What exactly is hygge?

What exactly is hygge?

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What exactly is hygge?

by Tania Richardson
Tomas Pearce Interior Design

Everywhere we look these days, we are being presented with the Danish concept of “hygge” (pronounced hooga). Hygge is a lifestyle that means good social atmosphere and bringing comfy, cozy elements into your day-to-day life. It’s about embracing family, good friends, delicious comfort foods and your favourite design and decorating elements.

At Tomas Pearce, without knowing it, we have been creating hygge for years! In this day and age, when space is at a premium, we find ourselves utilizing every nook and cranny of our clients’ spaces to provide cozy design functionality. This includes inviting window seats with plush down-filled seating and lots of toss cushions for curling up and relaxing, and large, appealing club chairs and sofas with ottomans. We seek sumptuous textiles and materials that are super soft and cozy, yet luxurious and sophisticated.

Kitchens are a place for families to gather, and we like to maximize plush seating and incorporate areas for entertaining. For the chefs of the house, we provide ideal layouts for cooking and conversation. We design bathrooms with heated floors and towel bars and install oversized bathtubs for two. In the bedroom, we use soft colours, lower levels of lighting and supple bedding with down duvets.

Essentially, hygge and cozy are the same thing, and it’s very easy to add elements of hygge into your home. In fact, most people probably already practice some aspect of it. Easy ways to add more hygge into your space can include soft and fuzzy throw blankets, down-filled toss cushions, relaxed fabrics and textures. Don your favorite pair of slippers and warm bathrobe, light some candles and soften your lighting levels by adding dimmers, and you will create a hygge environment. Surround yourself with colours you love. It’s about what feels familiar and comforting to you. It’s not about material items, but ways to embrace the most important elements in your life — your family and friends.

Demark is a leader in initiating a lifestyle that we can all appreciate. Our world is fast paced and technology driven with no signs of slowing down. Hygge is an inspirational word that is a reminder to slow down and savor what is important in life. Nurture your relationships, embody who you truly are and enjoy life’s simplest of pleasures.

To make a happier home, be true to the way you and your family want to live. Design your home as per your lifestyle. Avoid getting caught up in the latest trends to impress your friends; trends are just that — trendy. Design and decorate your home with furniture and art you love. Have an escapism space for you to unplug from technology. This could be an intimate reading nook, a place to mediate, listen to music or just be. De-clutter your home and live with minimal “stuff.” Not only will you feel better, but you will also save time and money.

Spend lots of time outside. Go for a walk and enjoy nature, ride your bike or have a picnic outdoors. If your living space has access to the outdoors, create a welcoming spot where you can sit outside and let your mind and body be still. Use your imagination and create your very own hygge retreat, and you may just find some piece of mind along the way.

Hygge can be found in various spaces around my home. I work hard during the day and when I come home, I want to be able to stop and drop anywhere my heart desires. My favorite hygge is wrapping myself in a soft cashmere blanket in my cozy club chair adjacent to the fireplace with my favorite coffee mug and slippers. Second would be my comfy bed with its eucalyptus bed sheets, down duvet and sea of toss cushions. For myself, the real secret to a happy life is to love unconditionally, live simply, travel often, be a positive influence and be grateful for who you are and all that you have.

Tania Richardson is a principal and partner in Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc., which offers a complete range of interior design services, project management and interior styling to a multi-national clientele. They can be reached through tomaspearce.com


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