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The Two Rs: Recycled Runners

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The Two Rs: Recycled Runners

Dek: Using scrap flooring to protect your new floors


Graham Torrie of Align Developments Ltd. in Cochrane, Alta., shares this floor protection tip

We came up with a simple reusable solution to protect floors on projects where we need to travel over finished surfaces. We approached our local flooring supplier and requested to purchase any leftover premium linoleum flooring. We had it cut into 36″-wide strips that are 12′ long. They can easily be trimmed to length to fit any configuration of walkway. Plus, they are a one-time investment that can last for years.

Rack ’Em Up

Want to lay down your own tip? Send it to managing editor Allan Britnell and you could see it in the magazine – and win a great prize from Stanley Black and Decker.


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CorkWood a beautiful new flooring from Torlys

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CorkWood a beautiful new flooring from Torlys

Torlys Inc., a company synonymous with bringing innovative flooring solutions to market, launches a truly revolutionary new type of floor with CorkWood.

“CorkWood is a specially engineered floor that has been created to bring together all the best features and benefits of other types of floors in one superior, all-inclusive product,” said Brian Gencher, VP of marketing at Torlys. “It combines the striking look of wood with the long-standing durability of laminate, and the wonderful comfort of cork.”

The Beauty of Wood

There is nothing like the welcoming look of hardwood. The top layer of Torlys Cork- Wood is made of a high-definition digitally printed compressed layer of cork in beautifully realistic patterns of oak and walnut. This innovative new program is offered in two collections. CorkWood Designer, featuring extra-long six-inch planks in nine beautiful, on-trend colours. CorkWood Elite comes in planks almost four-inches long and a diverse range of five colours.

The Durability of Laminate

CorkWood is engineered with a durable HDF smart core for dent resistance and a 3mm-thick (Designer) or 2.5mm-thick (Elite) top layer of compressed cork. The polyurethane finish is equivalent to AC4 laminate and the sophisticated printing process makes CorkWood more fade resistant than its traditional counterparts. This means it will perform like laminate and retain the stunning hardwood look for years to come.

The Comfort of Cork

Along with the compressed cork top layer, CorkWood includes the Torlys CorkPlus attached underlay for added warmth and sound insulation. The CorkPlus underlay is even infused with Microban antimicrobial product protection that inhibits the growth of mould and mildew. This program, along with all other Torlys cork collections, is Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) certified, ensuring the wood and cork used in the manufacturing process comes from responsibly managed forests. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Torlys is a fast expanding global flooring company that specializes in beautiful, responsible flooring. Torlys smart floors use the patented Uniclic joint to create an extensive selection of reusable flooring in leather, hardwood, laminate, cork, EverWood and EverTile and now CorkWood. Torlys sister brands include Torlys SuperSolid Hardwood and Marquee Floors.



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Product Showcases: Flooring

Product Showcases: Flooring

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Product Showcases: Flooring

by Rise Levy


Beyond Marble and Granite is committed to finding the ideal product to suit your budget and lifestyle. Their expertise and personalized approach ensures complete customer satisfaction. Offering a wide range of products from custom cabinetry to quartz and granite countertops to flooring, BMG also has a wide selection of mosaics and backsplashes, porcelain tile, flooring, faucets, sinks, and more.



Through innovative technology, the people at Factory Tile Depot are offering a selection of 6.5mm THIN porcelain material. With pieces ranging in size from 4′ x 4′ up to 5′ x 10′, this collection maintains the integrity and benefits of traditional porcelain tile while greatly broadening the application options.



Using materials that truly stand the test of time, these floors are easily cleaned and are scuff-resistant, keeping the new-flooring look for years after its installation. One of the largest advantages of vinyl is it’s waterproof, unlike many other materials. Vinyl plank flooring is an increasingly popular option for the home because of its versatility, flexibility, affordability, and durability.



Heating tiled floors increases the need for uncoupling to prevent cracked tiles and grout. Schluter-DITRA-HEAT provides both warmer floors and uncoupling in a single layer. Less installation time is needed and the floors are thinner so transitions to other floors are smooth and level. Wires can be placed exactly where needed.



