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CIOT: Discover Four Key Trends for Interior Surfaces in 2018

CIOT: Discover Four Key Trends for Interior Surfaces in 2018

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CIOT: Discover Four Key Trends for Interior Surfaces in 2018


Diesel Stage Ceramic Tiles, Metallic Grey colour
Diesel Stage Ceramic Tiles, Metallic Grey colour

With the new popularity of industrial design elements, metallic finishes are getting star billing in homes. There are now ceramic tiles that mimic metallic surfaces like copper, brass, gold, and silver. Paired with a minimalist décor, these unique design statements create wonderful plays of contrasts.

Our Diesel Stage tile collection, with its raw texture and metallic finish, comes in darker, muted hues, for an ultramodern look that wraps you in a whole new ambience.


Trapez Ceramic Tiles, Talco colour
Trapez Ceramic Tiles, Talco colour

Scale Umbrella Ceramic Tiles, White and Metallic colors
Scale Umbrella Ceramic Tiles, White and Metallic colors

This year, the beloved hexagon will slowly be eclipsed by triangular shapes and combination chevron tiles. If you’ve been pondering using repetitive shapes to create fun, playful spaces, this is your chance. The possibilities are really wide open with this trend. Work with a limited range of colours for a simple, neutral space or make a statement with bold, avant garde hues. Subway tiles, which are all the rage, can be lined up into chevrons for added movement.

For a feature wall that really pops, consider our Scale Umbrella collection. The 3D raised pyramid surface plays on shadow and light to great visual effect.


Imperial Venice Ceramic Tiles, Sale e Pepe colour
Imperial Venice Ceramic Tiles, Sale e Pepe colour

Terrazzo and mottled patterns will have major sway in 2018. In subtle hues or with pastel accents, terrazzo in particular will be a popular choice. With its graphical, vintage motif, irregular surfaces, and delicate specks, terrazzo adds a light, airy touch to any room.

Our new Imperial Venice tile collection is based on traditional Venetian terrazzo. It gets the look of marble fragments in cement just right, for a surface that’s truly unique.


Cementum15 Ceramic Tiles, Nature patterns
Cementum15 Ceramic Tiles, Nature patterns

Petra Tiles, Mix patterns
Petra Tiles, Mix patterns

Tiles with the look and feel of raw cement in vintage, geometric, and bohemian patterns will continue to be popular. We’ll also be seeing delicately textured monochrome ceramics. Both options are perfect for a floor with real character. Use patterned tiles selectively to mark boundaries (for a reading corner or entrance hall, for example) or to create the illusion of a rug. The bespoke, artisanal effect also makes for a bold, distinctive design element, especially in bathrooms and other confined spaces.

A simple patterned surface still creates a nice effect in an otherwise neutral space. Our Petra collection is an assortment of tiles in muted and beige hues. Combined, they infuse the room with a quiet vibrancy.



Founded in 1950, Ciot is a leading importer, distributor, retailer and transformer of marble, slate, onyx and ceramic tiles. The company, which offers a one-stop-shop concept, owns showrooms in Montreal, Quebec, Brossard, Toronto (3) and Detroit, as well as a business office in New York.



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Home Finds: Bathroom Breakthrough

Home Finds: Trend Watch: Bathroom Breakthrough

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Home Finds: Trend Watch: Bathroom Breakthrough

by Silvana Longo

From a sea of white fixtures and neutral backdrops emerges a new kind of bathroom—swapping safe with bold—we embrace colour, pretty patterns and sensual texture. Whether your bathroom is large or small, a symphony of design elements can breathe life into this hard-working room. It’s time to amp up the drama and add some oomph with these latest trends.

The iconic Marlborough tub from Victoria + Albert Baths is based on a traditional French bateau-style tub. Its double-ended design makes it the perfect statement- soaking tub for one or two people. Choose from three popular tones of grey, matte and gloss black or a soft-matte white.

Marlborough BATHTUB, light grey paint finish, $6,200;
Florin 26 TUB FILLER in polished chrome, $3,800;
Florin 20 SHOWER in polished chrome, $5,300;


FROM FLOORING TO COUNTERTOPS AND BACKSPLASH — there are so many options available, so it is important to do your homework. Besides, during your morning rush rituals, don’t you want to ensure all bathroom surfaces are up to the task?


The durability and low maintenance of GEOLUXE makes it the perfect choice for a bathroom countertop as it is resistant to chemicals, scratches, heat and frost, and is also very hygienic. This new material is incredibly versatile and can be easily integrated into any bathroom space for a superbly stylish look.

