Taking walls from standard to stunning

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Taking walls from standard to stunning

Alendel Fabrics is turning the wall-covering world on its head with the release of two new, exclusively Canadian, lines accompanied by the new Non-Woven Backed Fabric Wall Covering Program.

“We are always looking for suitable new products to complement our fabric collections and this season we are extremely excited to announce the release of Enigma and Surface, two innovative collections of beautiful, quality wall coverings,” said Allison Shiraga, creative director. “These collections are exclusive to Alendel for the Canadian market.”

“We are definitely getting noticed by our customers — and competitors — as the company to watch,” said Jason Coleman, national sales manager.

Alendel’s latest offerings come in the wake of its long-standing reputation as the go to supplier for sheers, lining and great value basics. The company’s newest release came to market in August.


Every great wall begins as a blank canvas. Surface takes walls from boring builder- grade white to inspired works of art. Forget the overwhelming patterns of walls past — Surface features a subtle “imperfect” artisan texture that is complemented by various finishes, from patinaed neutrals and shimmering silk-inspired shades, to contemporary matte colours. Surface is uncoated, non-woven, easy to clean (spongeable) and is available in 60 fabulous colours.

Suggested retail price per single roll is $79.98. Sold in double rolls only.


Looking to add dimension, depth and a dramatic focal point in a room? Look no further. Enigma wall coverings have an irresistible “touch me” appeal that embraces texture and form. Shades and shadows visually enhance this collection of wall coverings, which features ridges and grooves. Pattern influencers include classic menswear, Georgian paneling, Mediterranean mosaics and modern geometrics. Inspired colours enhance the Enigma line, playing with mixed metals, rich woods, pearls and shells. All Enigma wall coverings are uncoated, non-woven backed vinyl and are easy to clean (spongeable).

Suggested retail price per single roll is $79.98. Sold in double rolls only.

Non-Woven Backed Fabric Wall Covering Program: Alendel is known for its wide-ranging collection of decorative fabrics. The company is now opening the door to endless custom wall-covering possibilities. Easily transform an Alendel fabric into beautiful one-of-a-kind wall coverings. Select from an extensive library of textures, prints, jacquards and embroideries, in an endless array of colours. Alendel’s process is simple, affordable and quick.


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