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Derek Pretorius

Derius Design

Toronto, Ont.


Derek Pretorius is a custom millworker who lives in Toronto with his fiancée and three-year-old stepdaughter. He says they enjoy cooking and baking together, and spending time at the cottage. Work has gotten in the way of playing piano – “I used to play very well but, I have no time for rehearsing now” – but, every year he manages to get away with a group of friends for a 10-day fishing trip in Temagami. “For a few of us, this year will be our 10th year.”

The part of his story we liked best of all: weekly ping-pong tournaments.


“We transform our workbench into a ping-pong table on Thursday nights and my staff gets together with a few of my buddies to play. We have tournaments and a custom made trophy.”


Derek Pretorius won a Napoleon TravelQ 285 with scissor cart, courtesy of Napoleon Grills.


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