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Dekton® by Cosentino

Dekton® by Cosentino

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Dekton® by Cosentino

Introducing Two New Marble-Inspired Colours, Opera and Natura 

TORONTO, ON. (November 1, 2017) – Cosentino, the global leader in the production and distribution of surfaces for the world of architecture and design, introduces two new striking colours for its ultra-compact surface brand, Dekton®.

The new additions join Dekton®’s existing Natural and XGloss Natural collections, offering a range of unique designs boasting excellent technical properties expected of the revolutionary ultra-compact surface brand. Created from a sophisticated blend of inorganic materials using an innovative ultra-compaction process, Dekton® has a high resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains and thermal shock. These benefits ensure its surfaces are durable and very easy to maintain, offering a wealth of possibilities for both internal and external projects, including flooring, façades, wall cladding and countertops.


Part of the Dekton Natural Collection, Opera is inspired by the current desire for marble interiors, taking inspiration from elegant Italian Carrara marble and boasting the extraordinary new soft touch finish from Dekton®, Velvet Texture. Simple, light grey veining adds depth and interest to the creamy white surface for a classic understated finish.


Part of the XGloss Naturals Collection, Natura replicates the style of marble with soft grey veining accentuating the classic white surface, offering a lustrous polished finish. With all the benefits of Dekton®’s technical characteristics, the colour’s reflective nature is due to the nano-technological treatment and mechanical polishing process it undergoes, resulting in a crystal-like shine.

Combined with the strength and stain resistance of Dekton®, the product provides exceptional performance paired with unique characteristics. This includes water repellent properties, ensuring an impressive resistance to stains. The nano-coating process and mechanical polishing also enhances Dekton®’s colour.

About Dekton® by Cosentino

The Dekton® by Cosentino ultra-compact surface is a new and innovative category of surfaces created with the objective of becoming a global leader in the world of architecture and design both for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Dekton® is a sophisticated mixture of the raw materials that is used to manufacture glass, porcelain materials and quartz surfaces. The Dekton® surface can recreate any type of material with a high level of quality. It is manufactured in large format (up to 126 in x 56 in) and thin thicknesses (0.8 cm, 1.2 cm and 2 cm). It as superior technical characteristics: resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains, thermal shock and very low water absorption.

All of these characteristics unique to Dekton® are present thanks to the technology used in its production, which has been developed exclusively by the Cosentino Group’s R&D department. Dekton® is manufactured with Technology of Sinterized Particles (TSP), an innovative ultra-compaction process. This contributes greatly to the fact that Dekton® is a completely revolutionary product; it is durable, very easy to maintain, and has potential for both indoor and outdoor uses including flooring, façades, wall cladding and countertops.

The prestigious architect and designer Daniel Libeskind used Dekton in the creation of “Beyond The Wall”, his only work in the Iberian Peninsula. Dekton® is sponsor of the “Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar”, where more than 430,000 sq. ft. of the product have been used in different areas such as the façades, flooring and other coverings.

Dekton XGloss has obtained Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016


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Flooring: It's a Hard Choice

Flooring: It’s a Hard Choice

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Flooring: It’s a Hard Choice

by Samantha Sannella


Wood floors can be extremely durable and offer an unparalleled natural beauty. Wood floors must be chosen carefully whether solid or engineered. There are many things that should be considered: hardness, finish, pattern and maintenance. The National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) sets standards for flooring and produces guidelines that manufacturers must meet to be certified. You can also refer to the Canadian National Floor Covering Association for guidelines when sourcing flooring.

The hardness of a wood is rated on an industry-wide standard known as the Janka test. It measures the force required to embed a .444-inch steel ball into the wood by half its diameter. This test is one of the best measures of the ability of a wood species to withstand denting and wear. It is also a good indicator of how hard wood is to saw, mill and nail.

