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Perspectives: Townhomes: Not What They Used To Be

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Perspectives: Townhomes: Not What They Used To Be

There are entry-level units as well as large luxurious townhomes

While looking for inspiration for this month’s article, I found myself first glancing back at the articles that have been written over the years in this publication. I find it interesting how trends evolve and then some return, while others just disappear. I also like to look at how many predictions have come true over time; we have managed a pretty good track record of getting it right so far.

We have seen many design changes over the years and our industry has worked very hard to adapt to the demands of the marketplace, while always trying to deal with the affordable housing question and making sure that the goal of homeownership stays alive and well.

Nowhere is it more evident than in the move of first-time buyers to now start off in condominiums, affording them entry into the housing market. Traditionally, for as long as I can remember, the first purchase was a townhome. Styles did not vary to a huge degree and the biggest difference was usually in square footage. We worked within a parameter that dictated our design philosophy and, after all, it was just a starter home. Fast forward to today and we can see that the townhome is a product with many variations and price points to suit every purchaser’s needs.

Through careful planning and innovation, we have brought to the market stacked, also know as urban towns, back-to-back towns, front-load (garage in the front) and rear-lane townhomes (garage in the back), just to mention a few. Builders offer homes with single- and double-car garages, some homes have underground parking, some with backyards and some without, some with roof decks and balconies to allow for personal entertainment and amenity space. There are entry-level products with just one bedroom right up to larger super-luxury townhomes.

Features and finishes of all levels are also available in the marketplace — if it’s an elevator you need or desire, that can be accommodated. I guess what I am trying to say is that there is something for everyone and in all price levels.

As consultants to the developers and builders throughout the GTA, we are listening to the demands of the buying public and working with amazingly talented architects to develop new plans and products to meet every families needs.

This fall promises to be a busy one with many new sites opening, showcasing some of the newest innovations in townhome design and use of space. We look forward to introducing you to many of these new homes in some of the best locations. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Elliott Taube is the president of International Home Marketing Group (IHMG), a fully integrated sales manage and marketing company. IHMG.ca


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Where Are They Now? Part 5 of 5

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Where Are They Now? Part 5 of 5

Beyond Homes
Location: Calgary
Employees: 7
Annual Revenue: $5 million
Appeared in: November/December 2014


Do not think for one minute that the downturn in Calgary right now thanks to plummeting oil prices will hinder the ambitions of Alkarim Devani and his innovative inner-city renovation company. Declining budgets have been just one reason Devani is doing a major pivot on his company. “We’ve shifted our focus. Our priority is to get families living in the inner city, but at a more affordable rate.”


Beyond Homes is currently in the process of changing its name to Rndsqr, and will be out of the single family dwelling market entirely by 2017. Too bad: those modern new builds with lots of green features at the hand of Devani were gorgeous. He’ll bring the same forward-thinking design to the 20 townhomes he plans to build next year.


These 1,200-sq.-ft. homes will come in rows of four and replace a single-family teardown in the city’s north or south end. He’s got five developments in the planning stage to be executed next year.

To sell these new builds, Devani will run a mobile showroom out of a 1969 Airstream. His slimmed-down employee roster of seven will be focusing on sales, marketing, and design. He’ll be contracting out the building of the townhomes.


As a newly sprung townhome developer, however, Devani still plans to do things quite differently. “I’m working on exploring the lifestyle component. Instead of just developing where they live, I also want to help them with how they live.” To that end, he’s networking with local companies to build partnerships to support his townhomes.


That may result in offering parking spaces for a car-sharing services or giving new buyers some free spin classes at a nearby studio. He plans to provide communal bikes for his new homes.


At a price point of about $550,000, these new builds will help map out the kind of city Devani has always dreamed of. He can’t do much about the price of oil or the local economy, but he can keep building Calgary’s inner city to match his ideals.

—By Diane Peters


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Life is an Odyssey in Grimsby

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Life is an Odyssey in Grimsby

Waterfront condominium and townhome community coming soon from Rosehaven

Each of us has our own individual style and views, but the water calls us home. Rosehaven is poised to bring luxury waterfront living with Odyssey. A brilliant 20-storey condominium complemented by 2 and 3-storey condo townhomes launching this summer by the shores of Lake Ontario in Grimsby.

