Work Smart: Tie One On

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Work Smart: Tie One On

In every issue of Renovation Contractor we include a readers’ time-saving tip for getting the job done, and send them a great prize for sharing their idea. In our December 2017/January 2018 issue, John Estey of Hopewell Residential in Calgary shares this tight tip:

If you are using something like a Tapcon, without a sleeve, and it doesn’t quite have the bite you need I find it handy to have some tie wire on hand. I fold a length of wire in half and then secure it into my drill so I can twist it nice and tight. Put a few lengths of the newly twisted wire into your hole and it should give you all the bite you need.


Totally wired

Think you’ve an idea got with some bite? Send it to allan@renocontractor.ca and you could see you idea in print, and win a great prize from DeWalt.


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