Log's End reclaimed floor "pine"
Log’s End reclaimed floor “pine”

For example, Brazilian cherry, mahogany and pecan are at the top of the scale, while maple, ash and oak are in the middle. Soft woods include southern pine and Douglas fir. The NWFA also sets forth acceptable moisture content, board lengths, edge dimensions and thickness for both finished and unfinished hardwood. There are installation guidelines along with sanding and finishing.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing hardwood floors is the extent to which is will be used throughout the home. Due to its structural stability, engineered flooring is recommended for the basement. Many times, owners desire heated floors so recommending engineered flooring throughout the home can be a practical solution. Engineered flooring offers more stability during moisture shifts and typical problems seen in hardwood floors can be avoided when using a good quality engineered flooring.

Log's End reclaimed floor "birch"
Log’s End reclaimed floor “birch”

Not all flooring is created equal. There are many foreign sourced floors on the market that don’t meet strict North American quality guidelines. These product choices can be risky. Also, be aware that some product packaging can be misleading and make buyers believe that the products are Canadian, but they are not. Sticking with reputable products that provide good customer service is highly recommended when sourcing flooring.


One of the biggest trends on the market today is large-scale floor and wall tile. Some of these tiles are full-scale slab size 48-inch by 98-inch or larger. While the aesthetic of large tiles can be a bold choice, they sometimes also bring a large installation price. Ultrathin porcelain tiles can require special backings before installation to strengthen them, which can greatly increase the installation price. Tiles that are $12 per square foot can easily be $30 per square foot or more to install.

Max Fine porcelain tile floor
Max Fine porcelain tile floor

Tile patterns can be a unique way to add interest to floors. Many of the newer patterns — such as hexagons, herringbones and chevrons — can make beautiful entries, kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. One of the biggest benefits to porcelain floors is durability and ease of maintenance. Through-body porcelains also offer aesthetic protection in case of deep scratches or chips. Many of the newer choices also mimic natural stone and can be almost identical at a fraction of the cost.

To be certain of the quality of porcelain products, consider doing your homework at the Tile Council of North America. Porcelain products are moisture tested to ensure that they meet the strict standards set forth for non-absorption. Certified porcelain products can be used outside and are considered frost proof. Certified products carry the Porcelain Tile Certification Association label.


While natural stone carries a lifetime of beauty, careful thought must be given to using natural stone, a non-renewable resource, in appropriate situations. Building interiors that have long life spans, such as commercial lobby spaces, are the perfect choice natural stone. Homes that are designed to be timeless, rather than trendy, are also a good choice for natural stone products.

Visiting showrooms to view natural stone products can be like visiting a candy store. Marble, granite, onyx, limestone, quartzite and slate (among others) are some of the most beautiful finishes our earth offers.

Stone requires special maintenance, so reviewing this with the client before specifying it is necessary. While clients may like the idea of natural stone, many won’t like the idea of the special maintenance it requires.

There are numerous associations that regulate standards and make recommendations for installation. The Natural Stone Council is a good resource for designers to learn about natural stone characteristics.

One of the most interesting things about designing with stone is the ability to create your own patterns through water-jet cutting. It can be as simple as providing a vector file to a supplier and specifying sizes, repeats and dimensions. Cutting in metal or glass inlays can also offer something unique. While this can be costly, creating your own patterns or inlays can offer clients original ideas and solutions for their spaces.

SAMANTHA SANNELLA, BFA ID, M ARCH, is a designer, educator and principal at Urban Retreat Homes.

She is an expert in the field of design and construction and is a columnist for RENO & DECOR and editor of the Ontario Design Trade Sourcebook.



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4 Main Options when Picking Flooring for Your Home

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4 Main Options when Picking Flooring for Your Home

New floors can considerably change the look, feel and value of your house, especially if you are dealing with old flooring or need to replace the carpet. The good news is that there are many sweeping trends you can pick from. This article looks at the four main options you will have when picking the right flooring for your home renovation project.


The most prestigious material is definitely the hardwood. Hardwood is usually made from solid lumber that is a natural insulator. It is mostly preferred because it can match with just any interior décor, it’s easy to clean and adds significant structural strength. Oak, maple, and cherry floors are the most popular materials in Canada due to their hardness, thus durability. Hardwood floor will attract and retain less dirt hence reducing molds and allergens from your home.