Complete slab: $2,350, cut to size: Geoluxe, $89.95 sq.ft.



The Double Ladybower Vanity was chosen by Architectural Digest for its AD Great Design 2017 Award. Martin Brudnizki conceived the vanity with simplicity in mind. Elegant, light and modern, it uses white marble and brassware in a pared-down design. Behind its contemporary lines lie functional considerations, including good storage space and details, such as the bent recess in the towel rail, which ensures that the towel stays in place.

Go to drummonds-uk.com for more information.


If you want to add some spa luxury to a slightly smaller master, this curvaceous tub comes in at 58 inches from tip to tip. The feel of this tub is like silk: smooth and sensuous. Because the silk-like, solid-surface material is easy to work with and mold, the Hastings Chelsea bathtub has curves in all the right places. It is 19 ¾ inches high on small end and curves up to 25 inches at the other end. Contemporary with a softer edge, the Chelsea is a sweet tub, perfect for rooms that want a lighter feel without compromising design. Durable, resistant to stains and easy to clean.

Chelsea Bathtub, $5,495 in matte white finish. $5,995 in glossy white


*Shipped worldwide from New York City.


From modern to traditional, here are the latest faucets for a bathroom refresh.




Elements FAUCET

3-hole deck mounted, $1,424


Infini FAUCET from THG Paris. Lavatory set in gold




The compact Cabrits 55 is an elegant, low-profile vessel basin perfectly suited for contemporary bathrooms. Its organic shape means it can be paired with any of Victoria + Albert’s range of modern freestanding tubs. Made from ENGLISHCAST, a unique and durable composite of Volcanic Limestone and resin. Choose from three popular tones of grey, matte- and gloss-black or a soft-matte white.

Cabrits 55 basin: $729
Tubo 19 faucet: $1,185



The Waldorf is a traditional collection featuring hexagons and octagons creating a detailed look. A robe hook with hexagonal back plate, available in two finishes.

Crosswater Waldorf Robe Hook
$95 – $125


The M Pro is a modern collection featuring cylindrical shapes and curved lines, creating a simple clean feel. The M Pro Towel holder is a single arm-mounted towel ring, available in three finishes.

Crosswater M Pro 7″ Towel Holder
$125 – $155



The Stack LED mirror features a unique lift-up door design for maximum storage. The touchactivated mirror has two electrical outlets and two USB ports inside the cabinet, as well as an open shelf on the right side for additional storage. With a full mirror on the interior and exterior, the mirror’s light illuminates through the frosted glass, and when closed, the lights stay in place. Available in two sizes and a stone-grey finish.

Stack LED Mirror, $1,995.

Ronbow available at Taps & Stone Kitchen & Bath


Deck-mounted Roman diverter valve and hand shower assembly. Available in six finishes.

Franz Viegener PLUS Deck Tub Hand Shower, $1,075


Intuitive in function and design, the GROHE Rainshower SmartControl is a fully personalized showering experience. The SmartControl delivers water at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second and stays consistent for the duration of your shower, preventing both water waste and scalding. CoolTouch technology ensures additional safety by preventing exposed metal surfaces from becoming hotter than the water temperature. This all-in-one solution combines impressive technology with organic design for a stylish and innovative statement.

Rainshower SmartControl, contact grohe.ca for pricing.


— SIL’s PICK —

“Bold & Big are making a splash in the bathroom. From floors to backsplash, say goodbye to neutral & minimalist and hello to colour, mosaics and texture…”

Silvana Longo

The combination of aged brass, marble and a sphere emanating light—what’s not to love? The hand-blown glass diffuser is clear on the outside and etched white on the inside, creating depth and polish… I would definitely add these sconces to a new bathroom. Boone Wall Sconce, $376, Hudson Valley Lighting is available in Toronto at Royal Lighting & Universal Lamp.



A playful mixture of materials and finishes, intersecting lines and contrasting shapes, characteristic of 1980s postmodern design. Three overlapping shapes define the sconce: a textured Venetian glass square, an oversized, bold leaf finished isosceles triangle reminiscent of a Spinnaker sail and a stainless steel circle. $585. Royal Lighting, Universal Lamp.



This all-white ceramic stool has an interesting cut-out detail that adds texture to the bathroom.

White stoneware cutout stool, 13″x18″, $200
Round blue-and-white porcelain dish. 5″ $4



— EM’s PICK —

Emilie Simpson
Art Director

Geometric tiles are still going strong, especially oversized ones. The latest eye-catching collection, Progetto 4D with its deep blue hue, has been all the rage with mid-century fans. These tiles are ideal as an accent wall accompanied by the plain version of the same tile or—for the more daring— on all the walls of the bathroom.

