetings with clients. You also have tons of options for networking as well. Having a nice supper or entertaining guests is much easier when you have your own quarters. Many serviced apartments offer things like Smart TVs and state of the art sound equipment if you want to make presentations.

Near the action

Serviced apartment providers usually have units near all the closest attractions and financial districts. Providers like Dream Apartments, for instance, have locations all over Liverpool, Belfast, and Newcastle, and also in cities like Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, and Barcelona. Most of their units are located in prime areas, and are offered at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent hotel room in the same area. If you want to be near the best eateries, or somewhere with great entertainment options, you can’t go wrong with a serviced apartment.

Cost savings

Serviced apartments allow you to save in a number of ways. For one, most units come with a kitchen area, and you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of money on meals. This might seem minor, but when you have to accommodate for a whole group, meals at restaurants add up quickly. Some will also have a free laundry service, which will not only allow you to save, but will help with logistics. You’ll also be less inclined to spend money on activities since you’ll be able to entertain yourself back at the apartment. Not to mention that you’d have to pay for more separate rooms for your team if you went with a hotel.

When you look at all the benefits serviced apartments have to offer for businesses, they become a no brainer. They’re the best option if you want to be able to hit the floor running and feel the same level of comfort that you would in your home base.


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