The problem with the hardwood floor is that it is not moisture resistant. You cannot afford to leave spills for too long because the will be absorbed by the wood. Individual boards may also expand or contract when exposed to varying humidity levels indoors. For the best performance, you will need to keep the indoor humidity at between 45% and 55% throughout the year.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is a much better alternative to a regular hardwood, although it is more expensive. These floors are made using the uppermost layer of dried hardwood and the lower layers are composed of solid wood, plywood or HDF. The pieces are pressure bonded.

The good thing about this option is that it is moisture resistant and more durable. You don’t need to keep a close eye on temperature and humidity levels when using this flooring. You also enjoy more flexibility during installation since there are many installation methods. The downside is engineered hardwood is costly.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has been very popular in Canada in 60’s and 70’ and up until 2000s was mostly used in commercial buildings. In the past few years Toronto homeowners have begun favoring cork flooring due to its unique retro-look and eco-friendly nature. Home gym, kitchen and kid’s room would benefit from cork floor’s shock-absorbent structure.

This flooring is made from cork oak tree and the tree itself doesn’t need to be cut to harvest the material. It is highly resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria which makes it a good option for people with allergies.

The downside is that cork scratches easily and it is not moisture-friendly. Most of professional contractors do not suggest using cork flooring in bathrooms, laundry area or basements.

Laminate Flooring

The forth option is laminate flooring. This one is gaining popularity mostly because it has longer life span and offers remarkable aesthetic effects; as well as several cost saving benefits. It is easy to install, clean and maintain.

One of the greatest laminate benefits is its versatility. Prints on laminate can simulate any desired pattern and color: from warm wood-like palette to modern grey stone or marble. And it will cost you much cheaper than actual marble floors.

Laminate floors are also a wise option if you are planning on installing in-floor heating. Nowadays homeowners in Toronto are including such floor-heating systems in their house renovation projects by default. First, it adds warmth and a comfort to any room. Second, it increases the house value overall making heated floors a rational investment.

Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic tiles are the best alternative to any other flooring if you need it to be waterproof or easy washable which makes them ideal option for bathrooms, kitchens or outdoor patios.

Ceramic floor is extremely durable and not so easy to crack when installed. Properly installed tiles can serve you for 20 years and even longer when properly taken care of. And even if one tile gets cracked it is pretty simple to remove it and replace with a new one.

In Toronto ceramic flooring would cost you between $1.50 to $6 per square foot depending on quality, tile size and pattern. This makes it moderately expensive option, but will long-term value to a property price.

Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is one of the most expensive, but durable and versatile type of floor. Most homeowners in Canada pay between 10$ to 20$ per square foot for professionally installed marble flooring.

Its luxury look and elegant texture can turn your house into a castle. Marble tiles come is various colors and sizes, easy to install and will last forever.

Another benefit of this floor compared to other soft flooring options is the fact that it’s easy to clean and hypoallergenic. It is also a perfect match for any floor-heating system, as a natural material marble stays warm longer after the heating system is turned off.


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Product Showcase: Flooring

Product Showcase: Flooring

Latest News

Product Showcase: Flooring

by Rise Levy

The Look of Hardwood

At X-Tile, get the look of hardwood with this glossy porcelain tile available in 8-inch x 46-inch format in three beautiful colours. X-Tile has three locations in Toronto and Mississauga and offers a wide range of ceramic, glass, metal, porcelain, natural stone and mosaic tiles. Open seven days a week.



Luxury Flooring

American Walnut flooring is making a comeback in luxury flooring. Both in solid and engineered formats, this beautiful hardwood — with natural variations from the light sapwood to the dark core — is impossible to ignore. M2 Flooring & Design Centre is your best source to explore this and other varieties of luxury hardwood flooring.



Delivering Flooring Excellence

With 94 years of innovative crafting and delivering flooring excellence, Satin Flooring, formerly known as Satin Finish, captures the endless possibilities of what beautiful, quality flooring can be, offering an extensive selection of premium Solid, Engineered and Laminate floor products. They are a proud Canadian company committed to providing you with high quality and stylish flooring you can trust.



Condo Balcony Flooring

KANDY Outdoor Flooring expands home experiences by providing outdoor flooring for condo balconies, and common areas on multi-unit residential buildings. The unique value provided to its clients consists of service, quality and choice. KANDY manufactures its own uniquely designed and proprietary products right here in Canada. Visit the website today or call for your free, no obligation in-home consultation.




