13 creative ways to bring your walls to life

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13 creative ways to bring your walls to life


Empty walls can be really boring, especially if your room doesn’t have a lot of items that take away the attention from the walls. It becomes an issue if you have guests often, and you want to make a good impression. Don’t worry, though – soon, the focus will be on your walls, and with a good reason. These 13 ideas will help you transform your walls in the best way possible.

1. Use curtains

If you want your walls to catch a bit of colour, but you are not willing to do some major renovations, you can bring them up a notch by using colourful curtains. You can emphasize the beauty of a window, or you can just hang them over an empty wall that you believe needs some life. The advantage here is that you can find a variety of colours and patterns at the curtains store, allowing you to choose exactly the ones that match the style of your room.

You can opt for curtains that have a single-colour pattern, or you can go for something that has a flowery or multicoloured pattern. For example, red velvet is a great choice if you are looking to give your room a more elegant, royal vibe. On the other hand, if you want to get a fresh look, then you could choose something with interesting flower patterns. This will make it feel like spring just entered your room.

To make things more interesting, you should also give some extra thought on your curtain rod of choice. For instance, single curtain rods represent a good option if you want to put emphasis on the curtain itself. But you could also go for a double curtain rod if you want to make it look more dramatic. If your curtains are not too heavy, tension curtain rods can also be a great alternative. There are various models to choose from, based on your preferences.

2. Add mirrors

Got too much space left on your wall? Why not try something reflective? A mirror will immediately transform a boring place, making it look more stylish. It will also give the impression of more space.

3. Art shelves

Are you an artist? Then why not showcase the works you are most proud of? Don’t worry, you don’t have to make it look like a museum. Just hang some shelves on the wall and place your creations there. Whoever comes to visit will be drawn towards that corner and complement your art.

4. Use floating shelves

You can use small, floating shelved to add things such as plants or various decorations on your wall. Besides filling the blank walls, this also gives a modern look to your room.

5. Wallpaper designs

Wallpapers have always been a popular option to decorate the walls – and the best thing is that you can find them in a variety of colours and models. Look in stores for amazing wallpapers and find the ones that would fit your style and your house. This trick will change the entire mood of the home.

6. Botanical prints

It can be really fun to do this DIY project and make your own decorations. You can use canvas, on which you lay some plants, and then spray paint over it. This will create a nice print that can go anywhere on your walls and add style.

7. Add some baskets

Do you have some baskets that you don’t use anymore? Then why not use them to decorate your walls? They will add a casual, cottage look, and they will also offer you extra storage space.

8. Books on the wall

For those who have worn, unreadable books, this is a great option. Hang up some covers and pages on the wall after framing them, and you’ll instantly have some unique decorations to brag about.

9. Gallery wall

Paintings and photos are always a great way to decorate your house. Frame multiple paintings/photos/posters – depending on the style you want to achieve – and mix them to create a whole gallery wall. It will look amazing and fill up the blank space.

10. Chalkboard

If you have kids, a chalkboard would be a great way to keep them occupied, and it will also look very fun. Add one on your empty wall, and let your kids unleash their creativity.

11. Washi tape ideas

Washi tape is a nice craft material that is very colourful and is removable too. You can use the tape to create various designs on your wall and imitate the look of wallpaper.

12. Refinish furniture

You can use an old piece of furniture and refinish it to look like a work of art. Use various things to make it more colourful and fun and place it in front of the empty wall. Add some decorations on it and artworks above to complete the look.

13. Use your plates

If you have too many plates, you can use some to create a wall of art. Make sure you select the more colourful ones and they will add a fun pattern to your room.

Final thoughts

If you’re tired of your empty walls, these 13 ideas can completely transform the entire look of your walls and, consequently, of the entire room. See which of the suggestions suit your style and get started on them so that you can enjoy your time indoors even more. Don’t hesitate to use eco-friendly items for your projects too.

Zana Dodig loves interiors and everything related, from decorating to organizing and remodelling. Her favourite part of interiors for the last 20 years has been window coverings. She works as a window treatment consultant and writer at and


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