Known as the gateway to Niagara, the gorgeous Grimsby waterfront is no longer the neighbourhood’s own secret. New home buyers have discovered the wonderful lifestyle and beautiful surroundings of this charming historic town. Set amidst everything that makes the Niagara Region appealing, Grimsby is a vibrant and growing town with a lively arts-and-culture scene, shopping, dining and more.

Here you will discover waterfront parks and conservation areas, with miles of tree-lined trails to explore. The Lookout Trail in the Beamer Conservation Area offers panoramic view of Grimsby and the lake and leads to Upper Beamer Falls. Coronation Park has the Lions Community Pool with a playground and splash pad as well as the Forty Mile Creek Trail, and a fun summer festival event called Happening at the Forty. The Bruce Trail runs through Beamer Valley, over the Forty Mile Creek and up to the escarpment where it has four lookouts offering an excellent lake views. Odyssey residents will love the Waterfront Trail at their door.

Odyssey’s 20-storey high-rise condominium residence will feature amazing views of Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment. Condo suites offer a choice of lakeview or Escarpment views overlooking this spectacular neighbourhood where the Escarpment meets the Lake.

Residents can enjoy the carefree ‘lock-and-leave condo lifestyle with brand new amenities, and no upkeep or maintenance chores. Feel comfortable going away on vacation without worrying about your home.

Because Rosehaven knows that everyone’s life story is unique, the innovative builder is creating a wide selection of condo suite designs, with spacious open concept interiors with contemporary finishes to complement your personal style.

The condo townhomes at Odyssey are fresh and contemporary both inside and out – Rosehaven designs not see before. Three-storey townhomes will feature rooftop patios with views of the Escarpment. Two-storey townhomes are set on the second and third floor above ground floor retail and will have views of the lake.

Living in Grimsby with the lake right across the street feels like another world. It’s hard to believe that it’s only 30 minutes to Oakville, Burlington and St. Catharines.

A few minutes away are world famous wineries to tour, beautiful Niagara On The Lake and all the attractions of Niagara. The new Grimsby GO Station opening soon will connect to the Lakeshore West line that runs all the way from Niagara to Toronto’s Union Station.

Those who love waterfront condo living surrounded by natural beauty are urged to register online for Odyssey right away. For more information, visit www.myodysseylife.com


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Record October 2017 for new condo sales

Record October 2017 for new condo sales

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Record October 2017 for new condo sales

Average price for available new detached homes rises to $1,548,888

New construction home sales soared in the GTA in the month of October, primarily driven by sales of multi-family homes, condo apartments in highrise and midrise buildings and stacked townhomes, the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) announced November 24.

There were 5,377 new homes sold in October, according to Altus Group, BILD’s official source for new home market intelligence. About 91 per cent of them (4,884 units) were multi-family homes and only 9 per cent (493) were lowrise single-family homes such as detached and semi-detached houses and townhomes. Condo sales for October were 81 per cent above the 10-year average of 2,697, and the highest October yet recorded, while lowrise sales were 64 per cent below the 10-year average of 1,388.

As of the end of October, 39,476 new homes have been sold in the GTA in 2017, 82 per cent of them condo apartments in highrise and midrise buildings and stacked townhomes.

“October data shows that the new homebuyer is left with very little choice when it comes to purchasing a new home,” said BILD president and CEO Bryan Tuckey.

“Provincial intensification policy has our members building more high and midrise dwellings making housing choices a challenge. The cost of a single-family home is out of reach for many consumers pushing them to buy a condo over a house. As a result we are seeing record-breaking condo sales and higher prices this year for new lowrise homes.”

While supply of new housing increased again in October and reached 12,500 units, it is still well below what is considered a healthy level. Supply of new housing is typically measured by the number of new homes available for purchase in builders’ inventories at the end of the month. At the end of October, there were 9,308 multi-family homes and 3,192 single-family homes available in the GTA.

“Demand for newly-built condominium apartments is being fueled by three key buyer groups – small investors who have become the de facto providers of new rental housing supply in the GTA; end user buyers who might prefer a single-family home but are seeking out more affordable options; and the more traditional end users who value the lifestyle and amenities of well-located projects,” said Patricia Arsenault, Altus Group’s executive vice president of research consulting services.

Prices of available new homes in October increased slightly for both single-family lowrise homes and multi-family homes. The average for available new single-family homes was $1,217,428 up from $1,204,829 in September, and 29.8 per cent above last October’s average price of $937,689. The average price for available new detached homes was $1,548,888 and the average for available new townhomes was $995,571.