Progetto 4D is available in two colours (shown here in Deep Blue, and White), with four different 3D- motifs, in a matte 16″x32″ format.

Contact ceragres.ca for pricing.

1 The Gone collection, 8″x8″ format

2 The Orchestra collection, 8″x8″ format

3 Hops wall tile Nero in a 3″x6″ format.

Contact ceragres.ca for pricing.


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Architecture Expert – The Black and White Of It

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Architecture Expert – The Black and White Of It

A detailed look at how to pull off a bathroom in this classic colour combination.

I love the drama of a black and white bathroom, it’s elegant and fashionably timeless. By varying the physical and visual texture of the black-and-white materials and fixtures, the design possibilities are endless.

When designing a bathroom, create the overall floor plan and elevations first and locate the fixtures. This will determine how much of the budget will go to electrical, plumbing and carpentry. The next step is to source the fixtures.


Because fixtures vary so much in pricing and style, you may want to narrow down your choices before committing to an overall bathroom style. Remember, every manufacturer has their specific shade of white. Some plumbing fixtures are more off-white than others. Buying porcelain products from the same manufacturer guarantees a match. If you decide on black fixtures, I would definitely recommend you stay within the same manufacturer. Kohler has a beautiful line of black fixtures. The Kohler Veil is a wall-mounted elongated toilet that comes in ‘black black,’ which is Kohler’s darkest colour. Pair it with one of Kohler’s ‘black black’ sinks and tubs. Victoria and Albert also offers a lovely line of sinks and tubs in gloss and matte black.


Finding the perfect vanity can set the style for the bathroom. Luxury vanity companies offer freestanding vanities that are reminiscent of furniture. For true elegance, look for solid wood and hand-carved marble tops. There are many companies that offer ‘off the shelf,’ sleek, modern style wall-mounted vanities in gloss white and black. For those of you who want to make the most of your space, consider getting a vanity made with the countertop of your choice. The vanity can be made with customized drawers for makeup, jewelry and toiletries. Most recently, I have added pull-out trolleys as towers on either side of the counter to maximize vertical space. Additionally, for the budget-conscious, consider a vanity from a big-box store. Before committing, look for durable surface finishes and plywood or solid-wood construction.


The newest trend on the market is matte-black faucets. Most of the major companies such as Kohler and Delta sell them. Available for sinks and tubs, check the specific style line before you commit, as they are not always available for both and many don’t offer a bidet option.

Faucet, Brizo Vox Sink, Kohler Brillo Tile, Ciot


When sourcing natural-stone tiles or slabs, the earth gifts us with many amazing options. For those who want an extra special feature bathtub, consider a carved bathtub in Nero Marquina marble or polished black granite. When deciding upon a tub like this, make sure you consider what other fixtures you will pair with it. For floor or wall tiles, a wonderful marble choice is Port Black, which has a slight white vein. There are quite a few black marbles from Turkey, Spain and France, many with white veins or bronze veining. The classic Thassos marble from Greece is one of the whitest marbles, while marbles like Calcutta and Carrera vary from yellow to grey. For those of you with a big budget, White Quartzite is stunning and offers an unparalleled depth and visible crystals.


Porcelains and composite stones offer a more sustainable solution and allow the designer to play around with texture as many of these materials now have a 3D relief on the surface made possible by laser cutting. One such tile, offered by CIOT is the Brillo from Spain, which is a 3D-hexagonal tile. Each box comes with several profiles and they fit together like a puzzle. One of my favourite floors is Nero Marquina herringbone tile. Mix this with a crisp white vanity and tub, and you have an instantly stylish solution. There are thousands of choices in tiles, just remember slip-resistance is important in wet spaces. In a bathroom, I would highly recommend epoxy or stain-resistant grout.


Lighting a black-and-white bathroom can be tricky. You want to make sure that the white surfaces are free from shadows. As always, choose three types of lighting: general, task and decorative. Make sure fixtures are bright and dimmable. When choosing fixtures, pay special attention to the colour temperature, which is measured in Kelvin; 3000-3200K is a good temperature for bathroom light. The higher the temperature, for example 6000K, the cooler and bluer the light will be. Blue light is very unflattering and has no place in the bathroom! Conversely, don’t go below 3000K, or you will appear jaundiced in the mirror.

By: Samantha Sannella

SOURCES – URBAN RETREAT HOMES, BATHTUB: Dahlia from Dezign Market LIGHTING: Ruskii from Viso


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