Spring Has Sprung

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Spring Has Sprung

Even after a relatively mild winter like we had here in my neck of the worlds, it’s always nice when spring rolls around and the trees start to sprout leaves, the grass turns from brown to green, and we can shed some layers of clothing on the jobsite.

We’ve got a few outdoors-related stories in the mix for our upcoming June/July issue, including some incredible backyard creations made by a company called Charmed Playhouses out of Lethbridge, Alta. Actually, “incredible” is a bit of an understatement. The buildings Tyson Leavitt and his team are creating exceed most kids’ wildest dreams, from castles and stables to pirate ships and hobbit huts. They’ve even caught the attention of the TLC network for a TV series, and NBA phenom Steph Curry had them build one for his kids.

We also check in with serial entrepreneur Casey Van Maarion to see what he’s been up to, regular contributor Martin Zibauber looks at the pros and cons of the various foundation options, share advice on how to build a performance culture in your company, and a lot more. Stay tuned.

Finally, a reminder that today is the deadline for submissions for our Work Hard, Play Hard contest, featuring stories about what readers like to do in their downtime. Get your story in to our managing editor, Allan Britnell, as soon as possible: allan@renocontractor.ca.

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