Meanwhile the average price of available new condo apartments in highrise and midrise buildings and stacked townhomes was $677,456 in October, up from September’s $661,188. The average price per square foot was $791 and the average unit size was 857 square feet.

October 2017










































































Source: Altus Group


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Home Realty: Townhomes Are A Popular House Alternative

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Home Realty: Townhomes Are A Popular House Alternative

They’re spacious and private, but cheaper than detached

As the prospect of purchasing a detached home gets farther out of reach for most GTA homebuyers, townhouses are becoming an increasingly popular ownership option.

Townhouses tend to be more affordable than detached homes and they represent a more palatable alternative for those who don’t fancy the idea of living in a highrise or midrise condo. Townhomes offer the space and privacy of detached homes, but at a relatively lower price point.

Traditionally, townhouses have been two- or three-storey structures, some with basements and some without, with at least three housing units per building that share sidewalls with their neighbouring homes. These townhouses usually have a frontyard and backyard.

But as affordability has become more of a concern for buyers across the spectrum, other forms of townhomes have emerged that enable owners to still live in ground-oriented homes but not have to pay the higher prices that traditional towns command these days.

Enter the stacked townhouse, a housing type that’s been expanding exponentially of late across the GTA. These units are stacked vertically, with two to four units per structure. They may have a front or backyard, a patio or a rooftop terrace.

There are also back-to-back towns, which share rear walls and a sidewall with other units. These units have exterior spaces only in the front or on the rooftop. Then there are stacked back-to-back townhouses: stacked units that share a sidewall as well as a rear wall, with a front or rooftop exterior space.

Parking at townhouse complexes can vary and include above-grade, underground or private garages that are attached or detached from the homes.

Towns are built on a variety of lots, whether it’s infill urban developments in the heart of established neighbourhoods, at the base of condo complexes, or projects in locations that might have in years past been earmarked for detached home communities (builders are developing townhomes in order to hit density targets set out in the provincial growth plan).

Townhouse projects offer different types of ownership options: freehold and condo. With a freehold home, the buyer owns the home itself and the plot of land it sits on. With a condo townhome, the purchaser only owns the interior of the unit and the lot that the structure sits on is owned collectively by all of the unit owners.

With freehold ownership, owners may not have to pay a monthly maintenance fee — although some have fees that cover basic grounds maintenance — and there are often no rules dictating how the property should be maintained. If so, owners can add elements like decks or gardens and paint their home without requiring approval from the condo corporation. The flip side to not contributing to a reserve fund is that the owners must bear the full cost of any repairs that may be required, big or small.

With condo towns, all maintenance work (landscaping, snow removal, exterior repairs) is taken care of via maintenance fees and there is consistency in how the units in the complex are maintained, keeping property values at more or less the same level. The drawback with condos is that owners might end up paying fees for amenities they don’t use, such as a pool or gym.

Regardless of the ownership structure, townhouses are generally regarded as a good investment. Not only is the rent cheaper than it would be with a detached home, but the townhouse comes with many of the same benefits of a traditional house (privacy, outdoor space, ground-oriented living and fewer neighbours), making it far easier to secure tenants.

Debbie Cosic, CEO and founder of In2ition Realty, has worked in all facets of the real estate industry for over 25 years. She has sold and overseen the sale of over $15 billion worth of real estate and, with Debbie at the helm, In2ition has become one of the fastest-growing and most innovative new home and condo sales companies. In2ition has received numerous awards from the Building Industry and Land Development Association and the National Association of Home Builders.


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Demand for new homes continues to outpace supply

Demand for new homes continues to outpace supply

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Demand for new homes continues to outpace supply

In April, demand for new homes in the GTA continued to outpace supply and prices for all types of available new homes were up significantly, the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) announced May 24, 2017.

There were 4,680 new homes sold in the GTA last month, an increase of 7 per cent from a year ago according to Altus Group, BILD’s official source for new home market intelligence. Year-to-date sales of new homes in the GTA have been exceptionally strong. In the first four months of this year, 17,977 new homes were sold, 24 per cent more than during the same period in 2016 and 48 per cent above the 10-year average.

Meanwhile, the supply of new homes, the number of homes available to buyers in builders’ inventories at the end of the month, continued its unabated decline. At the end of April, there were only 9,387 new homes available to buyers across the entire GTA. This is the first time that overall inventory has dropped below 10,000 units since BILD and Altus Group began tracking such data more than a decade ago. A year ago, there were 21,056 new homes available for purchase in builders’ inventories.