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Design: Flooring Inspiration: Design Underfoot

Design: Flooring Inspiration: Design Underfoot

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Design: Flooring Inspiration: Design Underfoot

by Linda Mazur

The season is once again upon us as many of us are feverishly exploring design magazines for inspiration and direction for our next renovation.

As small-space dwellers we have resolved that our renovation options sometimes differ a little because we live in a condo. however not wanting to compromise, we still aim to create a magazine- worthy look in our home. When designing a space many of us look for inspiration in fabrics and colours, why not look down and get inspired by your flooring! It may be a bit unconventional to imagine that flooring could in fact be the root of the design for your room, but with today’s flooring options it’s definitely a possibility.

Whether you reside in a modern new build or a charming vintage walk-up, I think we can agree that when it comes time to renovate, inspiring flooring options that meet condo restrictions can sometimes be sparse. Recently though, we have been seeing a surge in beautiful new luxury vinyl, vinyl composite core and laminate flooring options that are definitely on trend and set to inspire our design creativity.

Laminates have been around for quite awhile and are a hard surface flooring manufactured using material like medium or high density fibreboard which forms the core. Luxury vinyl is a soft surface flooring product that is flexible. It comes in a variety of installation options providing a great look and comfort too. One of my go-to suppliers of high-end luxury vinyl, Evoke, provides many fantastic options that have the look of wood, stone or other natural material. Vinyl composite core is a newcomer to the manufactured flooring world. This flooring combines the best features of laminate and luxury vinyl. The floor boards are rigid planks that click together like laminate, but are constructed from a water-resistant vinyl composite material that gives them the flexibility of vinyl flooring that can be installed anywhere.

So, the question remains, how can flooring be inspirational? Envision a great distressed floor in a weathered shade of brown with accents of ashen greys, reminiscent of aged vintage flooring found in an old Parisian apartment. Add some wonderful custom millwork, beautiful plaster moulding ceiling detail and a charming old chandelier. Play off this vintage look by adding a simple tailored sofa, Scandinavian inspired chairs, perhaps a rustic coffee table and some great pops of colour with accessories, topping it off with beautiful soft billowy linen sheer drapes; creating for yourself an elevated yet relaxed living space all inspired by our distressed looking flooring.

Evoke - EvokeFlooring.com
Evoke – EvokeFlooring.com

But let’s not stop there, this same flooring has many lives and looks to offer us. This same flooring can inspire a typical urban kitchen to have a more relaxed, country-chic feel. When blended with warm mixed metals, a mix of soft grey and wood toned cabinetry and a vintage looking quartz countertop you are on the way to creating for yourself a great kitchen space to enjoy with family and friends.

Inspiration can be found in many different ways. This year is all about colour, texture and pattern, all key elements of good design. Instead of starting your next renovation with a paint colour, fabric or cabinetry, try something a bit different and look to see what’s underfoot…you may be surprised with what you find!

Linda Mazur is a nationally publicized designer and Principal of Linda Mazur Design Group.

With almost two decades of experience this in demand multi-disciplinary design firm is known for creating relaxed stylish spaces and full-scale design builds within Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.




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Universal Design

Universal Design

Latest News

Universal Design

by Samantha Sannella

As our population ages and diversifies, demand on design professionals is growing. The following is an abbreviated checklist for applying Universal Design concepts to your solutions.

Lighting and Electricity

As we age, we need approximately 30% more light to see clearly. Provide an increased number of electrical outlets for extra lighting — especially in bedrooms. Mount electrical outlets at 18″ AFF and switches 48″ AFF. At bedside tables, mount outlets at nightstand height. Consider sourcing lighting that uses the same type of light bulb — ideally an LED one to minimize changing them.

In addition to good quality general lighting in the kitchen, under cabinet task lighting is very important.


