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The Courtyards

New condominium is the first phase of what will become Cathedraltown’s crowning achievement

Cathedraltown, which surrounds the awe-inspiring Cathedral of the Transfiguration, is in its last high-density stages, with ground to be broken in September 2017 on The Courtyards 1, the first of two five-storey buildings that will contain spacious one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and multi-level condominium suites and ground-floor retail.

The Courtyards are the first phase of what will become Cathedraltown’s crowning achievement — a magnificent Piazza that will surround the Cathedral and highlight what is sure to become a heritage destination for future generations.

The Courtyards are unique, with features and amenities not found in other condominium developments. Most of the suites have been designed to provide greater living space, more ensuite bathrooms and larger outdoor terraces than similarly priced condominiums. Each of the two buildings of The Courtyards will have a green roof overlooking beautiful connecting indoor and outdoor reception rooms and a landscaped and furnished courtyard for the exclusive use of residents and their guests.

The entrance to the courtyard will be through the glazed loggia that spans the entire width of the courtyard. An identical loggia on the opposite side, but without access to the courtyard, will contain seating for guests of a potential future café. Within the courtyard there are two stands of white Siberian birch trees that will overlook umbrella-shaded tables. As with all public furniture in Cathedraltown, the courtyard’s chairs and tables will be forged of elegantly designed black wrought iron.

The architecture of The Courtyards follows the original Cathedraltown concept designed under the direction of Donald Buttress, Architect and Surveyor Emeritus of the Fabric of Westminster Abbey, in London, England, and based upon the classic Georgian and Regency styles that flourished in London during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The development of Cathedraltown began in 2006 with the construction of townhouses and semi-detached and detached houses just north of the Cathedral and south of the Arboretum and Heritage Orchard. Since then, hundreds of additional single-family dwellings and condominiums have been built, and more than 80 work-live townhouses with ground-floor retail now line High Street, which is directly behind the Cathedral.

With several thousand residents, scores of retail stores and businesses, and the nearby Lincoln Alexander Public School and Sir Wilfred Laurier Public School, Cathedraltown has now become a vibrant community – with more to come.

Once The Courtyards are completed, work will begin on the iconic Piazza that will surround the Cathedral. Four six-storey buildings, each containing condominiums and ground-floor offices, cafes, restaurants and boutiques, will occupy the corners of the Piazza. The expansive public spaces of the Piazza will consist of two squares.

Market Square will be adjacent to the two buildings on the southern flank of the east-west oriented Cathedral. This square will be at grade level with Pope John Paul II Square, the roadway running along the four sides of the Cathedral. Steps from Market Square will lead up to the Cathedral.

Surveyor’s Square, named in honour of Donald Buttress, will be on the higher ground along the northern flank of the Cathedral, at grade level with both the Cathedral and Pope John Paul II Square.

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