“Builders are not able to keep up with the demand for new housing,” said BILD president and CEO Bryan Tuckey. “The product that builders are able to bring to the market is quickly purchased and prices for all types of new homes keep increasing as a result.”

In April, the average price of available new lowrise single-family homes, which includes detached, semi-detached and townhomes, was $1,212,297. That is 40 per cent more than the average price of such homes in April 2016.

Last month, the average asking price for available new detached homes in the GTA reached $1,810,232, while the average for available semi-detached was $856,036 and for townhomes was $946,496.

Prices of available new multi-family homes, condo apartments in highrise and midrise buildings and stacked townhomes, were up nearly 24 per cent from a year ago. The average price of available units hit $570,226 in April, with the average price per square foot at $685, and the average unit size 832 square feet.

Prices of available condo apartments were up due to both an increase in average unit size and a substantial increase in average price per square foot. Average price per square foot was up 17.5 percent from a year ago.

“The declining number of new homes available to purchase is not a question of less product being brought to market,” says Patricia Arsenault, Altus Group’s executive vice president of Research Consulting Services. “There were more than 11,000 units in projects opened in the first four months of this year – that’s about one-third higher than the average for the previous two years.”

Approximately 70 per cent of the new homes that were purchased in the GTA in April (3,265 units) were multi-family condo apartments in highrise, midrise or stacked townhomes, while 30 per cent (1,415) were new single-family lowrise homes including detached, semi-detached and townhomes.

Single-family lowrise sales were down 39 per cent from a year ago while sales of multi-family condo apartments were up 61 per cent from April 2016.

April New Home Sales by Municipality:

April 2017










































































Source: Altus Group


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Madison Group

Editor’s Choice: Madison Group

Latest News

Editor’s Choice: Madison Group

Inspired living at Frenchman’s Bay in Pickering

Madison Group has created residential communities in highly desirable locations across the GTA, building thousands of quality homes of lasting design and value. Madison will continue the tradition in their newest community in Pickering at Frenchman’s Bay. Located on the southern end of Liverpool Road, steps away from the waterfront, will be a collection of sophisticated, contemporary townhomes and detached singles nestled in a well-established, family-friendly neighbourhood.

The architecture will feature contemporary facades of brick, stone and stucco with details that create a distinctively modern look. Contemporary doors and large windows will add the finishing touches to the streetscape.

Detached two-storey homes of approximately 2,700 square feet with double-car garages will feature four bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms and ample room for families to cook, live and relax in style. Townhomes of 1,910 to 2,215 square feet will offer private single-car garages at grade, generous three- or four-bedroom floorplans on three levels, plus a basement. Step out your front door to the revitalized public park with a playground, a basketball court, seating area and a walking trail.

Pickering’s City Hall, Main Central Library and Recreation Complex are just a short drive away offering amenities and enriching programs for the whole family. Located near Highway 401 is Pickering Town Centre, an approximately 1-million-square-foot regional shopping centre with over 200 retailers, restaurants and services. An enclosed convenient pedestrian bridge connects Pickering Town Centre to the Pickering GO Transit station, a major transit hub, with all day train service on the Lakeshore East line, making commuting a breeze.

Frenchman’s Bay offers a superb range of natural, recreational, heritage, arts and cultural attractions for residents and visitors. It is the spectacular natural landscape and abounding recreational opportunities that make Frenchman’s Bay a coastal haven for outdoor enthusiasts. At the southern tip of Liverpool Road, past the cafés, speciality shops and fine restaurants of The Nautical Village is Millennium Square, a public square where open-air concerts are often staged in the summer. You can’t miss Frenchman’s Bay Marina and the significant presence of boaters and sailing activity in the surrounding waters during the summer months. To the southeast is Beachfront Park with its elevated boardwalk and beautiful views across Lake Ontario. Here, you can settle in for a picnic on the beach while the children enjoy the splash pad or playground. If you’re in the mood to exercise or explore, then head into the Waterfront Trail system that encircles Frenchman’s Bay and runs east and west alongside the Lake’s shoreline. Three major trails – perfect for cycling, running or walking – traverse protected wetlands and woodlots, bluffs, beaches and expansive conservation areas.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own and live in a naturally beautiful, inspired village by the bay in a well constructed and attractive home with nearby conveniences to meet the lifestyle demands of modern families. Pre-construction sales will commence summer 2017.