I cannot overstate the importance of non-slip flooring. While we all love a polished marble entry, an Ontario winter with muddy boots can cause a slip and fall accident. The bathroom is a frequent site of injuries; consequently non-slip flooring is important here as well. Mosiacs can work well in this situation. Between rooms, minimize the threshold as much as possible. Thresholds are difficult to navigate for persons in wheelchairs and with limited mobility. Moreover, carpet can be difficult for wheelchairs and area rugs must be secured thoroughly as they present a trip hazard.


When designing kitchens, ensure that appliances are easily operable and intuitive. Too many options can create problems! Easy to read controls are a must. Make sure that a high level of contrast is provided. Controls should also be glare free. Ergonomic controls that are easy to operate without hand strength are a must.

Induction cooktops are great. They only work via the magnetic connection between the cooktop and pot so when the pot is removed, the heat goes off. A ‘lock-out’ feature is a good addition that prevents children from accidentally turning the appliances on. When sourcing an oven, ensure that the racks are easy to remove and clean. Fail-safe features, such as automatic shut off, is great for cooktops, ovens and other appliances that can overheat.

Appliances that beep and or flash when on or opened are good for all of us, but especially the aged or those with children.

Ovens present a big problem for people without strength. I highly recommend a wall mounted oven rather than a range, as it is easier to control the height and hence, the lift strength needed to place and remove food. As well, a microwave with easy access to a shelf nearby is a good solution. Kitchen cabinets with knee space under sink or cooktop is a great idea. Additionally, an area where food preparation can be performed from a seated position is desirable.

Bottom mounted or side-by-side freezers are a better solution that the top mounted freezer, however, an ideal solution would be a separate fridge and freezer (both full width and height).

Dishwashers with top of door controls are an issue for people with limited visibility. They look great, but can be very difficult to read. When sourcing dishwashers, low decibel dishwashers are good for people with hearing impairments as background noises interfere with hearing aids.


Bar type pulls are much easier for persons with limited strength and touch-latch opening mechanisms are great options for everyone. It’s a good idea to offer a variety of storage options that are easily accessible. Shelves that roll out and drawers that are easy to pull are good options for all of us. No one really wants to get down on their knees to rummage through kitchen cabinets! For those pesky corners, Magic Corners that pull out and make use of all the space are truly a wonderful invention. There are many new and useful storage options available, included mechanized inserts that lower and raise shelves for upper cabinetry.


The best option for showers is curb-less with sliding doors. Swing doors are harder to maneuver around for the elderly or disabled people. It is always good to provide a vanity cabinet with knee space underneath. Suggest to your contractor to broadly applied blocking around inside walls, toilets, tubs and showers for grab bar installation. There are many new grab bars on the market that don’t look institutional.

Offset shower controls to avoid burning, bending, reaching and stretching. Under the showerhead is not ideal, as hot or cold water may shock the person. As always, anti-scald shower devices on plumbing fixtures are desirable.

Lever faucets in the kitchen and bath are a must. People with limited hand strength (this includes children) find circular dial type handles very difficult.

When renovating, it is common sense to put shut off valves at W/D, sinks and toilets; however, I still encounter many homes that don’t have them. This is a MUST! Relatively new on the North American market are toilet/bidet combination units or toilets that can include a washlet. I highly recommend these, as they make life much easier for people with limited mobility, broken limbs, aging population, illness, etc. And, as always, a 17″ or comfort height toilet is recommended. Especially useful is a wall-mounted toilet, as these make cleaning the floor a breeze.

Laundry Rooms

When planning laundry rooms, front loading machines with front mounted controls are preferred. Pedestal bases are preferable to raise the height. A nearby area for folding clothes and managing laundry is desirable, as is a place to hang-dry clothes.

Using Common Sense

Ease of Use, Size and Space for Approach of Use, Flexibility, Simple and Intuitive are established principles of Universal Design. However, a good dose of common sense will go a long way. Does it work for a child? Aging person? Would it work if you were pregnant? Or had a broken arm? When planning a renovation or new construction, ask yourself about the phases of your life and think forward to what you might require.

SAMANTHA SANNELLA, BFA ID, M ARCH, is a designer, educator and principal at Urban Retreat Homes and an internationally renowned expert in the field of design and architecture. She is a columnist for RENO&DECOR magazine and editor of the Ontario Design Trade Sourcebook.