Frenchman’s Bay

Register online to receive priority updates.



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Editor’s Choice: Lindvest

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Editor’s Choice: Lindvest

Exciting times ahead

Lindvest has had an incredibly productive year doing what they do best: building homes. Seven of their projects are busily under construction all across the GTA: Aurora, Brampton, Markham, Newcastle, Toronto, Newmarket and Richmond Hill. From detached homes, elegant townhomes, and highrise condos, the Lindvest projects come in all shapes and sizes. But Lindvest certainly isn’t a company that rests on its laurels. Several exciting new projects are on the horizon.


The first comes to the wonderful town of Oakville. Traditional and contemporary lines will fill the streets of the project called North Oakville, an elegant collection of detached homes in this desirable neighbourhood. Generous lot sizes range from 36, 38, 41, 43 and 45 feet, meaning there is something for every size of family and every homeowner’s desire. Plans range from 2500 to over 4000 square feet with elevations that cater to all tastes, whether traditional or more contemporary. Destined to be a beautiful community, North Oakville is tentatively set to launch its first phase in the summer of 2017.


The Lindvest community Gracefields in Newcastle has been growing for several years now and the builder is proud to announce a new addition to the family: The Towns at Gracefields. An enclave of just 37 townhomes, these sought-after residences range in size from just under 1,500 to just over 2,000 square feet, offering space to start, grow and expand. It’s an exciting time in Newcastle as the community is prospering. Be sure to be part of the excitement when The Towns at Gracefields are released in the fall of 2017.


Lindvest continues to build in another of its favourite communities: Aurora. Beginning a few years ago with the incredibly successful launch of Aurora Glen, the momentum continues with an exclusive collection of 11 condominium townhomes known as The Enclave at Aurora Glen. These stunning townhomes are slated for release in late fall 2017. One only needs to take a look at the construction of the first two phases of Aurora Glen to know the excitement of owning in this incredible town. Don’t miss your chance to own in Aurora — these townhomes will be highly coveted.

It is a momentous time for Lindvest, to have so much construction underway. Watching their communities grow and seeing families move into their new homes is a feeling unlike any other. As the Lindvest motto says, “Life Happens Here.”


Go online to find out more about these great communities.



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Condo Towns now available at Pace on Main in Stouffville

Condo Towns now available at PACE on Main in Stouffville

Latest News

Condo Towns now available at PACE on Main in Stouffville

Geranium has released for sale new condo townhomes at PACE on Main in downtown Stouffville. Now under construction at the corner of Main and Lloyd Streets (between 9th and 10th Lines), PACE on Main is the first condominium to be built in the heart of Stouffville.

Located on the ground floor, each townhome will feature a front door on Lloyd Street and a second interior entry with convenient elevator access to PACE’s wonderful building amenities. Homes will come with a storage locker and underground parking for two cars. Townhomes offer the advantages of condominium living with the spaciousness of a two-level home. Available floorplans are a 1,610-square-foot, two-bedroom plus den and a 1,779-square-foot, three-bedroom design. Prices start from $749,900.

Townhome appointments include stainless steel kitchen appliances, granite kitchen countertops and laminate engineered flooring.

PACE on Main will rise to five storeys, with only 64 suites plus three townhomes in total. The building is situated just steps to the Stouffville GO Transit station, making travelling into Toronto quick and convenient. This ideal location is also a short stroll to comprehensive modern amenities on Main Street, such as a wide assortment of shops, eateries, theatre, an art gallery, multi-purpose entertainment centre and a variety of services. Steps away, Memorial Park is beautiful in all four seasons, and the Leisure Centre in town offers swimming, organized programs and a public library. The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville also boasts golf courses, hiking and cycling trails that connect to York Region’s large forested areas, farm shops, sports fields, an arena, playgrounds, and equestrian venues. In addition, the City of Markham and Markham-Stouffville Hospital are just 10 minutes to the south.

PACE on Main has timeless brick-and-stone architecture that will blend with its charming surroundings. The condominium features its own amenities appointed by the celebrated design firm Bryon Patton & Associates. These include an outdoor terrace with a barbecue area and The Main Street Lounge with a kitchen, bar, two fireplaces and a billiards table.

A handful of suites are still available, including one-bedroom-plus-den and two-bedroom layouts ranging in size from 879 to 1,028 square feet. Prices start at $519,900 and include an underground parking space.

This year marks award-winning Geranium’s 40th anniversary of bringing master-planned communities to life, with more than 8,000 homes completed. Geranium is well known for creating desirable neighbourhoods and has established a solid reputation for quality design and construction. To celebrate the company’s success, Geranium has introduced the 40 Years of Giving program, a special initiative that will form one aspect of its annual donations to charity. For every Geranium home purchased this year, the company will donate $150 per lot or suite in the name of the homebuyer to a charity chosen by them from one of 12 pre-selected organizations.



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Fieldgate Homes

Cover Story: Editor’s Choice: Fieldgate Homes

Latest News

Cover Story: Editor’s Choice: Fieldgate Homes

Choose your neighbourhood, choose your home

Fieldgate Homes is always looking for the best locations to plan its vibrant communities for its future homeowners. By striving to create that perfect balance of natural beauty and convenient urban amenities, and providing the GTA’s best selection of acclaimed home designs, Fieldgate pride itself on creating communities that are truly second to none.

Fieldgate be opening several new communities in the coming months, giving you even more opportunities to discover the Fieldgate home that is right for you and your family.


Since it opened, Valleylands has been a top choice among homebuyers in West Brampton. Once you discover this community for yourself, you’ll understand just why that is. At an ideal location on the west side of Chinguacousy Road, south of Queen Street, this is a place where the valleys surrounding the Credit River offer a breathtaking outdoor playground of lush green parkland, with major urban conveniences all just moments away.

Fieldgate Homes is pleased to continue the success of Valleylands with an all new release of 38-, 41- and 50-foot singles from the $900,000s coming in early 2017 in this picture-perfect setting. With a wide range of floorplans with four and five bedrooms, you can find something that is the right choice for your family here.

For most families, school is a top priority, so it’s nice to know that Valleylands is ideally situated to take advantage of many of Brampton’s wonderful educational facilities. A new elementary school is now open right in the Valleylands community, while Queen Street Public School and Sir William Gage Middle School are just a short walk north of the community. There are also a number of public and Catholic primary and secondary schools within a short distance.

In addition to excellent proximity to schools, Valleylands is also in a great location to take advantage of a whole host of other lifestyle amenities. The Heartland Town Centre is only five minutes away, offering major retailers such as Best Buy, Home Depot and Costco. Nearby Erin Mills Town Centre, Trinity Common Mall and Bramalea City Centre also offer wonderful selections of shops and restaurants. For those in search of live entertainment, there’s the Rose Theatre, offering a year-round calendar of musical and theatrical performances. Golfing enthusiasts will be impressed with the great selection of golf courses within a short driving distance, and the commute to Toronto is a breeze with Highways 401 and 407 close by.


An all-new release of freehold townhomes will be announced soon at Stouffville’s popular Blue Sky Community. These freehold townhomes, starting from the mid $700,000s, have an innovative design that makes them feel more like attached semis in this popular community setting. GTA homebuyers won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity.

Stouffville’s Blue Sky is the new-home community you’ve been waiting for — a refreshing way of life full of old-fashioned charm, set in a dynamic, modern and convenient community of mostly detached homes just five minutes north of Markham. Over 1,300 families already call Blue Sky home, and there will be another release of 30-, 36-, 40- and 50-foot singles, so there has never been a better time to call Blue Sky your home too.

Inspired by Stouffville’s heritage architecture, the homes at Blue Sky are crafted in a complementary style. Beautifully designed with Victorian, French Second Empire and Tudor influences, the warm exteriors create the most welcoming streetscapes. Decorative trim, gable details and delicately pointed arch windows adorn the Victorian-inspired exteriors, creating inviting homes with a unique flair. The sweeping bell roofs, ascending turrets and dormer windows of the French Second Empire elevations make a grandiose statement sure to turn heads. Blue Sky also lets you enjoy all the finest modern conveniences with shops, schools, GO Transit, recreation and more all minutes away.


Fieldgate is excited to be offering a wide range of singles, semis and freehold townhomes at Richlands, a new master-planned community at Elgin Mills and Leslie.


Fieldgate’s next master-planned community is Whitby Meadows. It will feature an exceptional selection of 30-, 36- and 42-foot single-detached homes and freehold townhomes in west Whitby’s finest natural setting.


Go online for more information on any of these remarkable communities, Sales Centre locations, phone numbers and floorplans, or to register for upcoming communities.



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