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Mirage casts spotlight on new colours for 2017

Mirage casts spotlight on new colours for 2017

Latest News

Mirage casts spotlight on new colours for 2017

Mirage, the hardwood flooring brand renowned for quality, is once again launching new and exciting floors this year, expanding its product lineup to meet ever-more-stringent quality and design requirements.

Mirage gives you the authenticity of wood at its best, breaking fresh ground once again with its new board lengths up to 82 inches. The new lengths make any room in the house look bigger, and because fewer boards are needed to cover a given area, fewer joints are visible, yielding a spectacular, even look. The new lengths represent an average increase of 25 per cent on Mirage Engineered 5-inch (127 mm) and 6-1/2-inch (165 mm) widths.

Mirage has added two new colours, Gelato and Peppermint, to its Sweet Memories Collection, which hearkens back to the charm and authenticity of old-fashioned floors thanks to Mirage’s exclusive brushing and staining processes.

Gelato is a beige-gray that imparts a distinctive, luxurious look ideal for minimalist modern decors.

Peppermint is a pure ash gray that brings a touch of minerality into any home. It’s a fashionable addition that’s sure to be embraced for its timeless, classic style.

Gelato and Peppermint are offered on Maple Character in Classic technology in 3-1/4-inch and 4-1/4-inch widths, in Engineered technology in 5-, 6-1/2- and 7-3/4-inch widths and in Lock technology in 4-5/16-inch width. They are also available on Yellow Birch Character in Classic technology in 4-1/4-inch width with and Cashmere finish.

Red Oak Character in Nightfall
Red Oak Character in Nightfall

The Flair Collection gets a new colour: the rustic chic look of ultra matte Nightfall, which creates a timeless look, exuding rich yet classic beauty. Velvety brown tones with golden highlights make this floor amazingly versatile. It will endure for years without losing its original charm.

It now joins Flair — a luxurious collection of character-rich floors featuring the natural look of oiled flooring without the maintenance hassles, thanks to its ultra matte, highly resistant DuraMatt finish.

Nightfall is available on Maple Character and Red Oak Character in Classic technology in 4- 1/4-inch width and in Engineered technology in 5-, 6-1/2- and 7-3/4-inch widths with DuraMatt finish.

New Cape Cod colour joins Mirage’s Admiration Collection. The creamy beige tone captures the Scandinavian look that lets all the beauty of wood shine through. It evokes the very best in seaside living.

Cape Cod is available on Maple and Red Oak in Classic technology in 3-1/4- and 4-1/4-inch widths, in Engineered technology in 3-5/16-, 5- and 6-1/2-inch widths and in Lock technology in 4-5/16-inch width. It is also available on Yellow Birch in Classic technology in 4-1/4-inch width and in Engineered technology in 3-5/16-inch width. All come in semi-gloss and Cashmere finish.

Driftwood, a new textured colour in the Imagine Collection, a refined and highly nuanced gray that will add structure and character to any decor. With its cork look and textured surface, this new colour is perfect for modern, streamlined interiors.

The Imagine Collection is designed for active families and pet owners with a textured surface to help hide the marks and scuffs of daily life.

Maple Character in Peppermint
Maple Character in Peppermint

The new Driftwood is available on Maple Character and Red Oak Character in Classic technology in 3-1/4-inch and 4-1/4-inch widths and in Engineered technology in 5-, 6-1/2-and 7-3/4-inch widths with DuraMatt finish.

“Consumers and design professionals will find our new products for 2017 just as irresistible as last year’s,” said Brad Williams, VP of sales and marketing at Boa-Franc, manufacturer of the Mirage brand. “Our exclusive, rich colours and longer boards for larger-than-life interiors give you wood at its very best. And with the superior quality Mirage floors are known for-what more could you ask for?”

Mirage prefinished hardwood floors, designed and manufactured by Boa-Franc in Saint-Georges, Quebec, are synonymous with superior quality, beauty, and durability and guarantee product consistency, added value, and lifelong good looks. Mirage epitomizes attention to detail and the desire to create a product in perfect harmony with its environment. For more than 30 years, Mirage has been committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner in order to ensure sustainable development for current and future generations.



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